Saturday, October 28, 2006

Too funny..

I posted about a week ago about a conversation I had with my 22 month old son about his runny nose - asked him to get a kleenex from the bathroon and give it to his Mom so she could wipe his nose, but he got a kleenex, blew his own nose, then said "garbage" and but the kleenex in the garbage... so I figured we had it all figured out.

Today, I realized we do not.

We have some fine tuning to do.

The Happy Boy had a runny nose this afternoon, so I told him to get a kleenex, wipe his nose and put it in the garbage. Easy, eh? Well not so much. UrbanMummy and I watched the Happy Boy run out of our bedroom and into the bathroom. IT took some time, we figured he was blowing his nose, but when he finally emerged from the bathroom, we was shocked at what we saw, and then needed air, to stop from passing out laughing so hard.

You see, my son did what he was told to, but he missed the concept of "1" kleenex. He also needs so work distinguishing between "kleenex" and "toilet paper", as he walked down the hall with a whole role of toilet paper following behind him. Oy.

He must have just kept pulling on the TP until the roll ran out. One piece, eh? One "BIG" piece.

After the laughing stopped, I cleaned his nose then watched him shred the TP in the hall and try to throw it over the railing.

Too much.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things I am thinking of while procrastinating from studying for my exam at 9am tomorrow morning...

The Toronto Raptors are 7-0 in pre-season after adding a bunch of European players - unheard of in the NBA. I was excited about them anyways, and I like the coach, Sam Mitchell, and I really hate Vince Carter of the NJ Nets. Yay Raps.

Coca Cola Blak - a fusion of cola and coffee is scarily good. YUM. That cannot be a good thing for someone trying to lose weight and correct my back ailments like I am.

A regular caller to the all sports radio station the Fan590, named Philly Bob, is some clown who loves the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. Today, he called into the Fan and said he's love for the Flyers to play the Maple Leafs in their next 10 games so the Flyers could go 10-0 after firing their coach and GM. Hey Philly Bob... You are going to lose to the Thrashers tonight and really, I'd love for the Leafs to play your 1-6-1 team for 20 easy points. LOL. And I thought you knew hockey...

Quiz: What do the Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers share that no other NHL teams do???

Answer later on.

Evgeny Malkin in Pittsburgh... The Real Thing. Just like Alex Ovechkin, and Staal, Crosby, Vanek, Afinaganov, Wellwood, and all these fast, speedy creative kids who were too small to play or too creative for the clutch and hold NHL.

I believe it was me who claimed that the St. Louis Cardinals were going to win the World Series at the start of the season - my thoughts being that they lost last year and it was a total shock for them. Not so this year. They expect to win.

What is it about Dog the Bounty Hunter that I like? The premise behind the show, or am I just waiting for his wife to suffocate one show in her super cleavaged bosom. How she runs on that show is one of the 8 wonders of the world.

On that topic... There is a web-site looking for the true 7 wonders of the Modern World. They listed the top 100, I believe, and will unveil the results in 2007. Is it too late to submit a write-in??? I'd like to add the fact that people other than me read this blog as a real wonder. LOL. On that note, to all the readers, and those who enrich my life with your wonderful comments, I thank you and gladly add you on my sidebar for everyone to see. You are SpeakEasy / UrbanDaddy approved.

Am I really thinner if I weigh myself fully clothed at the end of the day, then re-record myself the next day in shorts and a T-shirt in the early morning before food? Which is my real weight? And for the many, except UrbanMummy, who look at me and are shocked at how much weight I "hide", thank you. I do hide it well, but that doesn't stop me from feeling huge! I would ALWAYS win prizes at the CNE or Wonderland or places like that where the "expert" guesses you weight. At the EX, I actually got a super-sized animal because the guesser was more than 50 pounds off on his guess. I gave him 3 tries? Do I really look to be 160 pounds? I was that weight at 13 years old. Geez. Kids.

Anyways, back to Segregated funds, or as UrbanMummy says, "Those funds relegated to the back of the bus, away from the mutual funds".

Answer to quiz:

Toronto Maple Leaves
Philadelphia Fliers

Get it? If not, email me.

The weekly results


exam tomorrow
exam monday
case study due Monday
Presentation due for class on Wednesday.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Large double double (really???)

I hate the Second Cup.

Their coffee is ALWAYS bitter... and at $2.07 for a large, they are another price increase away from bankruptcy. They never have the good flavours - Butter Pecan, Caramelo, or Cinnamon Hazelnut, out, just the crappy Irish Cream (barf).
So as a result... I'd rather walk the extra 8 blocks (even in the rain) to get a Tim Horton's or even the 4 blocks to Starbucks for a Cafe Americano.

My point???

UrbanMummy, when pregnant, loved the Frozen Hot Chocolates (now called skinny chocolate chillers) and as a result, I often went there alone, with her or with the Happy Boy to get her one, sometimes grabbing a cuppa bitterness for myself.

Now the Second Cup near us (on Avenue Road) has a really nice kid working there, with long hair and porkchop sideburns who marvelled one day at the Happy Boy's sign language and more recently his dancing to the live music and talking. A real cutie my boy is.

So would it come to anyone's surprise that tonight as I took the Happy Boy to Shoppers Drug Mart for more diapers, that upon running into this Second Cup employee (out of context, nonetheless) that my son would point at him and say, "Coffee".

Cute, eh?

But there is more.

He then said to him, "Large Double Double". Not once, but 4 times.

After we both chuckled about it, the 2nd Cup guy said, "Do you want a double espresso... ha ha ha", to which my son replied, "Happy Boy no coffee... Daddy coffee".

I love this kid.

Did I mention he learned to say "coffee" and "hockey" on the same day?!? That was a great day in his development.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

... and I ran. I ran so far away...

Ran 2.2 km in 18 minutes.

Filled up my car at 76.9.

Read 2 chapters of Organizational Behaviour text.

Started my essay.

Took the Second child for his first walk - 30 minutes up and down Avenue Road.

Burped the baby, like 25 times.

Was spit up on twice...

All in a days work.

Some numbers to play 649 with...


More next week.

A huge sigh of relief...

After the circumcision, the moyle (Pediatrician who performed the circumcision) wanted to follow up and make sure the bleeding had stopped and that the child was ok.

Upon looking at his "work", he uttered the following word...


Music to my ears.

The man does circumcisions and likes to admire his work and uses a word like that.


a True Professional!!!

Thank you Dr. Greenberg.

(and no, there are no more kids coming).


Monday, October 16, 2006

This actually happened.

I looked at the Happy Boy yesterday and his nose was running. I was holding the baby and wanted his nose cleaned before it ran into his mouth, so I asked him to go find his Mummy and tall her that his nose was dirty.

What did my little boy do???

Turned and ran into the bathroom, yelling "kleenex, kleenex".

Walked out kleenex in hand and proceeded to blow his nose.

After blowing, use the kleenex to wipe his face.

then turned and ran back into the bathroom, yelling "garbage, garbage".

Out came my boy with a clean nose!

When did he grow up!??!?!?!?!?


Baby's bris is in just under 7 hours... I'm really nervous. Poor kid.

We are expecting a full house tomorrow, loads of family and friends coming by. That should be nice. A few drop-outs during the day, are hopefully only going to miss a nice meal and some shnapps first thing in the morning. :)

Well, off to bed. Hopefully a few hours sleep, then it's game on!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

So long as he eats... I guess...

With the new baby taking all the attention of Urban Mummy, and me being on paid leave to take care of baby, Happy Boy and Urban Mummy, it was time for me to step up and take care of some of the feeding.

I made yogurt and pancakes for breakfast for the Happy Boy - he ate his yogurt, nothing else.

For lunch I gave him some fish, rice with spinach, red peppers, carrots and green beans - which he normally loves - but barely ate...

So for dinner, I smacked together the following combination, which he LOVED.

1) Cottage Cheese - one of his favourite foods. He ate a lot, like a cup full
2) Red Peppers - he ate some, only after dipping them in the cottage cheese
3) Green Beans - only after dipping them in the cottage chesse - then once he got bored with them, he started feeding them to the kitten.
4) Left-over pancake - only 2 pieces, mind you, and only after he dipped them in the cottage cheese
5) Flax cereal with 1% milk - which I was going to share with the Happy Boy until he sneezed right into the bowl as soon as I gave it to him. Not good enough for me to eat, but okay for him. It's his nose-germs, right?

Then after drinking a lot of the milk from the ceareal bowl, my son decided he wanted tomatoes (the mini-cherry ones I grew in the garden). I gave him 5 mini-tomatoes, and one by one he put them in the cereal bowl, then sucked them back by spoon.


Tomatoes in milk.

So long as he eats, I guess.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I don't remember...

The Happy Boy trying to roll over at 4 days old, like the new baby does...

The Happy Boy smiling at me at 4 days old (eventhough UrbanMummy insists it is just gas)...

The Happy Boy breastfeeding so well...

Having so much food in the fridge and freezer...

The belly-button cord stinking so horribly as it rots and falls off. UGH.

Anyone being so kind as to bring by bran muffins for UrbanMummy for after birth issues. Our neighbours and friends brought by a batch of them - still warm - and they were "warmly" received. From this day forth, we will try to so the same for new Moms. What a thoughful, caring gesture...

So many offers of "anything we need, anytime", from so many friends, families and fellow bloggers. For example, the fabulous and talented Haley-O of has offered no less than 4 times. She rocks! Once she de-toxes, I see a coffee visit, since I am off work for the next 3 months...

UrbanMummy being so proud about something she has accomplished (since making it down the aisle). She was AWESOME! The next day she was up and walking around. This woman ran a marathon and came out on top. She worked hard this pregnancy to make sure the birth was not as complicated as the Happy Boy's and because of her determination, it was no where near as difficult. Way to go UM!!! I'm so proud of you...

Caring so little about what is going on at the office...

Getting back in touch with so many people that I lost touch with since the Happy Boy was born...

Just being so damn happy and stressed at the same time!

Thank you everyone for the kind wishes.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


2 days since baby....

4 hours sleep total.

Was it this tiring with the first one??? I don't remember... and quite frankly, don't care.

Bring on the bris!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

It's a BOY!!!!

Press release:

October 8, 2006.

9:49pm. Weighing in at 9 pounds and 4 ounces.

Baby UrbanMummy and UnbanDaddy. Brother to the Happy Boy.

Both mummy and baby are doing fine - in the friendly confines of our home, where the baby was born.

More details to follow.

Daddy (with 1 1/2 hours of sleep) is over the moon.

Bye Bye work. :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Newsday #4

Some news headlines that tweaked my interest...

TORONTO (CP) - Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., the romance-novel subsidiary of Torstar Corp., is cutting four per cent of its workforce as part of restructuring aimed at saving $3 million a year. Yikes. Good thing neither my sister, nor mother read this blog... They'd be devastated. They live on these stupid, trashy romance novels.

Training camp opens for... Basketball!!! With all the talk about the 2nd place Blue Jays going away once the Maple Leafs opened training camp and prepared for the start of the regular season, it seems rather ominous that the Raptors begin training camp today and not too much press comes with it. It's not like my beloved Leafs are in contention to win the cup... They might not even make the playoffs. The Raptors, on the other hand, were even worse last year, but this year are loaded with optimism. New GM, new players, same coach, that I actually like, and a bunch of players who have won championships... Either they will flop, or they will surprise. GO RAPS!

'Trailer Park Boys' ready to hit silver screen - WHY?

Militant members of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party threatened Tuesday to kill senior leaders of the governing Hamas movement - Again, why??? Can't they all just get along? Work towards peace on their own instead of relying on the world to give them handouts because some how, some crackpot, is going to blames this on the Israelis. Mel??? Where are you?

Iran has suggested that France monitor its nuclear programme, by setting up a nuclear fuel consortium inside Iran - Oh, thank goodness. I do NOT trust the Iranians... Holocaust deniers that they are, but the French... Wait... Who the hell can trust the French?!? Figures. A match made in heaven... Or hell. France's response... Surprise. Kind of in the "who us???" way. Later in the day they said "no". Smart. Surprisingly smart.

A decade before Belinda Stronach met Tie Domi, she had an affair with another ex-Maple Leaf, Jerome Dupont, his ex-wife says - LOL. Jerome Dupont?!?! Give me a break. Now EVERYONE is having affairs with Belinda. Give me a break. Stick to famous people, please! LOL. Jerome Dupont. HA HA HA HA.

Two hijackers, of the Turkish Airlines flight forced to land in Italy, have surrendered and will ask for political asylum, an Italian police official said. They hijacked the plane as a protest to anti-Muslim suggestions from the Pope about the Muslim religion being a violent one. Obviously, these braintrusts thought the best way to protest was... Through violence. Where are the sane Muslims who should be coming forward in droves to put the rest of the world at ease? Burn an effigy of the Pope here, blow up a building there, set fire to a flag over here, put the bounty on the head of someone over there. Geez. I thought the comment that Muslims would topple and convert all Christians a little bit excessive, but apparently I was the only one. Sound like a little "Hitler-complex", no? Does anyone else not find it hypocritical that it's NOT okay to talk bad about Mohammed, but it IS ok to threaten the Pope???