Friday, September 22, 2006

That didn't hurt now did it???

New Year, new beginnings...

This morning, instead of getting up at my normal 6:30, I got up 1/2 hour earlier, spent 20 minutes trying to stretch out my aching periformus (look it up) and then went for a run. Yup. A run. It was only 10 minutes of actual jogging but it was 10 minutes more than I had been doing before and I wanted to see how my back and leg felt afterword.

Something I have been talking about doing for oh, about 5 years now. No longer can I complain about not losing any of my baby weight. I actually felt great today - and even more perky than normal - which is usually quite perky. I'm afraid of scaring some co-workers. LOL.

Now if I could only add some free wgights and sit-ups. :)


Shroom-Monkey said...

Yeah, you better be running- no ladies want a flabby saggy man- get that bootie in shape!

SpeakEasy said...

And by "no ladies", you really mean my wife.

Have you two spoken??? lol.

Jill said...

talking about suppotive to your wive!!! How much did you gain for this baby?