Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If they would just stay little...

Today we took the weed to the doctor for his 8 week appointment. 8 weeks, already! WOW. 63cm long! 25 inches. He's a real pretty kid. If only he'd sleep better. LOL.

What's with all this snow outside? Geez. It's only December. Can you say "global warming". I remember 10 times this much snow when I was younger, in October. Or maybe after all these years, my view has become distorted. Who remembers? I just remember always having my crazy carpet with me.

UrbanMummy has been watching a lot of "The Facts of Life" on TV. Which bring me to this question... What ever happened to the character that played Blair? UrbanMummy doesn't know. Maybe Haley does...

Speaking of "The Facts of Life", I always had a crush on "Joe", played by Nancy McKeon.

I hear NASA is planning on building a city on the Moon. Two thoughts come to mind: 1) Is there not a better way to spend money than to try and put people on a planet that will never be hospitable for man to live on as we do on earth? I mean, really, what about all the poor people? The poor countries? Geez.
2) Why do I always wonder if it's better to put people on the Moon or on Uranus? All the criminals, gangs, racists, etc. should be banished to Uranus. Just for the name and reputation. "Hey Joe, you'd better not shoot anyone or they'll send you to Uranus. I hear it's quite a hole there. You never come back."

What's with all this recent press about Russian spies, and poisonings? I guess what do you expect from a country that is largely run by the mafia and has insane political views, like supporting Iran's "nuclear energy" efforts. With all the beautiful land their own, and the history of their country, it's a crying shame that so many corrupt individual control the wealth while the rest of the country suffers.

So the Federal Liberal party elected Stephane Dion as their next leader. Why?

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