Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's... It's... It's.... February!!!! Thursday Thirteen


Known as a very depressing month to most, February has a different meaning to me. For me, February is significant for 13 of the following reasons;
  1. I got a letter from the Ministry of Transportation, which means, my birthday is this month.
  2. Valentine's Day
  3. The days are getting longer
  4. Baseball Spring Training begins
  5. The NHL trade deadline is in February
  6. UrbanMummy has just under a week off and that means little day trips with the kiddies
  7. That "family" day that I don't get but will take as vacation
  8. After the 28 days, it's March and with March, comes April, then May, then June... You get the picture.
  9. I hope and prey to use February to change jobs
  10. Become a substantive manager at my current position
  11. Lose weight and get in shape playing sports
  12. Get that closet done in our basement
  13. Make the little misses VERY happy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just some weekend stuff...

So now when my older boy smacks the younger, the younger makes a face and pinches the older boy with a look of anger on his face, then he smiles and goes on with his business... This is going to be a problem. The older boy usually whine/cries and I come to his rescue. Oy. I can see us having to pull them off of each other within a year. And to think we kept telling the older boy not to hit/kick/bite his little brother because when he gets bigger... Well that time has come. sigh.

Why doesn't the Food Network show cooking classes early in the morning on the weekends? Why do they show infomercials. There are people up very early every day of the week that like to watch cooking shows!!!

How come every time Urban Mummy cleans up "clutter" that clutter is my stuff? What's wrong with hockey drill books I have not used in 15 years? That stuff never changes? Or a book on pitching? If my folks had realized I wanted to pitch - besides the hours I would spend per night pitching to a box I drew on the back of the garage, I would probably still be in the major leagues making $10 million per season. Hmmm. And Star Wars books? Old copies of the Income Tax Act and books on how to craft political research from 1980? Come on... That stuff is gold! Not like yucky physics and chemistry books. :)

What about dating? Are there enough dating shows on TV or the net these days? I mean good ones, not like the 3rd wheel or blind date. Real ones. What about ones from the perspective of the male species? Not really sure. What do you think?

... and the Giants are going to be playing the undefeated New England Patriots in, like 2 weeks in the Super Bore. Yawn. My father-in-law wants me to care but I don't. I just want to be invited to the Super Bore party... Now THAT is fun. :)

Did I mention it is cold outside... like really cold?!?

Gotta run and clean the house before the nanny comes home, because you know, she should never see that this house is chaos when she is away on the weekends...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Official Cure for the Toronto Maple Leafs...

Yes folks you heard it here first. I might be available to take over JFJ's position once he is jettisoned to the unemployment line after butchering this team. How could he possibly think that last year's team which missed the playoffs was good enough to bring back this year almost intact - except for the additions of Jason Blake, Vesa Toskala and Mark Bell... Who approved this? They need to go too.

So lets start with how all this comes about.

First, the CBC gets it all started as they yank the Leafs from the Saturday night slot and replace them with the Ottawa Senators. I'm a huge hockey fan and would enjoy watching the Sens just as much. They are a really good, young team.

By not having the Leafs there, the slap in the face heard across the country would prompt the egos at MLSE to take action. Bye bye Peddie, Tenanbaum, JFJ and sadly the coach, Paul Maurice. Temporarily in comes a management team of former GM Cliff Fletcher and if the price is right, Scotty Bowman. Include Glenn Healy, Doug Gilmour and this group will take the roster of the Leafs and the Marlies and head into a board room only to come out with the following to do list:

1. Mats Sundin - great Leaf. Gone. To a contender as the playoffs come to other teams (not the Leafs). For at least, a good young player already on a roster, a young prospect from a farm team and a 1st round pick or 2. He's playing his best to get the most back to the team in his trade.

2. Darcy Tucker - for a young player and a pick
3. Bryan McCabe - back to the Islanders for a young player and a pick
4. Jason Blake - for a pick
5. Andrew Raycroft - for a pick
6. Matt Stajan - for another young player
7. Mark Bell - for anything
8. Alexei Ponikerovsky - player and a pick (he's big and has shown signs of being able to find the net, although penalty prone)
9. Nik Antripov - he's finally exceeding expectations, so it's a fluke (see Jason Blake) and time to go! Player from roster, young player and pick.
10. John Pohl - anything - he was JFJ's big steal from St. Louis... Oh, how the Blues must still be reeling. LOL.
11. Wellwood, Wozniewski and Kubina we'll take a pick for all three. The 2 defenseman must go and if Wellwood committed to getting in shape, then he can stay.
12. Vesa Toskala only if there is a fabulous offer like a young player or solid veteran.
Hal Gill - very slow and Bates Battaglia (on the farm) can go if anyone has interest in them. They shouldn't be good enough for this team, yet they are. Sad.

You see theses spare parts can bring in the youth. The kids on the roster not playing like Moore, White, Strahlman, Kabarle (the new Captain) Steen, Deveraux, Belak (every team needs an enforcer) and Tlusty need to play... A lot, in order to assess if they are keepers or gone. They'll figure it out.

As for the farm... I'll never forget Ed Belfour stating that Jay Harrison was a true NHL defenseman. So what does MLSE do with him??? The farm. Bring him up. Also coming up to play, and play hard include Carlo Colaiacovo (get him healthy and a personal trainer), Simon Gamache (1st line), David Ling (the leading point getter and set-up man) and Kris Newbury - Marlies leading goal scorer (last years tough guy - why?), bring up Jeremy Williams, Robbie Earl, Darrly Boyce (a plus 18) and on defense, Bryan Muir (if he can play on the NJ Devils, he can make the Leafs). Bring up Pogge to play net, and a lot of net and this is the 2008/2009 team.

In the off season sign a few free agent veterans to teach the kids never to give up, maybe one or two with Stanley Cup rings, and only young free agents if they are young! Bring back Mats if he wants either this year or next year to end his career.

This team will compete for either last or a playoff spot, so they'll be not better or no worse than the current bunch. Only difference is that in 2-3 years my team will be better and the current Leafs wont!

UrbanDaddy for GM!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Both my kids have fevers tonight... Poor guys. They are now sleeping.

Found some cool jobs to apply for today. Special thanks to Laural Dawn for keeping me in the loop at her firm... Anyone else want to take a stab, my resume / CV is updated daily.

Ever heard of Tata Automotive? No? You will...They have a $2500 car coming out to market. Sure, it's probably made of paper-mache, but its $2500.

I need to increase the traffic on my blog... No, wait. No I don't. :) If you can read this, I thank you.

So now that I can actually watch TV for the first time in, like 5 years, the fucking writers go on strike. Grrrr. At least my wife found a sit com from many years ago starring Kirsten Dunst - when she was young - and it was cool. I rely on her for old sit-com material... That's her thing. :)

I'm still here...

... But without a computer. Mine is... Out of service right now. Grrr.

I'm using UrbanMummy's. When I can.

Quick Updates:
  • Our new year's day open house was a success
  • I got sick
  • I got better
  • Linus got sick
  • I need sleep