Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You smell that???

Can you?

Maybe it's just a Toronto thing, maybe not. For the past couple weeks, when I walk from the house to the subway, I get overwhelmed with this horrible smell of, I think, garbage. It's really bad. I've had to hold me breath. Maybe some of my local blog buddies and bunnies can let me if they've noticed it too. Might be time to call the City Councillor - a friend - and see what can be done. I don't want to wish for summer to be over so I can breathe, but I might have to.

Who has gone to the CNE? I really wanted to get out to the EX this year, but I know that the UrbanMummy would never be able to trek around the grounds and doubt that the Happy Boy would like to walk through the buildings and watch Daddy rule the "Whap a Mole" game. I win EVERY time!!! Unless the game is fixed - and they usually are at the CNE. This is the same reason we didn't make it to the zoo this summer. :(

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