Saturday, May 26, 2007

Poor, poor Weed...

It happened. Finally. The Weed got his first tooth, follow by his second one the next day. Yay. He's going to be a cutie. Well, more of a cutie than he already is. :)

You see, The Happy Boy, would get a fever, runny nose and not eat the day before his tooth would come in. The Weed?!? Had to be different. He got the fever after his teeth came in and boy was it a doozy. He is trying to one-up The Happy Boy.

The Weed's fever peaked at 104 on Sunday and after a doctor's appointment on Monday, it was determined he has an ear infection. Poor little guy. He was hurting in the mouth and sick too. He just layed there for 2 days. Then came the rash... roseola, of sorts. All over his little body he had this rash. Now he is perking back up and smiling again. I hope UrbanMummy does not post a story about his health or sleepng again, and jinx him. LOL.

It's UrbanMummy's birthday on June 1st and I've been ready for this for almost a week. YAY. Keeping on the ball.

We have been trying to deal with potty training and the Happy Boy for a while and we have finally realized that if he runs around the house with no bottoms on, he acknowledges when he has to pee, or poo, and runs to the bathroom before there is an accident. Cool, eh? We tried feeding him, and bribing him, none of those worked. This kid even takes his pee, dumps it from the potty into the toilet, flushes the toilet and puts his potty back together after. Crazy! So this past weekend we took the kids to Dufferin Mall, into H&M, and bough him little boy boxers. He wanted red, he got red, and many other colours too. So when he gets home from school, or the park, he comes out of his diaper and into boxers. We still have the odd little pee accident, but all in all, it's really cute!

We also bought some sports stuff for the Happy Boy. He got a little baseball bat and t-ball tee, a soccer ball and net and hockey sticks with a hockey ball and a plastic puck. So for the first few days, all he wanted to do was play hockey. Bless this child!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Short and Sweet

Today is the 30th anniversary of the greatest movie of ALL time... Star Wars. How are we going to celebrate this in the SpeakEasy / Urban Mummy household... Hmmmmm.

Upper Deck wants to buy Topps. Grrrrr. Upper Deck is a sports card company and they are going around buying all the other card companies and putting out 10 different brands of the same inadequate card. I hate Upper Deck. I don't like spending $4.00 for a pack of 4 cards and getting 4 shitty players. Upper Deck, you suck. Fuck off and go away.


The Weed has a tooth, the Weed has a tooth, our cute little baby boy, the Weed has a tooth!!! His first tooth broke through the skin on the bottom right of his mouth last night. Awwww. He's so cute. But man he's growing up fast... NOT.

Jim Balsillie, the founder of Research and Motion's Blackberry wants to buy the NHL's Nashville Predators and move them the hell out of Nashville into southern Ontario. Could this be the start of something good? If this is allowed to happen, then Gary Bettman, the commissioner - whom I like for breaking the Union - needs to go too. He put these teams down there. They don't belong. I'm not sure Kitchener or Waterloo works, but they are better than Kansas City, one would think. Kansas City,. after all, used to have the Scouts, who lasted all of what... 5 seasons?

RBC announced an increase in earnings of 14% this second quarter of 2007. TD Bank, 19%. Our bank fees and ATM fees? Still there. Fucking banks!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Because of school constraints on my behalf and UrbanMummy and, well, for fuck sakes, Facebook taking up all my/our time, I have been unable to post updates.

Let's try a big one here:

Mother's Day - cards from the kids, from me and for the Moms. That's my job. gifts for the wife, gifts for Mummy and for the Moms usually my job but this year UM took on the task of arranging the Mother's gifts and they loved the professional picture of our two boys with a jazzed up frame that my artsy-fartsy wife styled up. Told her she could sell those frames for $20-$25. Nice day had by all. UM got from my mom a membership for the Toronto Zoo for the year (parking included)... SWEET.

Victoria Day - Began with a house party at night for us and the kiddies - fun. Saturday we went to the Zoo in the afternoon, showed the Happy Boy the Monkeys, Zebras, Tigers, Giraffes, Cheetahs, etc. He told us in the car as we were leaving the parking lot - unprompted, that, "I had fun at the zoo today, Mommy/Daddy). We had a nice picnic dinner in the park thanks to UM and her yummy pasta salad.
Sunday - cold - we prepared the house for Monday's BBQ (spoiled it for you...) by painting moer of the basement playroom, grocery shopping and driving around.
Monday - Play, cleaning, walking and preparing for the 4 couples and kids that came over for dinner. Yum. Only downside was that our neighbours dog chewed a ball I got for the Happy Boy from the Raptors game. He like it. It's flat now. LOL. I think he'll survive. Bedtime came at 1:30, only to be interrupted by the Happy boy who wanted Mummy (who doesn't at 2am). I got him back to sleep twice, but he made his way into my bed at 5am and we slept until 7. Cutie.

All in all, a great weekend. Had a lot of fun. Want more like that. Need to get right on that...

The Weed is clapping. Tries to say "Poo, poo, poo", said "Mama" once and pulled himself up on the train table. Whew. At 7 months old.

Just had a BK Joe coffee - Turbo of course. Supposed to have 4 times the caffeine of regular coffee - made from syrup so no coffee grinds. So far, no effect. LOL.

Work is undergoing a MASSIVE re-organization in hopes of making more money - the concept unveiled last week looks good but more soft skills are needed to boost the troops morale. I don't think they knew that, but I have to use my almost MBA for something. I gave suggestions to whomever would listen. I put myself out there. If they want to use me as a resource, I'm here, otherwise, it's the organizations loss.

I think I still want to see "We Will Rock You".

UM's birthday is coming up (fast) and I need a great gift suggestions that is going to knock her clothes off, errr, socks off. She said "no" to a party. Damn.

I read the posts of Cheaty Monkey and The Kids are All right (see my fav blogs to read on the side), both ladies are preggo, and both make me laugh when talking about the pregnancy... It wasn't THAT long ago... Was it?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm stressed...

Very stressed. Work, school, home... All that stuff. Really stressed. Ugh.

If you are Canadian - Stay OUT of Mexico. They don't appreciate our money. More Canadians are assulted in Mexico that any other country. Shame!

Four years ago I started a Residents Organization in my area to help build moreale, make the streets safer and get my street paved. It was in shambles... Loads of potholes. sewers backed up, the side of the street touching the curb had the brick exposed (VERY old) or had faded away. I was told by the City of Toronto's Manager of Infrastructure repair that the street was finally scheduled to undergo a "major renovation" in 2009, but our City Councillor was pushing to have it done sooner. We moved. I still walk on the street on the way to the subway. It's a mess. There is a large school on that street. So what a surprise when I walked on the street only to find that the sidewalks were ripped up and replaced on the Ssouth side of the street and they looked great! The North side was set for next week. Followed by the street.

I had a tear in my eye. Somehow I felt like the residents owed me their gratitude for taking on this issue since the streets had been in shoddy shape for decades but no one did anything about it. Part of me also says, Awww, fuck it. They would have fixed them anyways because of the school and TTC using the street.

On to the next, bigger and better community issue... Graffiti, vandelism, upgrades to the park and a street party for the summer.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The weekend that was...

Sunday was Lag Baomer. What exactly is Lag Baomer? Good question. I didn't really know either, until I googled it...

Lag BaOmer, May 6, 2007 this year, is a festive day on the Jewish calendar, celebrated with outings (on which the children traditionally play with bow and arrows ), bonfires, and other joyous events. Many visit the resting place (in Miron in Northern Israel) of the great sage and mystic Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, whose yahrzeit (anniversary of his passing) the day marks.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, who lived in the 2nd century of the Common Era, was the first to publicly teach the mystical dimension of the Torah known as the "Kabbalah," and is the author of the basic work of Kabbalah, the Zohar. On the day of his passing, Rabbi Shimon instructed his disciples to mark the date as "the day of my joy."

Lag BaOmer also commemorates another joyous event. The Talmud relates that in the weeks between Passover and Shavuot a plague raged amongst the disciples of the great sage Rabbi Akiva "because they did not act respectfully towards each other"; these weeks are therefore observed as a period of mourning, with various joyous activities proscribed by law and custom. On Lag BaOmer the dying ceased. Thus Lag BaOmer also carries the theme of Ahavat Yisrael, the imperative to love and respect one's fellow

We were invited to Earl Bales Park for a giant festival by the Rabbi that lives on our street. The Happy Boy and I were coming home from picking up dinner and we stopped to chat with the Rabbi. My son, after playing shy, announced to the Rabbi that "I love bagels!!", to which the Rabbi said, hey were having a party in the park... are you coming. LOL. We went. There were kids playing with bows and arrows. Go figure. There also was a bonfire. Hmmmm. There were games, and stuff. It was....ok. We came, we stayed for a bit, we left. Happy Boy got to jump around inside an inflatable dreydl, and was climbing the giant menorah slide when a much older kid jumped down flattening all the kids in the way including Happy Boy. He did want to play on that ride anymore... He was, "Scared!!!".

We left the event and went to our friends for a nice BBQ dinner. Sweet.

The Weed enjoyed the fresh air and actually slept 5 straight hours that night. 5 straight!!! WOW. It was... weird. He's almost 7 months now and it looks like he might actually try sleeping.

I have my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Help needed from my reader(s)

I need a underachieving technology to perform a MBA study on.

Does anyone know of, or maybe have used, a tech product that just didn't seem to fit? My MBA group needs to find such a product and with the assistance of the owner of this / these product(s) we do a complete study of it and offer recommendations to the company to help the technology hopefully with a new life. All this is under the guidence of our professor who was a member of the marketin team that brought Tic Tac's to Canada.

Please reply ASAP!!


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