Thursday, September 21, 2006

The time is near....

With the October 13th arrival date coming closer and closer, I think panic is beginning to set in at the UrbanDaddy household. Not having to give birth to the child, of course, is one less thing to worry about, but, geez, there is SO much more to have to contend with, especially since UrbanMummy needs to focus all her energies on her health and the Happy Boy.

Just a few hours ago, I re-assembled the bassinette, that our newborn will be sleeping in for naps. To be honest, having it back together really cuts down on the space on my side of the bed, but I really felt that I needed to have it ready, just in case, although UrbanMummy is going full term, as she did with the HappyBoy.

Today we have an appointment with our mid-wife, at our home, no less, and I'm sure she is going to run through our place and make sure it is properly set up for the birth. GULP. I guess from this day forth, the UrbanDaddy household will be set up at birth central.

I have my home birth list and I'll be picking up some stuff before the weekend and I want to make sure that once the weekend ends, we are baby-ready.

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