Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is my 202nd post

Wow. Who would have thunk it?!?

So the trade deadline was a bust for the Leafs, so lets move on to something more timely.

My son. Linus.

He's a cutie. He's just over 3 years old... He's awesome.

Here is what happened on our walk over to his pre-school today:

He told me that he was tired (he used to say that all the time so I would carry him, or we would drive him) but he clarified his comment by stating that he was tired because he woke up very early and did not go back to bed... He should have.

Then he told me that he was hungry and he justified it by saying that he was hungry because he did not finish his breakfast this morning but instead he wanted to play and he should not have done that...


He gets it!

Of course this was the same kid that 2 days earlier had gotten himself and his brother dressed in jacket, boots, and hat and with the car keys he took out of the drawer, announced that he was taking Stewie with him outside... They were going shopping. Geez. And he didn't even ask me what I needed...

Yes, I admit it, I'm a geek...

Today at 3pm is the NHL trade deadline and I can't wait. It's one of the most exciting days in the entire hockey season and 2 days ago I was hoping - not praying - that the Toronto Maple Leafs would sell off every valuable asset and tank it for the rest of the season to get a high draft pick. But what does this ass-backwards franchise do??? First they give everyone a no-trade clause in their contracts, then when every player states they will stay with the team, it blows the chance of getting better players in line. Take Mats Sundin for example, one of the greatest Leafs of all-time. He's 36, or 37 and he is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year meaning he can choose to play with any team next season. So what he should have done was waive his no-trade clause, get trade for young players and draft picks, then in the off-season, re-sign with the Leafs (if he so desired). But nothing like that is going to happen now unless it was a ploy to get more from other teams (please may that be the case)

In other non-sports related news:

Stewie poo'd on the potty yesterday. Happily. Had his potty book, kept pressing the button which made the flushing sound, and away he went. Yay. That would be so much easier, considering the little dude is 16 months old! I welcome an end to diapers as we did with Linus at just over 2 1/2.

It's snowing outside... Again. Sigh. Or should I say, still.

I'm waiting for Linus to get dressed so we can walk to his pre-school in a few minutes. It used to be such a chore for him, all I would hear were cries of, "I'm tired, I don't want to go to that school, or I want to go home", but his Tuesday / Thursday school he gets Daddy in the morning and Mummy picks up and Thursday he gets either Gramma both ways or a combo of Mummy and Gramma. Fun, fun, fun!

Time to go!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday night is alright...

.. For heading out in the cold to downtown Toronto to hook up with a bunch of very cool bloggers for a few drinks, and that is exactly what UrbanMummy and I did last night.

Once we got home and settled down - sent the babysitters home - I wanted to track down the blogs of all these fun people I met and start reading but after a quick stop at facebook (sorry, hun) and my email, I got only to the first blog and was ready for some shut-eye. Today, on the other hand is a new day!

So let me briefly add some comments about last night...

The meet-up was scheduled for 7pm and we arrived fashionably late, just before 8pm. Ok, we were not trying to be late, we had to ensure the kids were in bed. In the car heading downtown, I asked UrbanMummy for a rundown of who was going to be there that I would know and who she would know, and I asked for a little bio, if possible. Her reply, that she didn't really think she knew anyone made me a touch nervous and a whole lot excited. I mean we all blog... How bad could it be, right???

We found the bar - stupid directions from Google maps were wrong, but UM is a human GPS so we were fine the location, parking and I even got a history lesson of the area. I grew up in the 'burbs so downtown to me has always been a whole lot of weird and crazy people just wandering around looking to get in trouble... I know it's not like that all the time, buy hey, I digress.

Once inside there were a few people scattered around and right inside the door was a group of about 8 women and one guy, and I leaned over and asked them if they are bloggers (how else do you ask that question?). They were and we got introduced, sat down and let the evening unfold.

We chatted, drank, told stories, talked about our kids, our gardens, and we laughed... and laughed and laughed. Did I mention there was some boob action going on every now and then? Something to do with a blogger called the Redneck Mommy... I'll have to check out her blog to see if our "contribution" made the list. LOL. We met up with Kgirl, whom I have been reading for a few years, and Denguy, whom I have never read, but we have - as it turns out - played ball-hockey against each other for years. I had a nice chat with b*babbler of blithelybabbling, and got a book to review from MetroMama. I know there were more, and I will add you guys to my blogroll as I take out some of the old links I do not go to, and add some new ones from last night.

All in all, I had a fab time and can't wait for the next get-together so I can talk to the rest of the group that were too far away to chat with. Be warned! LOL. I hope to get a listing of the bloggers that were there last night and I look forward to some new reading material.

P.S. I hope that CAA arrived sooner rather than later for our poor out of city bloggers, and that the bill got covered in full...

Send pics!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank you

For the very kind birthday wishes, the facebook greetings, the phone calls and the yo, dude, happy birthday man... You look great for 40. (I'm not. Not for a few years now, thank you).

Thank you wife and children for the awesome tickets to We Will Rock You... I CAN'T wait!!!

Thank you to my work colleagues for making me pay for my own coffee that day and for my lunch. ;)

Thank you to my mother and sister for the underwear (not just for Hanukkah, I guess), tea and token money.

Thank you to my in-laws for dinner, more token money and for having your daughter.

It was a fun day, I had a great time! I really hope my kids grow up to be close to each other.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Re-introducing the UrbanDaddy family...

First, I need to steal a great post from my wife's blog (with permission).

"For future reference, we are now referring to The Happy Boy as Linus.
The similarities are striking.

Let’s take note:
Though young, Linus is unusually smart.
Everyone likes to think their child is smart. I don’t know if my Happy Boy is unusually smart, but he does have very strong language skills (often using words like actually, & similar). He makes interesting connections, and has a fabulous memory. He hasn’t quoted philosophers or found the Great Pumpkin yet, but he is just 3!

Linus is almost never without his blue blanket.

Well, in our case, it is striped. And we don’t let it out of the house, although, if we did, believe me, it would be with him everywhere. And like Linus’ blanket, Blankie has magical powers. If The Happy Boy falls and hurts himself, blankie makes the pain feel better. If The Happy Boy is scared, Blankie makes him feel less so.

The younger one, the one formerly known as The Weed, in future to be referred to as Stewie. Yes, him:

He’s a character and a half. He’s stubborn, he’s tough and I swear he's trying to kill us. He's very on the ball, he's very bright and has been known to mutter obscenities in a British accent. No. That last bit I made up.

But this is my family. For better stories, go to visit UrbanMummy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The stress that is Valentine's Day...

I know it's just one day in a year and I know that if you need to make a grand gesture on this day and not all others, you're probably in deep shit with your wife, but still... It's an important day but not for the reasons you may think. You see Valentine's day, with children, is all about showing their mother that they think of her this day and that they love her, on February 14th. Sure she needs something from her husband too, but really, a guy could go nuts and buy a ton of expensive, beautiful stuff, but that handmade card with the baby's hand print on it is what makes her day... no?

Here is my story.

My wife, UrbanMummy... according to www.helpaguybuy.com, is a DIY mom. DIY, of course, meaning do it yourself. By definition that means the following;
She can make her own jewelry, design a room, and make a handmade gift, all while her oil painting is drying in the corner. The DIY Gal enjoys eclectic music, funky art and curious collections. She can scrapbook with the best of them and has a sense of style and taste that is uniquely her. The DIY Gal may also bring her inspiration to the kitchen where she enjoys making homemade breads, cakes and delicious dishes for her family.

Yup, that's her. So what does this site of sites (sponsored by WalMart) recommend I buy for her this wonderful Valentine's day???

Well, this... A robe, pink iPod, or a digital camera, heart pendant, heart paperweight... and the list goes on. But here is the problem, and I'm hoping UM reads this after I have given her gifts tomorrow... She has all that stuff. We just bought her a new laptop... She has enough jewellery (that may be up for debate) to go out for 2 months without repeating the same piece(s), she has a video iPod, we have a nice digital camera. She doesn't like (read: hates) dust collectors... So what to get her.

Well, how about the same as I get her every year.

A bouquet of flowers, not roses (she dislikes them), but real flowers like the ones you draw. If they have a calalily, I'll toss a few in too (her favourite flower). Dark chocolate from me, and from the kids. This woman I married almost 7 years ago LOVES her chocolate, and she's still breast-feeding so she NEEDS it.. Right dear. :) Jewellery is going to be left aside this time around because I found something I want to buy her, but I have to save up my loonies and toonies and pick it up for her birthday, in a few months instead. For dinner, I think it will be fondue. This Valentine's Day is also going to be big in the homemade cards and stuff, cause I know she loves that, and well, pretty much that is good enough reason for us to do it for her. I mean, unless I'm reading this holiday wrong, it's not about accumulating possessions, isn't that for Mother's Day, birthday's, Hanukkah / Christmas, Anniversary... Need I go on?!?

Honey, I love you.

If you hate the gift we got you, please be kind in the comments. IF you love them, please be kind in the comments...

I have a foot massage with your name on it! Just say the word!

Anyways... According to some magazine or another, this is the ultimate list.

Gift Ideas for wife
Valentine poems
Earrings, celtic jewelry
Animated valentine cards
Bracelets, necklaces
Flower bulb, wild flower
Cappuccino mugs
Fur lamps - not real fur, that's cruel.
Scented candles
Victorian jewelry, antique jewelry
Personalized romance novel
Theme gift basket, candles
Erotic perfume - as opposed to non-erotic?!? Like what? Eau du Dog Pee?
Romantic gift baskets
Marriage, intimacy, private parts
Homemade gift
Bubble bath
Fitness tapes - Yikes! What does this tell her? Honey, I think your fat...
Hawaii vacation, surf - Clearly written by a woman!
Romantic spa, bath baskets
Erotic massage oils, sensual massage oils

Gift Ideas for Mummy
Soak in the bath
Time on her own
A week's worth of precooked food
Florida vacation - without kids?!? :)
Italian food - but not Indian, or Chinese, or Ethiopian...
Boyfriend - WTF?!? This must have been a typo...
A bottle of wine
Camping trip, barbecue
Chocolate candy
Beauty treatment
Spa gift certificate
Ultimate relaxation basket
Bracelets, necklaces
Silver jewelry, celtic jewelry
Designer perfume
Old fashioned candy
Candles, candle holders
Easy meals, brownies - Cause brownies are easy meals...
Handmade gifts, handmade jewelry

So pick a few from this list and you're on your way! No thanks needed, just send money. ;)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things on my mind today:

1. I think I need a reader to tell me who has new posts and a stat counter to tell me who, if anyone visits, and where they come from.

2. How can I be expected to apply for internal positions at my current employer if experience is needed that I do not have and probably will never get.

3. An older colleague that sits beside me in the office told me upon my return from the washroom that my, "blueberry" was ringing and beeping off the hook.

4. I have Toronto Rock lacrosse season tickets but so far cannot attend the first 2 games... There are only 8 games in the season...

5. I need a fancy header for my "Tuesday Newsday" blog feature (that I have not done in a while, mind you).

6. Make hockey more skilled by removing what they call, "finishing your check". Popping someone after they have passed the puck or along the boards is a penalty and should be called that way.

7. While I disagree with drug use in sports, remember that these performance enhancing drugs were not illegal at the time these guys were doing it. Was it wrong?!? Damn yes! Illegal, nope. We should pity those that abused it - they will regret it - and despise those that do it from this day forth.

8. Those kids that bring knives to school and those adult that stab people in places other than appendiges should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When someone gets stabbed in the neck, chest, back... they are being stabbed to kill them, not to send a message and this law should be black and white. Stab in a kill-zone and you go to jail for 15 years. Kill someone and its life. This way we can take the decision making out of the hands of judges and into the hands of doctors.

9. I don't mind snow, and I have no problems trudging to the office, but it really bugs me when people don't shoval their walks, or when neighbours shovel their sidewalk in front of their house but can't take the extra few seconds and shoval a path in front of their neighbours house so people like me don't have to walk knee-deep in snow on the way to the office / subway.

10. Why can't I find a good, honest, recruiter / head hunter???

11. After losing 8-0 to the Florida Panthers last night, is it not time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to trade and release absolutely everyone so they can tank the season and get a high draft pick??? Steve Stamkos would be quite the prize for stinking all season...

12. Why is a spelling bee, dog show or poker considered a sport and shown on a sports station??? Golf too, for that matter.

13. The Buffalo Bills are coming to Toronto for eight games over 5 years, 5 will be pre-season games. . Does anybody really care???

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another weekend screeches to a halt...

... and another super-busy week is about to begin, starting with cleaning the house so the Nanny doesn't think we are incapable of keeping the house clean on the weekends. We can't, but she doesn't need to know that. Like a friend of mine said Saturday night, he got in "trouble" from his wife for not cleaning the house for the cleaning lady. He said he wants a cleaning lady, not a tidying lady. It's so true! I know you would do it too... Don't lie. :)

So what kept us busy this weekend???

Friday night shabbot dinner seems so far away, but because of the storm that wrecked havoc in the Greater Toronto Area Friday (I was one of, less than 10 that made it into the office on Friday out of about 75), my mothersister stayed home and we ate with the kids, played, bathed and shucked them off to bed before 7:30. Whew. So far, so good.

Saturday we had after-nap plans with some friends to come to our place - was a lot of fun, we ran all the kiddies into the ground and off to sleep they went just past 8, and for the second night in a row, Linus slept in his bed almost all night. Thank goodness... His middle of the morning wake-ups were killing us.

Sunday saw another early rise, 6am, and we hung around the house both making a mess and cleaning it up. We got both kids dressed in snowpants, and took Stewie and Linus out for a tumble in the snow. First time for Stewie... He cried and cried until he realized he could eat the snow, and then he just sat there, middle of the lawn, eating a snowballs. We did, however make a giant snowman that Linus named, Aaron.

Then our friends came in from Burlington and off we walked to the in-laws for a super bowl party... Chili, wings, desserts, baked brie. Fun... Except for the BORING game. Well, most of it was boring. The ending was fun considering that UrbanMummy has a fair amount of family in the NY/NJ area and they are Giants fans, and there is a Canadian on the Giants roster (so I was told), I'm voting for the Giants. Go Giants.

What did you do???