Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If they would just stay little...

Today we took the weed to the doctor for his 8 week appointment. 8 weeks, already! WOW. 63cm long! 25 inches. He's a real pretty kid. If only he'd sleep better. LOL.

What's with all this snow outside? Geez. It's only December. Can you say "global warming". I remember 10 times this much snow when I was younger, in October. Or maybe after all these years, my view has become distorted. Who remembers? I just remember always having my crazy carpet with me.

UrbanMummy has been watching a lot of "The Facts of Life" on TV. Which bring me to this question... What ever happened to the character that played Blair? UrbanMummy doesn't know. Maybe Haley does...

Speaking of "The Facts of Life", I always had a crush on "Joe", played by Nancy McKeon.

I hear NASA is planning on building a city on the Moon. Two thoughts come to mind: 1) Is there not a better way to spend money than to try and put people on a planet that will never be hospitable for man to live on as we do on earth? I mean, really, what about all the poor people? The poor countries? Geez.
2) Why do I always wonder if it's better to put people on the Moon or on Uranus? All the criminals, gangs, racists, etc. should be banished to Uranus. Just for the name and reputation. "Hey Joe, you'd better not shoot anyone or they'll send you to Uranus. I hear it's quite a hole there. You never come back."

What's with all this recent press about Russian spies, and poisonings? I guess what do you expect from a country that is largely run by the mafia and has insane political views, like supporting Iran's "nuclear energy" efforts. With all the beautiful land their own, and the history of their country, it's a crying shame that so many corrupt individual control the wealth while the rest of the country suffers.

So the Federal Liberal party elected Stephane Dion as their next leader. Why?

Thursday, November 30, 2006


It's November 30th and the temperature in Toronto is a balmy 15C, or like 45F. Can you say "global warming".

I want to run for Provincial Politics one day? Or do I? Maybe I should start municipally? I have started up a residents organization for 5500 residents, I have fundraiser for our City councilor, and I have always wanted to yell, "you can't handle the truth". Oops... Different dream. Problem is... City councilors make around $95K a year, while MPP's make like $80K. Who can live on $80K??? Geez.

My Toronto Raptors are 5-10 on the season but are still 1 game out of first place... Love it!

News yesterday indicated that wrestling star, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has cancer. My thoughts are with you!

My friend, and Uber-talented Jazz musician, Dr. Andrew Jacob Scott (go buy his CD's!!!), is playing a gig this week that will see him rubbing shoulders with Hockey legends Steve Yzerman, Igor Larionov and Paul Coffey to name a few. He asked me to find some hockey cards to get signed. I found them today... I have well over a million cards and need to find a buyer for the commons and lesser none players not in sets. Problem is... The industry sucks and when collecting sets as a kid, I never imagined that I would have 2 boys to pass them along to. Good thing I have 2 Gretzky rookie cards, eh?

Today my boy looked at the cover of the Hockey News magazine and after a little prompting said, "Modano, Sakic" for the 2 players on the cover. Ahhhh. Brought tears to my eyes.


I got spam today from the "World".

Now I know I'm somebody important!

Look Mom, I made it!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Will he ever post again...


Long time between posts. Can't believe the baby is 7 1/2 weeks old, and already almost 25 inches long and closing in on 12 or 13 pounds. He's quite the big boy - I believe UrbanMummy is calling him the weed. Suites him.

He's still not sleeping very well, but hte Happy Boy is back to his great sleeping 7:30-7:30, and every day he comes closer to sleeping more and allowing us to recharge our batteries.

Thank you to everyone who has posted positive comments to help us cope with the lack of sleep and we appreciate you all for thinking of us and passing on your hints, tips and techniques. In a way, they all worked.

As for me...

For the first time in just over 7 months - after physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage, exercise, rest, ice, heat, drugs, no drugs ... I have relief from the pain in my periformus. I can actually get out of the bed in one motion, no pain. I can begin to remember what life was like when I could bend over and do up my shoes, or put on my socks. It's like I was re-born (but not in the religious way). I have been all smiles and chuckles again. Ahhh, it feels good.

But what is the miracle that has led me to feel this way???




Like Buckley's mixture, it tastes awful, but it works.

I asked our naturopath what I could take and without hesitation she said turmeric and apply traumeel (which I'm not so good at doing). 2 tsp of turmeric in a glass of water and down the hatch. Follow it with a chaser of juice she recommended and I soon figured out why. Ugh.

So for almost a week, I've been drinking turmeric 2 times a day and feeling WAY better. All my muscles feel tight, and I'd rather feel tight than pain, that's for sure. As a matter of fact, I just googled turmeric and found it's many benefits including fighting heart issues, stroke, cancer, MS, inflammation, infection, and the list goes on. Now I'll have my glass, stretch some more, add some push-ups, sit-ups and see where we go from here.

Nite all.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Will he ever sleep again...

Friday night the Happy Boy decided that he wanted to part of his crib and he wanted t isleep in his big boy bed in the next room. Not a problem, if not for the fact that we were hoping he would want to sleep in his big boy bed when the baby was 3 months old, and the Happy Boy just over 2 years old.

So he goes into the bed, smile on his face after screaming blue murder in room almost to the point of throwing up, and he hops into his bed and lays there for not even 5 minutes before he decides he really wants Mummy's bed. He wails and wails while we try to get him in either his crib or his big boy bed. This goes on for hours. Nothing works. Will not go into his crib and will not say in his big boy room. We finally let him into our bed where playtime begins. He plays, "what's dat" with everything he sees and whines and cries until the baby wakes up. We try to put him back into his room and he wails.


So I lay down with him in his big boy bed and around 3am he falls asleep, only to wake at 6. Instead of falling to sleep he plays, "Daddy out, want Mummy", and after kicking me everywhere, including the face, says; "no kicking". He sings, cries and whines. It should not be like this, or should it??

This behaviour goes on for 3 days... until tonight.

The poor boy has a cold. Runny nose, coughing, very tired and cranky. Had a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon and woke up miserable. So we put him to bed, gave him some tempra, and actually let him cry, and cry he did. It was heartbreaking, but he cried / whined for 40 minutes before dozing off to a much needed sleep. He called for Daddy, for Mummy, and for his Nanny. He wanted Mummy's bed and his big boy bed. He wanted out!

But he finally calmed down and is now sleeping, but for how long?

Why is he afraid of his room?

What can we do to get him to sleep... anywhere.

Where did we go wrong?

From a very early age, between 3-6 months, this boy began the 7:30-7:30 sleeping schedule. He only leaves this schedule for sickness, but this time was different. Poor kid.

Any thoughts from those of you who had successfully, or not yet successfully transitioned your kids from crib to big boy/girl bed?

I'm dreading tomorrow night already.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Today's Thoughts...

Why do I dislike Mayor David Miller so much? Is it because he's left-wing, or because he is pro-union and has no control of the transit like he should. Or is it because he flew in a loyal candidate of his to try and unseat our councillor, Karen Stintz, to no avail. Well, he won because there were no real candidates and we have 4 more years of him. I hope he makes Toronto proud.

Why does my son always say, "Large Double Double" everywhere except at Tim Hortons where it matters?

Sports teams that make me smile: New York Knicks, Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins. All these teams suck and that makes me happy. Like the Flyers today traded for Todd Fedoruk... Anyone tell the awful Flyers that they need goaltending not a goon. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I also like to watch the Ottawa Senators go down in flames. LOL.

Stupid athletes: JD Drew, Baseball. Held out from playing for his original team saying that he was going to hit .400 and was going to be the next best player in baseball history, but really aint that great. Had one good season. Hey JD... I snicker everytime I see your stats. Superstar that you are... NOT. You are really not that good. Eat some humble pie.

Mike Tyson is actually quite smart... Well he said so. So it must be true.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...

Besides catching up on some course material and other much outstanding issues, have a look at www.urbanmummy.com/journal and see what she / we are and have been doing for the past week...

Making, Cards! Tags! Jewellery!

All handmade.

All beautiful.

All so time consuming.

Be well everyone.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thoughts for a Sunday...

To the person holding the cure for cancer, the common cold, and the key to female happiness, put up or shut up. I need that key!

My beloved Maple Leafs beat the Buffalo Sabres 4-1 last night. In Buffalo... Really? WOW.

Sometimes turkey is better cold. It's that time!

This morning was swimming lessons with the Happy Boy, and he is really having a blast! Lots of kicking, diving off the side and dunking. I hope he get used to the water and really loves swimming like I used to.

14-6 Argos over the Bombers at half-time. Yay!

Today I finally cooked the collard I grew in the garden this summer - for those unaware, collard is tough like kale, but smells like cabbage when cooked. Very high in iron! I made an egg-white collard and mushroom omelette with a touch of shredder marble cheese on it, and a small baked potato stuffed with collard, potato and sour cream mash. YUM.

I have a LOT of stuff to do this week. A LOT.

Going into work Tuesday morning for the first time since the 7th of October - to pick up some papers and complete time sheets. Estimated date for return to that place is January 4th, the same date that I begin my next 2 MBA courses.

Oops, it's past 3pm, and the Happy Boy is due to awake from his nap any minute! I'm going to prepare his snack and get him ready for some afternoon play time.

For about 10 years, I have had long sideburns attached to my face, which would precede my meeting and subsequential marrying of UrbanMummy by 4 years. 2 weeks ago I shaved them off, for a change. I don't think she's noticed... I really don't.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things about SpeakEasy you probably did not know

1. I have on several occasions walked from King Street or Front Street up to St. Clair or Davisville - takes me just over an hour.

2. I am really not passionate about anything but life and making people happy - which could be a double edged sword. If have been accused at trying to please others before pleasing myself or those close to me, and of not having anything to be passionate about. I used to be passionate about hockey, in my single days, but was cured of that. Besides my family, I cannot think of anything else to really get me going.

3. I get overwhelmed with tasks quite easily - just ask my wife - and as a result, need to do bits and pieces of them until they are resolved. I have good intentions - want to do a lot but cannot accomplish all that I set out to do.

4. I have always wondered how to really make a woman happy (me and 10 million men ask the same question) besides all that crap we do on a regular basis like telling them they are beautiful, bringing flowers, remembering special days, and pitching in around the house. All that other cony stuff - picnics, etc... been there, done that... I need to see long-term infatuation or something concrete.

5. I love to garden - I really do. I like to turn the soil with my hands, and really get those plants going, and usually to success, yet I have always wondered how to get brocolli and peppers to grow big (without miracle grow), when I can get tomato stakes that are at least 7 feet tall, and what the hell do I do with green tomatos at the end of the season.

6. My first sports idol that I remember is Pele, the soccer player. I remember as a kid being devestated when the Tampa Bay Rowdies of the old North American Soccer League beat the Toronto Blizzard in a playoff game 1-0. The game was at the old Exhibition Stadium and it was cold. Pele played for the New York Cosmos in that same league.

7. I love to cook. I really do, although I have not cooked in a while since UrbanMummy is a really great cook, but when I have some time I love to just do it. Just yesterday, for example, I made some yummy mashed potatoes for the family, then took the skins, tossed them in spices, a little oil and baked them till crisp. The cajun skins were as good, if not better, than the mashed.

8. I think everyone has a little Obsessive Compulsive in their - my schtick has to do with food. Especially junk food. I have to eat the entire thing in the shortest amount of time possible, otherwise I obsess about it. Drives me crazy. Same with new foods. Have to eat them right away. I need to overcome this before I 300 pounds.

9. I love watching Wrestling. Have since I was under 10 years old. It makes me laugh. I know it's scripted but it is really fucking funny. One of the few shows that really makes me laugh.

10. I have no idea what people think of me when they first meet me but I think I have an idea. People that know me find me cool and funny, and see past my super sarcasticness. I can go between sarcasm and genuine interest and caring at the drop of a hat. People disinterest me unless they are creative, quick witted and have depth. I can still be nice but it might seem patronizing to some, and it probably is.

11. The absolute greatest day of my life was my wedding day. Second was the birth of my first son, and third is a tie between the birth of our second son and the day I proposed to UrbanMummy (not in one of those super-romantic ways I would have liked) and she said yes. To make up for the crappy proposal, I surprised her and took her to Disney for our first Anniversary.

12. I really do see myself running for politics later in life once I've settled the home front and am ready to either retire or am ready for a change. I will also by that time have a unique platform in place that will guarantee victory, and it is based on the fact that each and every one of us are part of the human race. Original, eh?

13. Is my second favourite number, next to #18.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Too funny..

I posted about a week ago about a conversation I had with my 22 month old son about his runny nose - asked him to get a kleenex from the bathroon and give it to his Mom so she could wipe his nose, but he got a kleenex, blew his own nose, then said "garbage" and but the kleenex in the garbage... so I figured we had it all figured out.

Today, I realized we do not.

We have some fine tuning to do.

The Happy Boy had a runny nose this afternoon, so I told him to get a kleenex, wipe his nose and put it in the garbage. Easy, eh? Well not so much. UrbanMummy and I watched the Happy Boy run out of our bedroom and into the bathroom. IT took some time, we figured he was blowing his nose, but when he finally emerged from the bathroom, we was shocked at what we saw, and then needed air, to stop from passing out laughing so hard.

You see, my son did what he was told to, but he missed the concept of "1" kleenex. He also needs so work distinguishing between "kleenex" and "toilet paper", as he walked down the hall with a whole role of toilet paper following behind him. Oy.

He must have just kept pulling on the TP until the roll ran out. One piece, eh? One "BIG" piece.

After the laughing stopped, I cleaned his nose then watched him shred the TP in the hall and try to throw it over the railing.

Too much.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things I am thinking of while procrastinating from studying for my exam at 9am tomorrow morning...

The Toronto Raptors are 7-0 in pre-season after adding a bunch of European players - unheard of in the NBA. I was excited about them anyways, and I like the coach, Sam Mitchell, and I really hate Vince Carter of the NJ Nets. Yay Raps.

Coca Cola Blak - a fusion of cola and coffee is scarily good. YUM. That cannot be a good thing for someone trying to lose weight and correct my back ailments like I am.

A regular caller to the all sports radio station the Fan590, named Philly Bob, is some clown who loves the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. Today, he called into the Fan and said he's love for the Flyers to play the Maple Leafs in their next 10 games so the Flyers could go 10-0 after firing their coach and GM. Hey Philly Bob... You are going to lose to the Thrashers tonight and really, I'd love for the Leafs to play your 1-6-1 team for 20 easy points. LOL. And I thought you knew hockey...

Quiz: What do the Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers share that no other NHL teams do???

Answer later on.

Evgeny Malkin in Pittsburgh... The Real Thing. Just like Alex Ovechkin, and Staal, Crosby, Vanek, Afinaganov, Wellwood, and all these fast, speedy creative kids who were too small to play or too creative for the clutch and hold NHL.

I believe it was me who claimed that the St. Louis Cardinals were going to win the World Series at the start of the season - my thoughts being that they lost last year and it was a total shock for them. Not so this year. They expect to win.

What is it about Dog the Bounty Hunter that I like? The premise behind the show, or am I just waiting for his wife to suffocate one show in her super cleavaged bosom. How she runs on that show is one of the 8 wonders of the world.

On that topic... There is a web-site looking for the true 7 wonders of the Modern World. They listed the top 100, I believe, and will unveil the results in 2007. Is it too late to submit a write-in??? I'd like to add the fact that people other than me read this blog as a real wonder. LOL. On that note, to all the readers, and those who enrich my life with your wonderful comments, I thank you and gladly add you on my sidebar for everyone to see. You are SpeakEasy / UrbanDaddy approved.

Am I really thinner if I weigh myself fully clothed at the end of the day, then re-record myself the next day in shorts and a T-shirt in the early morning before food? Which is my real weight? And for the many, except UrbanMummy, who look at me and are shocked at how much weight I "hide", thank you. I do hide it well, but that doesn't stop me from feeling huge! I would ALWAYS win prizes at the CNE or Wonderland or places like that where the "expert" guesses you weight. At the EX, I actually got a super-sized animal because the guesser was more than 50 pounds off on his guess. I gave him 3 tries? Do I really look to be 160 pounds? I was that weight at 13 years old. Geez. Kids.

Anyways, back to Segregated funds, or as UrbanMummy says, "Those funds relegated to the back of the bus, away from the mutual funds".

Answer to quiz:

Toronto Maple Leaves
Philadelphia Fliers

Get it? If not, email me.

The weekly results


exam tomorrow
exam monday
case study due Monday
Presentation due for class on Wednesday.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Large double double (really???)

I hate the Second Cup.

Their coffee is ALWAYS bitter... and at $2.07 for a large, they are another price increase away from bankruptcy. They never have the good flavours - Butter Pecan, Caramelo, or Cinnamon Hazelnut, out, just the crappy Irish Cream (barf).
So as a result... I'd rather walk the extra 8 blocks (even in the rain) to get a Tim Horton's or even the 4 blocks to Starbucks for a Cafe Americano.

My point???

UrbanMummy, when pregnant, loved the Frozen Hot Chocolates (now called skinny chocolate chillers) and as a result, I often went there alone, with her or with the Happy Boy to get her one, sometimes grabbing a cuppa bitterness for myself.

Now the Second Cup near us (on Avenue Road) has a really nice kid working there, with long hair and porkchop sideburns who marvelled one day at the Happy Boy's sign language and more recently his dancing to the live music and talking. A real cutie my boy is.

So would it come to anyone's surprise that tonight as I took the Happy Boy to Shoppers Drug Mart for more diapers, that upon running into this Second Cup employee (out of context, nonetheless) that my son would point at him and say, "Coffee".

Cute, eh?

But there is more.

He then said to him, "Large Double Double". Not once, but 4 times.

After we both chuckled about it, the 2nd Cup guy said, "Do you want a double espresso... ha ha ha", to which my son replied, "Happy Boy no coffee... Daddy coffee".

I love this kid.

Did I mention he learned to say "coffee" and "hockey" on the same day?!? That was a great day in his development.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

... and I ran. I ran so far away...

Ran 2.2 km in 18 minutes.

Filled up my car at 76.9.

Read 2 chapters of Organizational Behaviour text.

Started my essay.

Took the Second child for his first walk - 30 minutes up and down Avenue Road.

Burped the baby, like 25 times.

Was spit up on twice...

All in a days work.

Some numbers to play 649 with...


More next week.

A huge sigh of relief...

After the circumcision, the moyle (Pediatrician who performed the circumcision) wanted to follow up and make sure the bleeding had stopped and that the child was ok.

Upon looking at his "work", he uttered the following word...


Music to my ears.

The man does circumcisions and likes to admire his work and uses a word like that.


a True Professional!!!

Thank you Dr. Greenberg.

(and no, there are no more kids coming).


Monday, October 16, 2006

This actually happened.

I looked at the Happy Boy yesterday and his nose was running. I was holding the baby and wanted his nose cleaned before it ran into his mouth, so I asked him to go find his Mummy and tall her that his nose was dirty.

What did my little boy do???

Turned and ran into the bathroom, yelling "kleenex, kleenex".

Walked out kleenex in hand and proceeded to blow his nose.

After blowing, use the kleenex to wipe his face.

then turned and ran back into the bathroom, yelling "garbage, garbage".

Out came my boy with a clean nose!

When did he grow up!??!?!?!?!?


Baby's bris is in just under 7 hours... I'm really nervous. Poor kid.

We are expecting a full house tomorrow, loads of family and friends coming by. That should be nice. A few drop-outs during the day, are hopefully only going to miss a nice meal and some shnapps first thing in the morning. :)

Well, off to bed. Hopefully a few hours sleep, then it's game on!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

So long as he eats... I guess...

With the new baby taking all the attention of Urban Mummy, and me being on paid leave to take care of baby, Happy Boy and Urban Mummy, it was time for me to step up and take care of some of the feeding.

I made yogurt and pancakes for breakfast for the Happy Boy - he ate his yogurt, nothing else.

For lunch I gave him some fish, rice with spinach, red peppers, carrots and green beans - which he normally loves - but barely ate...

So for dinner, I smacked together the following combination, which he LOVED.

1) Cottage Cheese - one of his favourite foods. He ate a lot, like a cup full
2) Red Peppers - he ate some, only after dipping them in the cottage cheese
3) Green Beans - only after dipping them in the cottage chesse - then once he got bored with them, he started feeding them to the kitten.
4) Left-over pancake - only 2 pieces, mind you, and only after he dipped them in the cottage cheese
5) Flax cereal with 1% milk - which I was going to share with the Happy Boy until he sneezed right into the bowl as soon as I gave it to him. Not good enough for me to eat, but okay for him. It's his nose-germs, right?

Then after drinking a lot of the milk from the ceareal bowl, my son decided he wanted tomatoes (the mini-cherry ones I grew in the garden). I gave him 5 mini-tomatoes, and one by one he put them in the cereal bowl, then sucked them back by spoon.


Tomatoes in milk.

So long as he eats, I guess.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I don't remember...

The Happy Boy trying to roll over at 4 days old, like the new baby does...

The Happy Boy smiling at me at 4 days old (eventhough UrbanMummy insists it is just gas)...

The Happy Boy breastfeeding so well...

Having so much food in the fridge and freezer...

The belly-button cord stinking so horribly as it rots and falls off. UGH.

Anyone being so kind as to bring by bran muffins for UrbanMummy for after birth issues. Our neighbours and friends brought by a batch of them - still warm - and they were "warmly" received. From this day forth, we will try to so the same for new Moms. What a thoughful, caring gesture...

So many offers of "anything we need, anytime", from so many friends, families and fellow bloggers. For example, the fabulous and talented Haley-O of Cheatymonkey.com has offered no less than 4 times. She rocks! Once she de-toxes, I see a coffee visit, since I am off work for the next 3 months...

UrbanMummy being so proud about something she has accomplished (since making it down the aisle). She was AWESOME! The next day she was up and walking around. This woman ran a marathon and came out on top. She worked hard this pregnancy to make sure the birth was not as complicated as the Happy Boy's and because of her determination, it was no where near as difficult. Way to go UM!!! I'm so proud of you...

Caring so little about what is going on at the office...

Getting back in touch with so many people that I lost touch with since the Happy Boy was born...

Just being so damn happy and stressed at the same time!

Thank you everyone for the kind wishes.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


2 days since baby....

4 hours sleep total.

Was it this tiring with the first one??? I don't remember... and quite frankly, don't care.

Bring on the bris!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

It's a BOY!!!!

Press release:

October 8, 2006.

9:49pm. Weighing in at 9 pounds and 4 ounces.

Baby UrbanMummy and UnbanDaddy. Brother to the Happy Boy.

Both mummy and baby are doing fine - in the friendly confines of our home, where the baby was born.

More details to follow.

Daddy (with 1 1/2 hours of sleep) is over the moon.

Bye Bye work. :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Newsday #4

Some news headlines that tweaked my interest...

TORONTO (CP) - Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., the romance-novel subsidiary of Torstar Corp., is cutting four per cent of its workforce as part of restructuring aimed at saving $3 million a year. Yikes. Good thing neither my sister, nor mother read this blog... They'd be devastated. They live on these stupid, trashy romance novels.

Training camp opens for... Basketball!!! With all the talk about the 2nd place Blue Jays going away once the Maple Leafs opened training camp and prepared for the start of the regular season, it seems rather ominous that the Raptors begin training camp today and not too much press comes with it. It's not like my beloved Leafs are in contention to win the cup... They might not even make the playoffs. The Raptors, on the other hand, were even worse last year, but this year are loaded with optimism. New GM, new players, same coach, that I actually like, and a bunch of players who have won championships... Either they will flop, or they will surprise. GO RAPS!

'Trailer Park Boys' ready to hit silver screen - WHY?

Militant members of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party threatened Tuesday to kill senior leaders of the governing Hamas movement - Again, why??? Can't they all just get along? Work towards peace on their own instead of relying on the world to give them handouts because some how, some crackpot, is going to blames this on the Israelis. Mel??? Where are you?

Iran has suggested that France monitor its nuclear programme, by setting up a nuclear fuel consortium inside Iran - Oh, thank goodness. I do NOT trust the Iranians... Holocaust deniers that they are, but the French... Wait... Who the hell can trust the French?!? Figures. A match made in heaven... Or hell. France's response... Surprise. Kind of in the "who us???" way. Later in the day they said "no". Smart. Surprisingly smart.

A decade before Belinda Stronach met Tie Domi, she had an affair with another ex-Maple Leaf, Jerome Dupont, his ex-wife says - LOL. Jerome Dupont?!?! Give me a break. Now EVERYONE is having affairs with Belinda. Give me a break. Stick to famous people, please! LOL. Jerome Dupont. HA HA HA HA.

Two hijackers, of the Turkish Airlines flight forced to land in Italy, have surrendered and will ask for political asylum, an Italian police official said. They hijacked the plane as a protest to anti-Muslim suggestions from the Pope about the Muslim religion being a violent one. Obviously, these braintrusts thought the best way to protest was... Through violence. Where are the sane Muslims who should be coming forward in droves to put the rest of the world at ease? Burn an effigy of the Pope here, blow up a building there, set fire to a flag over here, put the bounty on the head of someone over there. Geez. I thought the comment that Muslims would topple and convert all Christians a little bit excessive, but apparently I was the only one. Sound like a little "Hitler-complex", no? Does anyone else not find it hypocritical that it's NOT okay to talk bad about Mohammed, but it IS ok to threaten the Pope???

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen thoughts of the day for Speakeasy / UrbanDaddy

1. Why does the guy beside me at the office wear cycling gloves indoors? Does he think he looks cool? When I asked him in the summer he told me it was because he burned the back of his hands?!? WTF?

2. My periformus is still quite tight but that didn't stop me from going for a run this morning. 20 minutes this time. And again I had to stop because I had to get ready for work, and not because I was sore or tired. It just take me so friggin long and hurts so much to stretch it out in the am. I'll know it's doing something for me when UrbanMummy says so. Right now she often wonders why she lost all her baby weight from the Happy Boy, but I didn't.

3. With 2 weeks plus a day until baby arrives, why are we still running around like crazy people??? Shouldn't we be more focused on getting everything ready like we did with child #1??

4. My colleagues Mom sent pears for me. Generally I don't like pears, but so far I have had on a day. Odd.

5. In my CD player at the office is some FANTASTIC jazz from the Clayton/Scott Group. This is some great Canadian jazz and I listen to the darn thing at least 4 times during the day. My colleague's come by to listen too because, as they put it, this music would be heard in a cafe at night. As well, the Scott in the band is my neighbour, their son is my son's best friend, and he is a real cool cat too. As a metalhead, I endorse their CD's, and strongly encourage my 4 readers (lol) to find their CD's and pick them up - support Canadian music!!! You wont be disappointed.

6. Some stupid fucking re-upholstery company located in the middle of the mall, not in a store mind you, but in the middle of the mall, with no business cards, no phone number and no clue, managed to convince me to stop and look at their wares. Stupidly, I gave them my phone number and in return they promised to call in December. Yeah, right. Next day, they called 3 times and were really rude after UrbanMummy told them to never call again. Then they called me at the office. So I stormed out of the office to the mall and ripped them a new one. When I find their name I'm going to publish it here. These guys are not legit. Assholes.

7. Tonight UrbanMummy and I are taking a first Aid course at the Happy Boy's school. It's been a while since I was certified.

8. Working on orders for baseball shirts, bowling shirts and denim shirts. Slowly but Surely building up this business. If anyone knows a business who needs products customized with their logo, or slogan on it, forward them on to me. That's what I do.

9. Martha Stewart likes listening to Eminem... Yikes. I used to.

10. The more I run, the more I think I need to learn more about nutrition and proper stretching and hydration and running in the winter... Then a good tailor for all the new clothes I'll need when I get my sorry ass in shape.

11. This morning when my son was eating breakfast, his mother jumped into the shower and my son said, "garage door open?" I replied, no it's mummy in the shower. "Mummy shower?" he questioned. I nodded yes. "Garage door open??" he questioned... No, I said. Mummy shower. "Mummy shower??" he said. Yes I replied. Then he said "garage door open... Rex". Rex, you see if the handyman who is painting the Happy Boy's big boy room where his big boy bed resides. "Rex, paint. Big boy bed", he replied.
He wants Rex to finish his room so he can sleep in his big boy bed. CUTIE!!!

12. For those of you who know my wife, the ultra-sexy UrbanMummy, you would understand my following comment - a thought that has not escaped my mind for days. If you turn her sideways and manage to block her obviously pregnant belly, you would have NO idea that she was in her 38th week. She looks friggin awesome. She had her hair done the other day and now she looks even better. A true Yummy Mummy if I've ever seen one.

13. Why does the band name "Supertramp" all of the sudden seem so darn funny??

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Newsday #3

1. Right off the top, in the news today... I jogged this morning. Whew. 2nd time. 15 minutes this time (ok, 14 minutes). Progress.

2. Belindomi - Is that what it is called??? Tie (Tahir) Domi and Belinda (sorry boyfriend Peter McKay - the Liberals offered me a cabinet post and I'm taking it and running) Stronach. Who knew!??! I thought Tie was just a goon (err, enforcer). As for Belinda, well she had tremendous potential for a career in politics, as a member of the Conservative party. Then she whored herself out to the Liberals and now this scandal, and she's destined for Liberal greatness. That party likes their members to be, shall we say, different. And to think Domi also slept with Tia Carrera. No wonder he was too tired to fight some games. Why, Tie, why? All this came to light in his retirement speech when a reported asked him about it. Interestingly, this has been going on for years but was never mentioned because of the fear that the player of team would backlash and ban either the paper or the reporter from accessing the team. So it was kept quiet... Until he retired. Brutal.

3. Osama bin Jackass (Laden) - Dead, Alive, Dead, Alive. Who knows. Who cares. This son of a billionaire is already famous for being one of the world's biggest hate mongers. This dude is so hated, he has to run from cave to cave in friggin Afghanistan to avoid having a bomb dropped on his head. I hope he's still alive and gets captured. I can't wait to see the line-up of people who's lives he has made worse, come by and smack his face with a piece of ham (the ultimate insult disallowing martyrdom). And to think people can justify his actions. Inhumane.

As if he's not pathetic enough, his niece, CNN news is reporting, in an exclusive interview, singer-songwriter Wafa Dufor, is demanding his CIA pension. Whatever! She came to the US to be rich and famous. He's trying to destroy the US and the confidence everyday people like you and I have about our places of residence. For that, I'd tell him to his face, he is a scumbag.

4. John Madden's football video game has claimed yet another victim - Add Shaun Alexander to the list of athletes injured the year they appear on the cover of the popular "Madden" football video game, as what began as a coincidence has come to be characterized as a curse. Alexander is the sixth consecutive athlete featured on the cover to suffer an injury that forced him to miss at least one game.
Please, please do NOT put me on the cover is what these athletes should be saying. LOL. Soon they'll have to start putting mascots on the cover.

5. Joe Volpe - Federal Liberal leadership candidate Joe Volpe, and the MP in our riding, is once again reeling from a scandal related to his campaign. A few months ago, he circumvented a policy forbidding donations from some group by accepting the same donations from their children, aged 2 and under. Once caught, he apologized and continued in the race. A few days ago, Mr. Volpe was accused of having his staff sign up members for the Liberal party in Quebec who did not pay the necessary $10.00 membership fee, or who were unaware or even dead. When brought to his attention, Mr. Volpe blamed the current leader, Michael Ignatief's campaign as being a smear campaign against him.

Seriously, Joe. May I call you Joe... You've been the MP in our riding for the 6 years we've lived there and the only time your name comes up is when you need our vote - which I have never given you and never will. Try showing up in the riding sometimes. Try pretending that you work for the pay you get. I'm sorry but based on your record in my riding... I'd rather vote for Belinda Stronach, and that says a lot. Geez, I'd rather vote for Tie Domi!!!

6. Mel (go to hell) Gibson - That Mel Gibson's a tenacious bugger, isn't he? The majority of other people - had they been arrested for drink driving, then slagged off all the fucking Jews, threatened to anally rape the arresting officer, claimed ownership of Malibu and then called a female officer "Sugar Tits" - would have just quietly snuck into rehab, apologized profusely and then gone to live a quiet reclusive life living off all the millions of hard-earned Jesus dollars. But not Mel. He has a new film, he compares it to the war in Iraq then publicly disses the US for being involved in that war. Dude... If it's Jewish people and the US you hate, I'm sure they'll give you a nice home in Iran. You are just as fucked up as their President.
Please Mel. Go away. Forever.

Friday, September 22, 2006

L'Shana Tova

If you know what this means, then it is meant for you!

Happy New Year to all.

May this year bring you health, happiness, prosperity and may you be written into the book of life.

That didn't hurt now did it???

New Year, new beginnings...

This morning, instead of getting up at my normal 6:30, I got up 1/2 hour earlier, spent 20 minutes trying to stretch out my aching periformus (look it up) and then went for a run. Yup. A run. It was only 10 minutes of actual jogging but it was 10 minutes more than I had been doing before and I wanted to see how my back and leg felt afterword.

Something I have been talking about doing for oh, about 5 years now. No longer can I complain about not losing any of my baby weight. I actually felt great today - and even more perky than normal - which is usually quite perky. I'm afraid of scaring some co-workers. LOL.

Now if I could only add some free wgights and sit-ups. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Wonders of the World from site that UrbanDaddy has visited

1. Roman Colloseum
2. St. Peter's Bassilica
3. Sistine Chapel
4. Louvre Museum
5. Canals of Venice
6. Pompeii
7. St. Mark's Basilica and Campanile
8. Uffizi Gallery
9. Mont St. Michel
10. Yellowstone National Park
11. Eiffel Tower
12. Niagara Falls
13. Chambord Chateau

Note: Mont St. Michel was the most incredible site I have ever seen,

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The time is near....

With the October 13th arrival date coming closer and closer, I think panic is beginning to set in at the UrbanDaddy household. Not having to give birth to the child, of course, is one less thing to worry about, but, geez, there is SO much more to have to contend with, especially since UrbanMummy needs to focus all her energies on her health and the Happy Boy.

Just a few hours ago, I re-assembled the bassinette, that our newborn will be sleeping in for naps. To be honest, having it back together really cuts down on the space on my side of the bed, but I really felt that I needed to have it ready, just in case, although UrbanMummy is going full term, as she did with the HappyBoy.

Today we have an appointment with our mid-wife, at our home, no less, and I'm sure she is going to run through our place and make sure it is properly set up for the birth. GULP. I guess from this day forth, the UrbanDaddy household will be set up at birth central.

I have my home birth list and I'll be picking up some stuff before the weekend and I want to make sure that once the weekend ends, we are baby-ready.

Monday, September 18, 2006

New Way of doing things...

One day at a time, I guess.

As of today I will drink at least 1.5 litres of water.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I'd like to do, if I had time

1. Lose weight
2. Learn to play guitar
3. Get moving on my promotional business... Time is money
4. Complete an inventory for our Craft business www.theembellishmentstore.com and get moving on the new business with our colleague
5. fix my computer or Ipod once and for all so I can listen to good music and not the same tunes over and over again for 6 months as I've been doing.
6. Find a way to strengthen the bond I share with UrbanMummy so she knows without a shadow of doubt that I'm her rock.
7. Take cooking classes
8. Get a "Big Boy" job, one where all my hard work, communication and insight are actually listened to and used to make the business more successful.
9. Take up a sport that wont kill me, like running, or ball-hockey again
10. Improve and upgrade my friends. I have some ok ones, but most of them, quite frankly bore me. Although I have 2 good friends that I have recently began hanging out with that I find very interesting and don't bring baggage.
11. Find an activity that UrbanMummy and I can really get into together and do for fun, like a craft, or sport or something along that vein.
12. Get our house all sorted out, organized, painted, and quite frankly looking like a house that adults live in, not renters with children and cats.
13. Get a short term promotion, or pass a competition at work to show all the clowns I work for that I actually do know more then they do, by dong an awesome job... Then leave for another job in the private sector.

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Happy Boy

Some Happy Boy musings...

In the past few days he has taken to pointing at my stomach and saying, with great enthusiasm; "BIG Daddy". The more we laugh, the more he tries to stress "BIG" in that phrase.

I like to reply with; "Little Happy Boy".

He loves it.

Months and months ago UrbanMummy bought almond butter at, like $17.99, for the Happy Boy. He didn't like it. I think he got a piece of toast with a very tiny dab on it and he did not like it... So we used almost the rest of the jar in a very yummy dish. Well be damned, the other day he pointed at my sandwich and said "Happyboy, Eat", so I gave him another bite, then a piece.

Sure enough he ate the rest of the piece in the bathtub and even asked for more. Too bad we all but finished the jar.

More musings to come. :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday Newsday #2

For Tuesday September 12th, according to SpeakEasy!

1. Goalie DiPietro gets 15-year deal with Islanders - my thoughts??? What the Fuck?????
This is a 15 year guaranteed contact regardless of whether he is playing, or dead. This contract could sink the entire Islanders organization. It is as dumb as the $10 million they gave to Alexi Yashin. He has been floating ever since signing that one. I believe they call him the enigmatic one.

But, WOW, let's hope for the Islanders sake, that he doesn't get hurt and that he doesn't decide that since he's set for life, that he doesn't stop giving 100% effort in every game - unless it's against the Leafs. Then he can suck!

2. Britney Spears - This terrible role model and white-trash wannabe was supposedly going to be having the baby very soon and it is going to be a girl.
On Wednesday she had a boy. Sigh. Kids having kids. How is she going to drive with 2 kids on her lap?

3. Michael Schumacher - Formula One race car driver, and multiple time champion and bad boy, says he'll retire at the end of the Formula One season. I guess driving a car at fast speeds in circles over and over again is a "sport" and apparently one that he was good at, although he has been called the most unsportmanlike driver in history of F1.

4. Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin and the murderer stingray - Conservationists in Australia believe fans of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin have embarked on a revenge campaign against the stingray that killed him. Clearly these weirdos were able to locate the correct stingray and after trying to get it to explain why is did such an evil (yet natural) thing and after a tough talking to, they have set out and decided to seek revenge. Guys... It's not going to bring him back!!! If you want revenge, start eating them and make them extinct. No?

5. Toronto Stabbing - The two Swiss nationals and a German man found stabbed to death in the bloodsoaked 19th floor of a downtown hotel were traveling and staying together, Toronto Police said yesterday. Rumours at this time seem to indicate that a murder-suicide might have occurred and that they were all staying together in the same room. Hmmmm.

6. West Nile - A man in his 90s from Downstate Sangamon County has died from West Nile virus, marking the fifth fatal human case of the disease in the state this year. What a great Al Queda plot... The Nile is in Egypt. Egypt is in the Middle East. Iraq is in the Middle East. Iraq has those evil Al Queda people killing everyone they can find. Therefore... (boy my math professor would be proud of this proof) Al Queda are the reason that this 90 year old man died from a mosquito bite.
Can you say lawsuit?!?

7. Hamas and Fatah - Are set to form a coalition government and recognize Israel's existence. I mean really, guys... No coalition needed... Just look at a fucking map. They are there. Saw it with my own eyes.

But really... It's time to get their acts together, recognize each other, give a hug and fucking get along already! No more bombs, no more suicide bombings. Stop playing like children, and start being accountable for your own actions. Grow up and help your community to thrive.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Thoughts on this September 11th.


5 years.

Five long years since the most cowardly act in recent history, if not in all of history. An act that goes against the teachings of the Quran, which states you must give your enemy "warning" before taking actions. Thanks for the warnings guys.

I guess, if their intention was to "out" Muslim people and give all those racists yet another group to "hate", then mission accomplished. I guess in every religion there are the fanatics, they usually are described as being "extreme", and usually are on the "right wing", and somehow that gives legitimacy to these actions.

I mean lets face it... Take away all this religion bullshit and look at it from a global point of view. We all live on the planet earth. We are all humans. We all walk and talk and just want the opportunity to make something out of our lives without trouble. Would that not make us, members of the human race, and therefore all members of the same race???

I mean, really, toss aside your Quran, Bible, Torah, etc., look at the person next to you and realize that we are all in this together. Just like I don't want to be forced to practice your "religion", I wont do the same to you. If I wanted to be whatever you are, I would do it. I would learn about it and study it.

Maybe we need to just look at this whole 9/11 tragedy differently. We value life, and these people who thought up this evil act don't. We understand that once your gone, your gone, yet some people don't. I think these "martyrs" need to have a reality check, and as a result, I am proposing that any individual who kills themselves and takes an innocent person with them shall be denied the 72 virgins and be forced to have to listen to country music 24 hours a day for the rest of their lives.

I shudder at that thought.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Questions Speakeasy Wants to Know About His Wife

1. Whom are you named after? What was she or he like?

2. What did you want to be when you grew up? Why? What options seemed open or closed to you?

3. What did you do for fun as a teenager? As a young adult?

4. What volunteer or paid work have you done? How has it been important to you?

5. What has been important to you as a daughter? A life partner? A mother? As a friend? As a member of a community?

6. Who have been your role models? What about them do you admire?

7. What words of wisdom did your mother/grandmothers/aunts share with you?

8. Who are your favorite cultural heroines? What appeals to you about them?

9. What world and national events have significantly influenced your life?

10. What in your life has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment? Looking back, what would you have done differently? What would you do again?

11. What achievement in my life would bring you greatest joy?

12. What attribute would you like me to help you develop in yourself?

13. What mutual goal would you like us to accomplish?

Whew. Those are some serious questions. Please take a moment to answer some of them for yourself. Try them on your spouse. Try one, all or none. Get to know your spouse better.

I read a wonderful post in Penelope & Bumblebee (see the link on the right) about how she communicates with her husband and I immediately thought of our UrbanFamily.

May the Force be with you!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A dilemma

A "good" friend of mine called me last night to let me know that him and his wife had a baby. In his voicemail message he left for me, he indicated that they had the baby and he wanted to call to "catch up". I wondered, seeing as they had a boy, if there was a bris (Jewish ritual circumcision ceremony) and asked him about it when I called him back. He was very casual about it and said something to the effect of, "sure, come to it. It's Friday morning at 8am". I really didn't get that warm, fuzzy feeling that I was invited, but rather that I had invited myself, wife and son, and he wasn't going to say no.

Granted, they did just have a baby 5 days ago. I remember those days. No sleep, mass confusion, denial, etc. Am I reading too much into it?

A little background. I met this guy and his wife in our marriage class back in 2001. There were 5 couple and we all made plans to go out and keep in touch. This couple in particular seemed to be the most interesting as his wife had an interest in hockey (I play), and he loves Chemistry and Physics and all that stuff that the UrbanMummy teaches so well. Added to that, was the fact that they lived in the townhouses right behind the condo complex we lived in.

From what I understood of this group dynamic, there were 3 couples who all moved up north from the city, and were all quite younger than the other couples, and they all REALLY wanted to get working on those kiddies. It just didn't seem like we had a whole lot to talk about. Our neighbour and his wife also found the dynamic to be off, and came to the conclusion that hanging out with us would be preferable since we live right near them, share interests, and are of the same age.

The marriage group continued to meet, but we no longer got invited (I think we backed out of a few of them and something was said) but my neighbour kept going to his wife's dismay. He's a pleaser.

Then, the bunch of them joined my hockey team, and gave it a whirl, only my neighbour plays on it to this day. It was (until I got injured) the only time we'd see each other.

This is where it was weird...

I used to pick him up on my way to the rink, and sometimes he'd be playing poker with his "buddies" or having a BBQ, or something like that, but never included me. He would sit in my car on his cell phone making plans with his buddies, but never include me. He would even look for a 5th for their poker game, wondering out loud where they could find someone to play, but never asked me. I started asking him to not coordinate his life in the few minutes we got to chat before games and he graciously agreed. Before the game, during and after it we hung out, chatted, and had fun. He's a cool guy. We have stuff in common.

When we moved from the condo 3 blocks east to a house we invited them over, and they came. The invite to their place??? Came much later and only once. For as much as they told us how they like to hang out with us, it was difficult to explain why there was zero effort on their part. We've been in our new house for 8 months, and while we have discussed getting together, it has not happened. They actually put their townhouse up for sale and moved... How did I find out? I walk by it to go and come from the subway. Just down the street from the Cheaty Monkey's abode. While they have not yet moved into their new house (renovations), my "friend" said last night that once they move in, we are "for sure" going to get invited over.

I'm not holding my breath.

I do know when I'm healthy enough to play hockey again, I'll play on his (my) team,and it'll be like nothing even happened. But am I over-reacting about the bris?

Should we go?


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Newsday #1

Items in the news according to google.ca, and other important places, like my brain and my immagination:

1. Trish Stratus - retiring from the WWE this month - for real. Apparently she is getting married at the end of this month. For those of you who do not know who she is (UrbanMummy?!?) she is a Toronto born, former fitness model, turned professional wrestler, who was very successful in what she accomplished. She was a multiple time womans champion and often-injured as a result. She carried the womans division for years.

We'll miss you Trish!

2. US Sprinter Marion Jones second test for banned substances came back negative. Her first one was positive and like all cheating athletes, she had "no idea how banned substance wound up in her body". Yeah, right. My belief... Once a cheat, always a cheat.

3. Paris Hilton - NO NO NO! Your 15 minutes of fame are UP. You ARE the weakest link. GOOD-BYE!

4. Lindsy Lohan - sigh. Really friggin hot... well that was until she became (unexplicably) thin, in Nicole Ritchie proportions, died her hair black and started going out in public without underwear. For fucks sake, girlie... Do us all a favour. Leak the porn video and begone. See Item 3.

5. Me. With all this political talk heating up due to Municipal and Provincial elections and the Liberal Party leadership search, I have decided to slowly unveil my campaign promises as I prepare for my destiny to one day be the Prime Minister of Canada. Todays issue: Grafitti. The way I would deal with grafitti is to find out who is defacing (they call it "tagging") public property, and have the authorities do the same to their house and all their prized possessions. Don't like it much do you?!?

6. George Bush has secret CIA prisons. Really? Can we be sure? He's not the brightest bulb in the lamp. If they do exist, who is really there? "terrorists"? and if so, and I really HATE terrorists, should these people not have the right to actually be held for something. If it is purely speculation, let them go, but watch them like hawks.

7. Israel said it lifted its nearly two-month-long air blockade of Lebanon but kept its naval blockade in place until international forces can take over. Please, I beg the leadership in Lebanon, do whatever you can to keep Hezbollah and Syrai out of your country. You deserve to live in peace too. Try it, you might like it.

8. Just what the world was waiting for... The first multimedia BlackBerry (called the Pearl) plays music, takes photos, and still handles e-mail with aplomb. I give it 2 months and the UrbanMummy will be wanting one. She is a technology junkie.

More next week.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The news according to speakeasy

From www.google.ca

In the news:

(tough one today - I should do a Tuesday - Newsday regular segment. Hmmmm)

Ching Cheong - Any relation to Cheech and Chong? Couldn't tell you.
(Actual: China yesterday sentenced Ching Cheong, the Hong Kong-based reporter for The Straits Times, to five years in jail on charges of spying for Taiwan). Great... Now they have a reason to yank out his toenails and torture him. Sigh.

West Ham - English soccer team in the news for... winning? losing? scoring goals?
(Actual: West Ham have had "exploratory discussions" about a possible takeover of the club - but insist talks are at an early stage and would not confirm who they have been pursued by). And this is news???

Sydney FC - Another soccer club. No guesses. :)
(Actual: Sydney FC has been fined $89,000 by Football Federation Australia for breaches of A-League player contract regulations last season). A lot of stupid sports news... Ae there no wars, hurricanes, or murders to write about.

Electronic Arts - I heard about this... I believe they are adding commercials to their video games. Sure, why not! $80.00 for the video game that you beat in 3 weeks AND commercials too. That is why the Happy Boy will not play video games until he is 20.

Roy Keane - Former UK soccer captain accused of fixing games. I think. No idea why he's back in the news.
(actual: NEW Sunderland manager Roy Keane showed he meant business yesterday when he brought in six new players). And who really cares???

David Wells - Boston Red sox pitcher traded to his hometown, San Diego Padres yesterday.

Glamis Gold - sounds like the name of a rap star. LOL. It's probably a gold company... I have no idea, really.
(Actual: Goldcorp Inc has agreed to acquire Glamis Gold Ltd for approximately US$8.6 billion in stock). Whew. Talk about being worth your weight in gold.

Tony Blair - British PM in the news possibly because of that new UK film showing the assisination of George Bush. Brits loved it. Americans were appalled. I am puzzled.
(Actual: The current Miss England, Hammasa Kohistani has blamed Tony Blair for spawning a generation of British born terrorists). Oh great, this is what the world has come to. Miss England has an opinion and it doesn't related to hair, make-up or plastic surgery. Give me a break! Hey missy, I'll give you some advice. Let Blair stick to politics and you to... well... smiling, waxing and waving. Role reversals usually never work out.

Ryder Cup - Some (yawn) golf tournament. Must be coming up.
(Actual: Europe's Ryder Cup team moved closer to being clarified on Friday as a result of yet another stupid boring match when some guy won, and a lot of guys lost).

Katie Couric - I think is in the news because a picture of her promoting whatever news show she is now on, cropped her and made her look slimmer. Of course everyone involved is denying knowledge of the incident and "demanding" she be re-promoted (if that's a word) in her actual size.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (in pink?!?)

Thirteen Things on Speakeasy's Mind

1. I seem to post more Thursday 13's than other posts because I'm too busy reading some excellent blogs (listed on the side of my blog), namely; UrbanMummy, Penelope and Bumblebee, Haley-o, Shroom-Monkey and the now in hiding Magic Carpet Ride. Keep up the great writing ladies!

2. After the airplane landed Monday night from Newark, NJ to Toronto, my son, the Happy Boy - still awake at 11pm decided to wave and say "bye bye" to every passenger leaving the plane. Almost all of them gave him a huge smile and wave back. That kid is so friggin cute!

3. Poor, pregnant, tired, worn out UrbanMummy! She needs to rest. A lot! But she has a paper to complete for school that she should be working on right now, rather than reading this post. Only 7 weeks to go, and she's beat. Although I am now looking forward to some home-birth stories from Penelope.

4. Why is it so hard to find people to take all the wonderful business ideas I/we have and put them into place? Doesn't anyone want to make money anymore? Or I guess everyone is making too much money that they don't want to have to put in an effort to make more. Why bother?

5. Last week we stayed at a family resort about 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto, in Haliburton, called Wigamog. It was at this resort that the Happy Boy slept in a crib in the bathroom, clearly not ready for a "big boy bed". And boy did he sleep well.

6. It was also at this resort that the Happy Boy ate and ate and ate. His vocabulary grew as big as his tummy. He communicated better than ever, and ate his weight in cooked veggies. All this while still finding time to throw chunks of watermelon at the table next to us.

7. At Wigamog, UrbanMummy and I played Bocce (she was awesome), tried archery, and I played croquet. The real "highlight" for me was limping off the tennis court after some idiot Dad with a really bad dye job stuck his hockey under my foot resulting in me rolling my ankle. It was during a ball-hockey tournament, and after scoring our teams only 2 goals, I had a breakaway to send our team to the finals when this happened. He thought it was great that I couldn't play (or walk). They scored seconds later. My ankle/foot is purple and black. Thank goodness I'm already on nuproxin for the sciatic pain.

8. Again at Wigamog, we took the Happy Boy in a kyack for the first time. He loved it. I loved having the family there on the water. Relaxing. Even funnier was listening to him quack at the ducks, and watching him grabbing at the Lilypads.

9. What would be an awesome baby-gift for UrbanMummy for baby number 2? Number one was an eternity band. Need help with number 2, though.

10. Why am I not in bed? It's late and I need to be at work - as usual - before 8am. Hmmm. Schedule needs re-adjusting again.

11. Just thinking about my wife's Uncle David who died very suddenly in New York on Friday. It was from the Wigamog, that we went to NY for the "viewing" and funeral. See www.urbanmummy.com/journal for more detailed info. He was a gentle man. Always very quiet and very nice. He'll be missed.

12. At the BINGO hall after the funeral I ate baked beans, sausage, and some crazy-ass breaded chicken wings. I avoided the ambrosia salad and other pork products. I was shocked that there was a reception after the funeral, and that the BINGO hall was standing. It was a decrypted old building in a not-so-nice part of NY where they lived. I felt like I was in the mid-south, like Craplanta. LOL. Seriously, thought, it was a once in a life-time experience. I don't often get to hang out with white trash. When the phrase "youse guys" is uttered, I cannot help but to make a face. I'm very expressive.

13. Only 5 more days until my next class begins. Organizational behavior and the Canadian Securities Course will be keeping me plenty busy. Oh, and the coming child.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You smell that???

Can you?

Maybe it's just a Toronto thing, maybe not. For the past couple weeks, when I walk from the house to the subway, I get overwhelmed with this horrible smell of, I think, garbage. It's really bad. I've had to hold me breath. Maybe some of my local blog buddies and bunnies can let me if they've noticed it too. Might be time to call the City Councillor - a friend - and see what can be done. I don't want to wish for summer to be over so I can breathe, but I might have to.

Who has gone to the CNE? I really wanted to get out to the EX this year, but I know that the UrbanMummy would never be able to trek around the grounds and doubt that the Happy Boy would like to walk through the buildings and watch Daddy rule the "Whap a Mole" game. I win EVERY time!!! Unless the game is fixed - and they usually are at the CNE. This is the same reason we didn't make it to the zoo this summer. :(

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things to do before the baby is born - ETA October 13, 2006.

1. Set up the bedroom for the impending home birth items as requested by our mid-wives

2. Set up our room for the new addition and move the rocking chair from the Happy Boy's room to our room so bedtime routine will change before the baby arrives

3. Make sure all the baby supplies are here for the new addition, like the smaller size cloth diapers and diaper wraps. Find the miracle swaddle blanket too.

4. Make sure the EI office is aware that both of us will be in need of their services, and that my employer makes sure to pay me too. Love my job for that reason alone.

5. Go over my weekly procedure with my boss and colleagues for when I’m away for 3 months.

6. Make sure I have a baby-gift for the UrbanMummy as a small token of my appreciation for all the pain and discomfort that this pregnancy would have brought her. I think a little home made something from the Happy Boy would be nice too. :)

7. Make sure all the numbers of importance are written down together so I can call whomever I need to, such as Midwives, Moyel (if necessary) Parents, friends, etc.

8. Relax … sit back and enjoy the pseudo-calm that we now have. It will be over soon.

9. Get some sleep before going back to the three-hour schedule.

10. Install the infant car seat into the car

11. Prepare for either a baby-naming (girl) or a bris (boy). List of people to invite, food, etc.

12. Put aside all the infant sleepers and one piece clothes that he/she will live in for the first 3-6 months of his/her life. Make sure they are clean, and organized and in the right place.

13. Pictures, lots of pictures of UrbanMummy and the Happy Boy before, during and after the new baby arrives. Make the schedule inclusive for the Happy Boy and hopefully, he wont want to get rid of the newborn once he realizes the child isn't leaving.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen foods I have (re)introduced my wife to

1…. Cherries - We bought some on our honeymoon in France and I tought her to spit the pits out of the window. "Pit-spitting" became a trip tradition from there.

2. Peas in a pod - Yummy. Bought a basket at the farmer's market in St. Jacobs, Ontario, and then another basket, then another, then a bushel. When in season, they are irrestible

3. Cammembert - Also from our Honeymoon. When in France, do as the French do. Baguettes, fresh veggies and cammembert. At first, the UrbanMummy would cut off the rind, the best part, but after a while she grew to love it.

4. Beef - This was a tougher one. When I met UrbanMummy, she bas basically a vegetarian and had been for almost 12 years. Me, a carnivore, had to do something about that, so every date we had, I would eat some sort of meat (or flesh, as she likes to call it) and offer her some. It all culminated the night before our wedding, during the out-of-towners dinner when she ate my entire steak from The Wildfire Grill.

5. Chicken Wings - for someone who does not / can not eat flesh off a bone, this was a big challenge. At first it was only the drumstick, leaving me with the crappy wing part. But now, she eats them all. Phew.

Now the list changes a little to include foods that I have not eaten that UrbanMummy introduced to me that we eat.

6. Indian Cuisine - I shudder to think what I was missing by not knowing of this delicacy until about 5 years ago. Now, i can't get enough of it.

7. Ethiopian Cuisine - see number 6.

8. Tofu - is actually quite good and very versatile. I like the way it takes the flavour of whatever you are cooking it in.

9. Sour Cream with Taco's - Being Jewish I grew up not mixing meat and milk, so whenever we ate tacos at home, we would have real meat in the tacos, so no sour cream, and tofu cheese. But after marriage, UrbanMummy introduced me to fake meat, and then cheese AND sour cream on my tacos. YUM. I'll never go back. Previously, I only ate sour cream on my french toast (try it!!) and potatoes.

10. Dim Sum - went from being an odd food to a mainstay. My wife loves Dim Sum. It might even have been her first food after baby food. lol.

11. Cookie Crisp - back to a food I introduced to UM, I remember stores pulling all the cookie crisp (probably due to poor sales) and only being able to find it in these kosher-only stores because, well, it was kosher. A few months ago, my sister brought me / us back 3 boxes from the US and it seemed to hit the spot for my expecting mate. She devoured the boxes. I need more !!!

12. Balsamic Vinegar - yuck. Hated it. Everything about it, until I found that UrbanMummy likes to cook with it. Now, a salad isn't a salad, unless it has balsamic vinegar dressing on it.

13. Rolaids - Whatever would the UrbanMummy have done without Cherry rolaids?? Pregnancy heartburn can be a killer. Poor thing has gone through 3 bottles so far this pregnancy. 5 bottles last pregnancy. 2 months to go, and 2 bottles shy. Go Nay Go.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hell's Kitchen

For those of you who know me, you may be aware that I get to watch very little TV due to my hectic schedule which includes; a very pregnant wife, and wonderful son, and recently moved into house, MBA courses, and a small business or 2.

This leaves me little time for, well, sleep, but TV too. I do try and watch a little sports here and there, like the Blue Jays in the summer, and I try and catch a little RAW or Smackdown to appease my wrestling fix. I have found myself oddly attached to cooking shows and to those shows where they fix up houses either as a favour, or to re-sell.

But recently, I found a show called Hell's Kitchen, and decided it was as lame as all these other reality shows, so I ignored it, until one night I turned on the TV and it was on. I was hooked! I then sought out every minute of every episode I could find and found the concept exciting. I loved the ending and thought Victoria was going to win, not that I wanted her to. I liked Heather better. That idiot Tom, that cut himself on purpose was such an ass. He got what he deserved. "I can't take orders from women", he said. Hello... Loser... it's 2006. I hope that sweaty fucker never gets laid again, unless it's by his own hand. Grrrrr.

Can't wait for season 2.

And for hockey season. GO LEAFS GO.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Just what I needed to go along with my achy back, was to step on a big hunk of broken glass in my backyard, only to have it plunge deep into my heel.

This was my Thursday night adventure while showing my father-in-law the newly cleared back garden, and explaining when the fence was going in. I was barefoot, and stepping out of the garden to keep my son from coming in and wham... pain in the heel.

Bled so much the shower looked like someone had died in there.. Who knew there was so much blood in ones heel??

Nonetheless, after some polysoprin and bandaids, I spent today trying to figure out what hurt more, my back and left leg, or right heel. I'm really not this injury-prone. Well, yes I am. I play hard. I just have a very high pain threshold. Fortunately, the swelling is coming down and I suspect only a few days of limping before going back to, well limping. :)\

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some thoughts for a Tuesday morning...

Pamela Anderson is reportedly pregnant, prompting rumours that her marriage to Kid Rock was pushed ahead due to the unexpected surprise.

Who the fuck cares??? Why is this front page news??? There are wackos in the world blowing each other up over religion but Pam and Kid make front page news, and even worse, there is a picture of Plastic Pam, in a skimpy (sorry, your not natural or 21 anymore) bathing suit and white trash Kid Rock with his bathing suit hanging from his hips with a bottle of beer in his hand and a cigar in his other. This is what happens when money falls into the wrong hands...

Message to children: Want success? Money? Fame? Fortune? Try plastic boobs. Try pretending to sings, or "release" a sex tape, and don't forget to swear a lot, drink, smoke, do drugs... Why not. You'll be famous and the world will bow at your feet.

Why oh why if the earth were to ever open up and swallow anyone whole could it not be these two on their "honeymoon", or maybe the reporters who cover it, or maybe all of us for not sending emails to the media telling them to focus on real news and not this crap.

I hate my stupid Ipod...

I can't figure out how to get music on it.

I don't have administrator access on my computer (it was a hand-me-down laptop, and the password was not) so I cannot install Itunes.

Since UrbanMummy added her version of Itunes for her video Ipod, mine no longer shows up on her computers.

So I have about 135 songs, of which I like about 15 of them, and have been listening to them 5 days a week for almost 3 months.


I need new tunes!

I hate my stupid Ipod.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Very Powerful Speech

I had to re-post this speech because it brings up the injustices being launched against the people of Israel, all of them, the Jews, Arabs, Christians, etc.

July 31, 2006
Ladies and gentlemen, leaders of the world. I, the Prime Minister of
Israel, am speaking to you from Jerusalem in the face of the terrible
pictures from Kfar Kana. Any human heart, wherever it is, must sicken
and recoil at the sight of such pictures. There are no words of comfort
that can mitigate the enormity of this tragedy. Still, I am looking you
straight in the eye and telling you that the State of Israel will
continue its military campaign in Lebanon.

The Israel Defense Forces will continue to attack targets from which
missiles and Katyusha rockets are fired at hospitals, old age homes and
kindergartens in Israel. I have instructed the security forces and the
IDF to continue to hunt for the Katyusha stockpiles and launch sites
from which these savages are bombarding the State of Israel.

We will not hesitate, we will not apologize and we will not back off. If
they continue to launch missiles into Israel from Kfar Kana, we will
continue to bomb Kfar Kana. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Here, there and everywhere. The children of

Kfar Kana could now be sleeping peacefully in their homes, unmolested,
had the agents of the devil not taken over their land and turned the
lives of our children into hell.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time you understood: the Jewish state will no
longer be trampled upon. We will no longer allow anyone to exploit
population centers in order to bomb our citizens. No one will be able to
hide anymore behind women and children in order to kill our women and
children. This anarchy is over. You can condemn us, you can boycott us,
you can stop visiting us and, if necessary, we will stop visiting you.

A voice for six million citizens

Today I am serving as the voice of six million bombarded Israeli
citizens who serve as the voice of six million murdered Jews who were
melted down to dust and ashes by savages in Europe. In both cases, those
responsible for these evil acts were, and are, barbarians devoid of all
humanity, who set themselves one simple goal: to wipe the Jewish race
off the face of the earth, as Adolph Hitler said, or to wipe the State
of Israel off the map, as Mahmoud Ahmedinjad proclaims.

And you - just as you did not take those words seriously then, you are
ignoring them again now. And that, ladies and gentlemen, leaders of the
world, will not happen again. Never again will we wait for bombs that
never came to hit the gas chambers. Never again will we wait for
salvation that never arrives. Now we have our own air force. The Jewish
people are now capable of standing up to those who seek their
destruction - those people will no longer be able to hide behind women
and children. They will no longer be able to evade their responsibility.

Every place from which a Katyusha is fired into the State of Israel will
be a legitimate target for us to attack. This must be stated clearly and
publicly, once and for all. You are welcome to judge us, to ostracize
us, to boycott us and to vilify us. But to kill us? Absolutely not.

Four months ago I was elected by hundreds of thousands of citizens to
the office of Prime Minister of the government of Israel, on the basis
of my plan for unilaterally withdrawing from 90 percent of the areas of
Judea and Samaria, the birth place and cradle of the Jewish people; to
end most of the occupation and to enable the Palestinian people to turn
over a new leaf and to calm things down until conditions are ripe for
attaining a permanent settlement between us.

The Prime Minister who preceded me, Ariel Sharon, made a full withdrawal
from the Gaza Strip back to the international border, and gave the
Palestinians there a chance to build a new reality for themselves. The
Prime Minister who preceded him, Ehud Barak, ended the lengthy Israeli
presence in Lebanon and pulled the IDF back to the international border,
leaving the land of the cedars to flourish, develop and establish its
democracy and its economy.

What did the State of Israel get in exchange for all of this? Did we win
even one minute of quiet? Was our hand, outstretched in peace, met with
a handshake of encouragement? Ehud Barak's peace initiative at Camp
David let loose on us a wave of suicide bombers who smashed and blew to
pieces over 1,000 citizens, men, women and children. I don't remember
you being so enraged then. Maybe that happened because we did not allow
TV close-ups of the dismembered body parts of the Israeli youngsters at
the Dolphinarium? Or of the shattered lives of the people butchered
while celebrating the Passover seder at the Park Hotel in Netanya? What
can you do - that's the way we are. We don't wave body parts at the
camera. We grieve quietly.

We do not dance on the roofs at the sight of the bodies of our enemy's
children - we express genuine sorrow and regret. That is the monstrous
behavior of our enemies. Now they have risen up against us. Tomorrow
they will rise up against you. You are already familiar with the
murderous taste of this terror. And you will taste more.

In a loud and clear voice

And Ariel Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza. What did it get us? A barrage
of Kassem missiles fired at peaceful settlements and the kidnapping of
soldiers. Then too, I don't recall you reacting with such alarm. And for
six years, the withdrawal from Lebanon has drawn the vituperation and
crimes of a dangerous, extremist Iranian agent, who took over an entire
country in the name of religious fanaticism and is trying to take Israel
hostage on his way to Jerusalem - and from there to Paris and London.

An enormous terrorist infrastructure has been established by Iran on our
border, threatening our citizens, growing stronger before our very eyes,
awaiting the moment when the land of the Ayatollahs becomes a nuclear
power in order to bring us to our knees. And make no mistake - we won't
go down alone. You, the leaders of the free and enlightened world, will
go down along with us.

So today, here and now, I am putting an end to this parade of hypocrisy.
I don't recall such a wave of reaction in the face of the 100 citizens
killed every single day in Iraq. Sunnis kill Shiites who kill Sunnis,
and all of them kill Americans - and the world remains silent. And I am
hard pressed to recall a similar reaction when the Russians destroyed
entire villages and burned down large cities in order to repress the
revolt in Chechnya. And when NATO bombed Kosovo for almost three months
and crushed the civilian population - then you also kept silent. What is
it about us, the Jews, the minority, the persecuted, that arouses this
cosmic sense of justice in you? What do we have that all the others don't?

In a loud clear voice, looking you straight in the eye, I stand before
you openly and I will not apologize. I will not capitulate. I will not
whine. This is a battle for our freedom. For our humanity. For the right
to lead normal lives within our recognized, legitimate borders. It is
also your battle. I pray and I believe that now you will understand
that. Because if you don't, you may regret it later, when it's too late.

I have real issues with the hyprocracy that is the United Nations and how quick they are to condemn Israel for defending itself, while allowing Hezbollah to fire Iranian and Syrian rockets into Israel from right beside their fucking base. Then when Israel destroys the launcher, they "strongly condemn" the actions. I'm not really surprised, though, the whole security council is made up of terrorist countries or dictatorships. Give me a break. The UN stands for no one.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Reasons to Blog

1. Great way to meet new, interesting and cool people, like your neighbours
2. A place to vent where they may not be others willing to listen
3. Provides a venue to divulge information you've been storing in your brain (or desk drawer).
4. Provides a venue to seek answers and clarification on a variety of issues from other "experts"
5. A way to have an Internet presence
6. Gives experience in HTML and other languages for those willing to experiment
7. Helps put you life into perspective seeing other peoples successes and failures
8. To get out your message as you strive to one day become Prime Minister of Canada
9. Gives you a venue to post picture of your kid kissing the neighbours kid in the playground tunnel
10. I blog to connect with geniuses
11. To make money ($$$$). How else can I promote my now small, soon to be big, promotional business. If you need anything customized, pens, mugs, t-shirts, convention bags, sports jerseys, golf balls, etc. I do it! Drop me and email and let's get it done. Remember, UrbanDaddy, UrbanMummy and The Happy Boy are soon to be welcoming another member into the family and need spare change for non-commercial clothes and Star Wars toys (and to feed the UrbanMummy scrapbook habit).
12. Because vanity plates are too restricting and Play Dough is no longer a viable option.
13. blog to be part of a community of people whom I respect; I want to understand their thinking and I want them to understand mine. I blog to be part of the conversation. I blog to remember. I blog refine my thinking. I blog because I don't think I really understand something until I write about it.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

What a week...


I can't believe I made it through that week. It was hectic for sure, but man was it a blast.

I spent the whole week, every night until at least 2am, working on my essays, assignments, cases, quizzes, etc, and the marks were tremendous. Nothing lower that an 85. Actually scored 100% on a few of them. Nice.

My semester actually ended Friday at 3pm, which was the time I wanted to be at home to take Happy Boy to the park as the nanny was off all week and the amply-pregnant UrbanMummy was exhausted, hot and suffering from an achy back so she could not take him for the whole day. I submitted my final essay - all 19 pages of it, knowing it was not my best work, but received a note the next day from my Professor indicating that while not my best work, he found it worthy of a 91. Whew. Imagine if I started it earlier. LOL. I could have earned a 92... Or 85.

The week ended with us racing off to lovely Cambridge Ontario on the first leg of our Day out with Thomas, in St. Thomas for the Happy Boy. Needless to say it was HOT out there and when we travel it means no sleep or food for the Happy Boy, but man does he love running up and down the hallway of hotels. He even managed to open the hotel room door and run down the hall before either of us could believe he was able to do it. As I ran behind him, I could hear him giggling. I love that kid!!!

We raced to St. Thomas to get on the train before it left, and thanks to UrbanMummy for sitting in the backseat with Happy Boy so I could get us there on time (90KMs in less than an hour meant average speed of 150kms, sometimes 160, and oddly being passed every now and then. Whew did we fly.

The phenomon that is Thomas was quite fun, and I owe tons of thanks to UrbanMummy for planning the trip for all of us. She's really good at that. Like she could do it for a living. So we got on the train, scorching hot, and only one cabin had windows, and sit down at the end near the open door. Happy Boy is pouting and hot, UrbanMummy is hot, I'm hoping this ride is going to be fun and then the music starts and in between Happy Boy's cries of "No dadoo" (train) I see him making fists and dancing to the music, then as we get moving I see him waving to the people outside. I think he's liking it.

After the 1/2 hour ride, we walked through Thomas-ville taking pictures with some guy named Sir Topham Hat, drinking jumbo lemonade, walking through the all-Thomas-all-the-time gift tent, and stopping to watch the Lionel trains exhibit - which caught Happy Boy's fascination. We got the Happy boy a llama balloon animal and took pictures wherever we could. Then it was time to move on. Grabbed dinner and we to the park. Once at the park, Happy Boy wasted no time in taking off to the water play area. I steered him towards the jungle gym and he found his way at the top of the tallest, steepest slide I have ever seen for a child, and sure enough, he flew done it with screeching delight. "More", he said as he made his way again for Mummy to see. He loved it.

After sliding and playing he made his way to the water area and we ran around there and got him wet. From there, the car, and from the park to home in 1 hour and 10 minutes (instead of the expected 2 hours plus). :)

Some highlights from the weekend:

Happy Boy running from bed to bed at 2am to see Mummy and Daddy.
The exceptional service at Kelsey's in Cambridge. VERY child friendly and super-helpful.
The cries of "Thomassssss"
The cries of "Donkey" and "Llama" from the nursery that had some animals and butterflies. Hapy Boy actually touched a butterfly and loved how pretty they were.
The look on UrbanMummy's face at the end of the trip as she gave us the "I survived" face in the extreme heat. She's a trooper. Like when she was pregnant with the Happy Boy and led a group of us through a cave in Monaco, I believe. Whew. If it were me... I'd be home complaining.

But the weekend was a success! Fun had by all.

Monday began with an 8:30am appointment for a CT Scan, at the hospital, for my achy back. Cool machine. Quick test. Now it's on to the Chiropractor.

Thoughts full of 1st birthday wishes going out to neighbour and fellow-blogger The Cheaty Monkey www.cheatymonkey.com on Monkey's special day. With so many kiddies in attendance, I hope Haley-O made it out alive. Looking for a future ost from her marking this event. (adjusted)

Just under 11 weeks until the arrival of Baby 2. Getting nervous??? Yup.

And the backyard landscaping project is coming to an end. Got all the monster tree stumps out and removed most of the brances. Gardener coming to remove the stumps and slap up a fence. Yay! Putting more sod down, and making more room for the Happy Boy to play, and hopefully keeping the racoons out. All this wear and tear on the back and bruises and mosquito bites had better be worth it. I feel like we've gained an extra 6 feet on the side and back of the yard.

For a full rundown of the Day out with Thomas, may I recommend the blog of a fellow blogger, and number one spouse, the talented, good-looking UrbanMummy, www.urbanmummy.com/journal - who also seems to be on a free-stuff winning streak.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's only Monday a.k.a. Is he sleeping yet???


Day one with the Nanny on holiday and I thought the Happy Boy was exhausted enough to sleep by his bedtime, 7:30pm, but boy was I wrong.

You see this morning the Happy Boy woke up at 7am. Of course. I had the opportunity to sleep in today. I arranged to have Baby Proofers, come by to see how safe, or un-safe our house is for the Happy Boy, and the kitten. The earliest appointment they have is 10:30am. I start work at 8am, so I arranged to have them here for 10am. Happy boy ruined my sleeping plans.

So today, he went to camp with UrbanMummy, then after a short nap, went to the park with the lovely and talented Haley-O and her irrestible Cheaty Monkey. More running around, so you think he'd be tired, eh? Nope.

The Happy Boy probably couldn't sleep because he was having dreams of Monkey. You see the Momerazzi caught shocking picture of the Happy Boy kissing the Cheaty Monkey in the tunnel in the park. My little player. Then as Haley and Monkey were leaving, the Happy Boy started throwing kisses and saying "bye bye". Cutie.

So after dinner, outside for more fresh air, we come in and give the Happy Boy a bath, afterwhich he got some milk, 4 books and bed... where he proceeded to wail. We tried more books... Nope. More milk... Nope. He didn't eat dinner, so we offered him a lot of food, no dice. Since the UrbanMummy is suffering from a bad back, I took Happy Boy to the vet, grocery store, then to another grocery store, but as I left the driveway, I decided to drop him off at Gramma and Granpa's. They played with him until 10pm when I picked him up. He was tired. Still whiny, he got more milk, then right to bed. He has not budged. I'm going to check on him. BRB.