Monday, July 31, 2006

What a week...


I can't believe I made it through that week. It was hectic for sure, but man was it a blast.

I spent the whole week, every night until at least 2am, working on my essays, assignments, cases, quizzes, etc, and the marks were tremendous. Nothing lower that an 85. Actually scored 100% on a few of them. Nice.

My semester actually ended Friday at 3pm, which was the time I wanted to be at home to take Happy Boy to the park as the nanny was off all week and the amply-pregnant UrbanMummy was exhausted, hot and suffering from an achy back so she could not take him for the whole day. I submitted my final essay - all 19 pages of it, knowing it was not my best work, but received a note the next day from my Professor indicating that while not my best work, he found it worthy of a 91. Whew. Imagine if I started it earlier. LOL. I could have earned a 92... Or 85.

The week ended with us racing off to lovely Cambridge Ontario on the first leg of our Day out with Thomas, in St. Thomas for the Happy Boy. Needless to say it was HOT out there and when we travel it means no sleep or food for the Happy Boy, but man does he love running up and down the hallway of hotels. He even managed to open the hotel room door and run down the hall before either of us could believe he was able to do it. As I ran behind him, I could hear him giggling. I love that kid!!!

We raced to St. Thomas to get on the train before it left, and thanks to UrbanMummy for sitting in the backseat with Happy Boy so I could get us there on time (90KMs in less than an hour meant average speed of 150kms, sometimes 160, and oddly being passed every now and then. Whew did we fly.

The phenomon that is Thomas was quite fun, and I owe tons of thanks to UrbanMummy for planning the trip for all of us. She's really good at that. Like she could do it for a living. So we got on the train, scorching hot, and only one cabin had windows, and sit down at the end near the open door. Happy Boy is pouting and hot, UrbanMummy is hot, I'm hoping this ride is going to be fun and then the music starts and in between Happy Boy's cries of "No dadoo" (train) I see him making fists and dancing to the music, then as we get moving I see him waving to the people outside. I think he's liking it.

After the 1/2 hour ride, we walked through Thomas-ville taking pictures with some guy named Sir Topham Hat, drinking jumbo lemonade, walking through the all-Thomas-all-the-time gift tent, and stopping to watch the Lionel trains exhibit - which caught Happy Boy's fascination. We got the Happy boy a llama balloon animal and took pictures wherever we could. Then it was time to move on. Grabbed dinner and we to the park. Once at the park, Happy Boy wasted no time in taking off to the water play area. I steered him towards the jungle gym and he found his way at the top of the tallest, steepest slide I have ever seen for a child, and sure enough, he flew done it with screeching delight. "More", he said as he made his way again for Mummy to see. He loved it.

After sliding and playing he made his way to the water area and we ran around there and got him wet. From there, the car, and from the park to home in 1 hour and 10 minutes (instead of the expected 2 hours plus). :)

Some highlights from the weekend:

Happy Boy running from bed to bed at 2am to see Mummy and Daddy.
The exceptional service at Kelsey's in Cambridge. VERY child friendly and super-helpful.
The cries of "Thomassssss"
The cries of "Donkey" and "Llama" from the nursery that had some animals and butterflies. Hapy Boy actually touched a butterfly and loved how pretty they were.
The look on UrbanMummy's face at the end of the trip as she gave us the "I survived" face in the extreme heat. She's a trooper. Like when she was pregnant with the Happy Boy and led a group of us through a cave in Monaco, I believe. Whew. If it were me... I'd be home complaining.

But the weekend was a success! Fun had by all.

Monday began with an 8:30am appointment for a CT Scan, at the hospital, for my achy back. Cool machine. Quick test. Now it's on to the Chiropractor.

Thoughts full of 1st birthday wishes going out to neighbour and fellow-blogger The Cheaty Monkey on Monkey's special day. With so many kiddies in attendance, I hope Haley-O made it out alive. Looking for a future ost from her marking this event. (adjusted)

Just under 11 weeks until the arrival of Baby 2. Getting nervous??? Yup.

And the backyard landscaping project is coming to an end. Got all the monster tree stumps out and removed most of the brances. Gardener coming to remove the stumps and slap up a fence. Yay! Putting more sod down, and making more room for the Happy Boy to play, and hopefully keeping the racoons out. All this wear and tear on the back and bruises and mosquito bites had better be worth it. I feel like we've gained an extra 6 feet on the side and back of the yard.

For a full rundown of the Day out with Thomas, may I recommend the blog of a fellow blogger, and number one spouse, the talented, good-looking UrbanMummy, - who also seems to be on a free-stuff winning streak.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's only Monday a.k.a. Is he sleeping yet???


Day one with the Nanny on holiday and I thought the Happy Boy was exhausted enough to sleep by his bedtime, 7:30pm, but boy was I wrong.

You see this morning the Happy Boy woke up at 7am. Of course. I had the opportunity to sleep in today. I arranged to have Baby Proofers, come by to see how safe, or un-safe our house is for the Happy Boy, and the kitten. The earliest appointment they have is 10:30am. I start work at 8am, so I arranged to have them here for 10am. Happy boy ruined my sleeping plans.

So today, he went to camp with UrbanMummy, then after a short nap, went to the park with the lovely and talented Haley-O and her irrestible Cheaty Monkey. More running around, so you think he'd be tired, eh? Nope.

The Happy Boy probably couldn't sleep because he was having dreams of Monkey. You see the Momerazzi caught shocking picture of the Happy Boy kissing the Cheaty Monkey in the tunnel in the park. My little player. Then as Haley and Monkey were leaving, the Happy Boy started throwing kisses and saying "bye bye". Cutie.

So after dinner, outside for more fresh air, we come in and give the Happy Boy a bath, afterwhich he got some milk, 4 books and bed... where he proceeded to wail. We tried more books... Nope. More milk... Nope. He didn't eat dinner, so we offered him a lot of food, no dice. Since the UrbanMummy is suffering from a bad back, I took Happy Boy to the vet, grocery store, then to another grocery store, but as I left the driveway, I decided to drop him off at Gramma and Granpa's. They played with him until 10pm when I picked him up. He was tired. Still whiny, he got more milk, then right to bed. He has not budged. I'm going to check on him. BRB.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things SpeakEasy is up to right now

1. Trying to finish a 8000-12000 word essay focussing on Knowledge Management and Confidentiality within the Canadian Tax System... bu tomorrow.

2. Building a better wife... By that I mean making th most of every second I get to spend with UrbanMummy and letting her know how great she is. Hanging out with her tonight would be a great start.

3. Taking down and out the remaining cedars in the backyard of my house so that the gardener can come and put up a fence.

4. Cleaning out the "Red Room" in our house, which is going to be the Happy Boy's room once the new baby comes (in 3 months), but we need empty so we can get him used to it, slowly.

5. Organizing and taking inventory of our Scrapbook merchandise and Embellishments so we can bring the store back online or get the mready to be sold in another store

6. 9 Reports for management on my work files, due tomorrow.

7. Taking care of my sciatica, and that does not mean taking pills to make the pain less. I'm tired of not being able to put on my socks in pain. I'm only 35.

8. Cleaning out the garage. For a freezer coming soon, and to put the car in it. So much junk.

9. Getting ready to complete an exam this weekend

10. Looking at 2 businesses to begin in the spring, or next summer so I can leave my job and let UrbanMummy just worry about the kids and her video Ipod.

11. Get my bike tire fixed and actually use it so i can lose some unwanted baby-weight. If UrbanMummy can lose all, and more of her baby-weight, then so can I.

12. Socialize. It's been way too long for old friends and hopefully some new ones. Once the week is over, it should be time to be social again. I miss talking to adults.

13. Sleep. I'd love to. Just say when, dear.

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I want my money back...

... Because I can't get back the time I just wasted in an all-day team offsite for work.

Holy yawn-fest and a complete waste of time.

I knew it was going to suck when the agenda was sent to us at 5pm last night. Loads of notice, eh? Then I noticed that I was slotted in to present twice - 2 different topics and no time to prepare. So I grabbed the training manuals, took them home to review and then spent precious subway time, and morning cereal time reviewing them so I didn't appear like an ass in front of my superiors and colleagues.

The day was set to begin at 9:15am. We got there with coffee in hand at 9:10, and the room was pretty full. Impressive. But still we waited until 9:30 to being, which set us back 2 agenda items, and the day went downhill from there. By 2:45, the time for me to present my second topic (the first one was scrapped because the group manager had discussed it and I borought up my issues at that time, we were on the agenda item called for 11:30. Yikes. The day was set to end at 3:15. We ended at 3:45, basically ignoring all the rest of the actually important stuff. What even more odd, is that 2 people left the meeting at morning break, and never came back!??! Yikes.

The 2 facilitators were quite unique in their own right... One, my boss, was articulate, funny, sure he goes off track a lot, but he makes his point and he makes it clearly. The other... yikes... He is the King of the false starts. He begins a sentence then pauses as if he is now picturing in his mind which word goes best next. They after taking a route, he realizes what he is talking about, so he switches the conversation another direction, finally ending it on a completely different introduction. Its sad. I wants to smack him on the back and shout "spit it out!!!".

For example, "I think that we need... ahhh, should be focusing, on taking a different... er... Another course, or plan of action to resolve and clear up this, problem, which he have to focus on go come up with another solution by taking a different course of action...

Jumble like that. And he speaks really slowly, so you can tell he is totally doing that. And you manage, why???

So throughout the day him, and one of my peers, basically talked the mumbojumbo talk and confused the rest of us as to whether that was in fact English, or related to anything that we were discussing. It usually was not.

One funny thing did occur. If you see my previous "Stupid Sister" post, you will find this comment funny. One of the stupid sisters was in attendance and at one point during our sponsored lunch, she turned to the girl beside her, while chewing on a piece of cellery and said, "I wonder how they make the celery so crunchy?"
Yikes. But was very thought provoking as it made me wonder how infact they get the carrots to be do damn crunchy, and the broccoli so damn green??? It's a miracle!

So we ended the day having resolved not a thing. We are no closer to knowing what our new work plan will be, nor do I think anyone in management cares. After all it was management that got singled out in the press for being incompetant, not us. When our stats come up in 6 months and most of our team are still way out in left-field this will be why. They had a chance to set the recond straight and get us moving in the right direction but chose to not put in the effort, and it shows.

I actually had to mention to one of the facilitators that they should acknowledge the efforts of the 2 women colleagues who ordered, set up, brought in, then cleaned up lunch for us, as well as our group manager who paid for it, so at 2pm they decided to do it, and then at 2:20 and again at 3:30. Yikes.

When i met with them last week to discuss the agenda and help them set up the format, I told them how I thought it would be effectivly run and how to get the answers they needed while rolling everything out clearly and conceisly to the staff and they chose to take a different route. At least my way would not have resulted in all the staff betting on which of their peers were going to fall asleep first. I was wrong. One guy head-bobbed throughout the first 3 hours. It was that dry.

So back to work I went as if the day had not happened, although I feel like I wasted a full day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What are you thinking Shea...

In effort to attract more guys to my blog, I present the following post about a now former Toronto Blue Jay player (, a DH no less, named Shea Hillenbrand.

Turns out Shea, a early season hitter who tails off after like April, took some time off from the team so he and his wife could adopt a child - yay, Shea!

Then upon returning to the team 2 days ago he was not in the lineup, nor was he in the line-up tonight, so he refused to come to the dugout and made the following statement,
"I love my teammates here, but I'm waiting to be traded," Hillenbrand said during a profanity-filled tirade before the game. "I should have been traded two months ago."... "They wonder why they are not winning," Hillenbrand said. "It's the atmosphere."

So the Jays "designated him for assignment", meaning they have 10 days to release him, trade him or send him outright to the minors. Considering the Jays could use a shortstop or pitcher, he might be marketable.

But for those who know me, and my love of playing sports and watching them, will know that there are a few things one can do in organized sports that REALLY pisses me off. Number 1, is quitting on a team. You just don't do that. Successful players and teams never quit. The Jays might be a better team now that this whiner is gone. If you quit, you will never lose that tag and there is no coming back. One season while running my ball-hockey team, I brought on 3 friends, of which only one was semi-good enough to play. Of the other 2, one was eager to learn and the other, well he ran a lot and sometimes remembered he was playing hockey and use his stick. Them one game late in the season this player tells me if he doesn't get more playing time he is going to run on the floor when we are winning a game and cause us to get a penalty for having too many players on the surface. Upon hearing that, I immediately asked him for his jersey and booted him off the team. Quitter. Was going to cause the penalty, then go home. No way.

So Shea, I know you a big reader of this blog, and I want to wish you and your wife a big hearty "Mazel Tov" on the adoption of your daughter and let you know that if you need help packing you shit up, I'll call 1-800-got-junk and help you get the fuck out of town.


The end is near...

I look at my blog daily and wonder why I don't have more comments, then I look at the postings and realize that my 3 semi-regular readers have already commented, and well, the rest is usually gibberish. I wouldn't comment.

Then a couple of days ago I thought that maybe a new post was in order. But when???

You see this week is the week from hell. Fortunatley, UrbanMummy has managed to lower her work load down to 2 essays left, but me?!? I had as of Tuesday 5 essays, a case study, a quiz and a journal assignment to hand in before my final paper and final exam this weekend.

It is now 9:25pm that I sit down beside UrbanMummy (who is watching her video Ipod and sleeping) after trying to dig up tree stumps from the backyard so the gardener can put a fence up, stressing over the only remaining item I have control over, that being my 8000-12000 word essay due, oh, yesterday, or last week or tomorrow... something like that. I got an extension from the professor as I was submitting 2 essays a day this past week, as well as assignments, quizes, cases, the whole sha-bang. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Then comes the kicker... Marks. Started coming in today. Essay 95%. Essay 95%. Quiz 100%. Case Study 100%. Essay 90%.

So now I think I can actually do this. I see the end, it is near, and I'm running for it full steam ahead. All I can say is thank goodness for the anti-inflamitory meds my doctor gave me for my back so I can have one temporary thing to worry about.

I'm actually presenting to 2 of our team at the office tomorrow and have not even looked at the material I am to be covering. Figure I'll have to present on the fly and give it all I've got. I have done it before and can do it again - keeps the dry materials interesting.

So off I go for a quick clean up shower, then back to essay-ville.

Nite all.

Urban Daddy

Friday, July 14, 2006

What's up with...

X-Ray Technician's?? Hello, insert personality here ---->.

So I went to the doctor this morning to discuss my still achy back, and the fact that now I'm in pain 100% of the day in my back and left leg, and after examining me, told me to be patient and keep stretching, oh, and take these pills.

She also set me for an x-ray and made an appointment for a CAT scan. (meow). So I gather up my stuff, make my way to the basement of the building and enter a waiting room full of no patients, 2 Russian x-ray tech's and a very grumpy receptionist. I stand at the front day while the receptionist grumbles at me, then after a BIG yawn, the male x-ray tech says to me, in the most bored tone ever, "Come with me please".

I follow him down a hallway, into a secret passage down another hall and into a small cubicle where I am supposed to disrobe (leave your underwear on) and put on this blue dirty looking robe with the opening in the back and follow me. So after undressing and trying to figure out why it is necessary for my ass to hang out, I walk into the main room where both tech's are playing with the laundry.

We go into the x-ray room and I go to sit on the table but realize that it is REALLY cold, and I have to lay on my back. Brrrr. So the x-ray guy tells me, like I'm a friggin moron, that I should have I tied up the back before walking out - because for those of you who have not met me, I have really long arms and can tie up 2 inch ties behind my back... Let the ass hang out.

So after becoming a contortionist for 15 minutes, he says to me, "Wait here while I check the pictures", to which I gleefully reply, "Okey-dokey... Take your time!!!" He was not amused and grunted something in return. Great, now he's going to give me extra harmful rays. I'll glow in the dark.

So once it was done, I was gathering my stuff and dropped my glasses, wallet and clothes on the floor, and since it hurt to bend over I figured Sergei would get it for me, but he just looked at me, and I had to bend over and pick them up.

I can only imagine an x-ray technician's party. They must be REALLY wild...

Hey... I can see your femur. lol.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another quick one....

Had to post this one too.

It's really close to home, I think.

Your Five Factor Personality Profile


You have medium extroversion.
You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party.
Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new social experiences.
But you also need to hibernate and enjoy your "down time."


You have medium conscientiousness.
You're generally good at balancing work and play.
When you need to buckle down, you can usually get tasks done.
But you've been known to goof off when you know you can get away with it.


You have high agreeableness.
You are easy to get along with, and you value harmony highly.
Helpful and generous, you are willing to compromise with almost anyone.
You give people the benefit of the doubt and don't mind giving someone a second chance.


You have low neuroticism.
You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.
Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.
Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is medium.
You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.
But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.
You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.

How do you live your life?

Thank you to the beautiful and talented Urban Mummy for this site, as I always find these little quizzes not only best reflect the person that is
UrbanDaddy / Speakeasy, but also act as a perfect distraction from all the essays, assignments, case study's and quizzes that are coming due by the second.

So this is me...

How You Life Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.
You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Nice weekend before the week from hell begins

I don't know where to begin. Maybe Thursday. After I posted my Thursday 13, I somehow managed to screw up my HTML coding and as a result, sent the layout of my blog spiraling into disarray and I don't even know how to fix it. I asked UrbanMummy for her thoughts (she is awesome with computers but HATED that I referred to her as a cyber geek, but I cannot think of a better term to describe someone who knows as much as she does, or enjoys computers as much as she does) and she basically said, "Yup. Your blog is fucked". Whew. No shit, Sherlock. But I knew she wouldn't have time to fix it for me. She's really busy. Well, she's always really busy. So I asked super freak, from Angela's Magic Carpet Ride and she responded in pretty much the same manner. I know, she will be able to help me out of this mess. One day. If she ever comes back to work. So every time I look at my blog, I worry that my 3 regular readers will think I know nothing about HTML, well that would be right! So there!

The rest of Thursday was spent selling our scrapbooking supplies (embellishments mostly)from our home-based online business at a warehouse sale of one of our suppliers. Didn't make much money at all over the 4 days, but the networking was GREAT. Loads of potential. Fortunately, I was "ill" that day and had time off work to attend the sale. My first sick day in a long time! On Friday and Saturday we had another store managing our goods for us.

Friday is always busy because after work we have my mother and sister over for Friday night dinner. UrbanMummy went all out and had this awesome BBQ meal set up for me to cook including tons of fresh veggies and burgers. Actually, the Happy Boy had his first sampling of beef burgers and at 18 months, ate almost 1/4 burger, if memory serves me right. That made me very happy. After dinner Urban Mummy and I went to the bedroom and proceeded to get cracking on our homework. Sigh. I have a case study, quiz, assignment and essay due on the 10th (today) as well as a major 12000 word essay and exam due in 2 weeks. Urban Mummy??? 3 papers all due this week. The problem lies in the fact that Urban Mummy and stress do not mix well. They are quite the volatile pair, even more so considering she is 6 months pregnant feeling like she is 16 months pregnant.

So our busy weekend went like this...

Saturday we went to Urban Mummy's parents cottage for their 40th Anniversary party. A party which they threw for themselves, and invited no family except us. At first they advised us to basically keep Happy Boy in one place and keep his toys neat so as to not disturb the rest of the party-goers but I spoke up and said if that is the way it is going to be then we are not going. The stance was later explained to me as being uttered in error. Nice.

So up we go to the cottage, Happy Boy was without a nap and pretty cranky, and there were a lot of people we did not know, in a cottage that is far from baby-proof (Urban Mummy's mother - lets call her OC for obsessive compulsive) would rather fill the cottage with knick-knacks expecting others to gawk over them, then have the crap put away so Happy Boy would be safe. As a result we have to watch him carefully every moment he is inside, and of course being a waterfront cottage, every moment he is outside too. A LOT of work. To top things off, OC NEVER has food Urban Mummy will eat. It's like she "forgets" about what Urban Mummy likes and dislikes. This party was the same. More stress.

So we came back from the cottage Saturday night about 9:30, put Happy Boy into his crib, then came into our bedroom and... You guessed it... Homework. Bedtime for me was 2am.

Sunday morning saw a very stressed out Urban Mummy clean up sections of out house (we moved 6 months ago and have not fully unpacked - drives both of us crazy). From there, we went to the Yonge Street festival with Happy Boy and watched the performers, ate food and Urban Mummy had her Second Cup Frozen Hot Chocolate (now called a Chocolate Chiller). We bumped into our neighbour and her always happy son, and the 5 of us made our way up the street to various parts of the festival. It was hot and all Happy Boy wanted was to go "down", and then once he realized he wasn't going down, he laid back and wanted to nap.

We went home after a few hours there and I put Happy Boy and Urban Mummy for naps and went back to the warehouse sale for a couple hours. Picked up our stuff and headed back to the house. Unloaded, then waited for the babysitter (my Mom) to show up so we could go run a few more errands, one of which was buying corn at our former Dominion (we used to live 3 houses from this store) for dinner, and as soon as we walk inside, who do I spot, but Haley-O from The Cheaty Monkey. I pulled Urban Mummy aside to confirm with her this was in fact the much sought-after Haley before I said something (which I was going to anyways) but with super-hero like hearing, Haley came over to us instead. I immediately realized that she is much cuter in person than the pictures on her blog, and she is REALLY nice. Her daughter, if you have seen some of the many pics on Haley's blog is adorable too, and at just 6 months younger than my boy... Hmmmm.

I like friendly local bloggers. Now I know 3 of them.

So Urban Mummy and I ran out to do our errands, back home for BBQ dinner with a friend of hers and her son, and next thing you know it's 9pm and way past Happy Boy's bedtime. So it's off for a bath, then to the bedroom for... Yup. Homework. Worked until almost 1am. Sigh.

This week is going to be the week from hell.

Update: Fixed the HTML problem myself. Only took 2 hours. Made other small changes too. Weeeeeeeee.

Of note...

If you run the spell checker on your post, it will kick back the word "blog" as being wrong and offer to change it to "bloc", I guess as in bloq Quebecois, or bloc party. lol.

I know, eh? What the hell is a "blog".

Stupid program.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thirsday Thirteen

Thirteen Healthy Things you Can Do For Yourself Today

1. Go for a nice walk
2. Drink 6-8 glasses of water
3. Take long deep breaths to relax
4. Don't piss off your significant other
5. Spend productive time with your children (or immature friends if you have none, :))
6. Lift some soup cans and wave them around like you are lifting weights
7. Call someone who likes to hear from you
8. Get a good nights sleep
9. Take a nice relaxing bath and read a book
10. Call your Mom. She worries.
11. Complete a task that has been bugging you for a long time
12. Stretch - something. Anything.
13. Since you are reading this, you should post a response, then go to your inbox and clear out a bunch of messages.

Sleep tight.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Could you share the damn sidewalk, please.

As I probably already mentioned, I walk to the subway from my house in the morning on my way to work. It's a 20 minute walk, and about 7 blocks. Normally I have to watch for cars at the 4-way stops who race through without stopping, and glare at me as I try to walk across the street, but in the last 2 days, my patience is wearing thin with people taking up the whole sidewalk.

Yesterday, a woman waiting for a ride was standing in the middle of the sidewalk... saw me coming towards her, but did not move. I ended up at the last minute veering around her, and grumbled under my breath. Thought i should have said something or walked into her. Sorry dear, this sidewalk does NOT belong to you and only you. Just today, there were kids getting into a minivan and a girl, about 13 standing there, obvioulsy not moving as I approached her. She was beside her car, door open, and I had to just brush by her, on their lawn while avoiding garbage cans. Again I cursed under my breath.

I also walked towards a couple and their dog, who took up the whole sidewalk. Did they switch to single file to let me pass? NO, I ended up on the grass again, grumbling.

And to make matters worse, I almost got hit by as woman in a car fixing her hair at a corner. She was looking to make a right turn, and was watching traffic on the left. I was coming from the right. You would think since she had almost hit 2 women walking across the street she would have looked my way before going but she did not. By the time she sped forward, I was 3/4's of the way past her car and had to jump forward to avoid her taking out my back leg as I walked. I was filled with rage at this incompetence, but without turning around, just shook my head in disgust and mae my way the next block to the office. Idiots. All of them. Inconsiderate. Maybe next time I'll speak up. Or not.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Toronto Maple Leafs, world cup and more...

So the Leafs signed Hal Gill, Pavol Kubina and Andrew Raycroft... I'm not sure what this means. They already have 2 good defensemen in Kaberle and McCabe, and a bunch of young up and comers like Harrison, White and Kronwall. How are the 4 going to split the ice time? McCabe and Kaberle will play 30 minutes a game, Gill and Kubina 20 minutes and the others 10 minutes? Doesn't make sense for development purposes, even if you develop to trade. But hey, I'm not the GM. If I was, Domi, Belak and Antropov would have been history last season.

As for Raycroft... why not. But why sign Aubin then. Where does that leave Tellqvist? Back on the farm?

As for the World Cup, I was very disappointed to see Italy advance to the finals. I don't like the way they play. They are dirty and dive a lot, and I pretty much only watch soccer during the world cup. But since they made it this far, i guess seeing a Portugal, Italy final would be great for this city considering the large population of Italian-Canadians and Potuguese-Canadians here. But who would I vote for them??? I love both communities. A draw, maybe? :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day

Hope all Canadians, and friends of Canadians everywhere got a chance to go out and celebrate Canada Day today as we did.

We went to Downsview Park for their "free" Canada Day celebrations. Yawn.

The web-site stated that things got rolling at 11am, when in fact the did at 10am. Not that it made much of a difference, but when you are awaken but happy boy at 6am, from his cries of OOO-EEEEEEEEE, for the crazy kitten, you want to get moving ASAP.

We got there just past 11am, all of us dressed in our red t-shirts and beige shorts, and had to pay $5.00 for parking. Had we known better we would have parked near the food building and not the midway, for free, and walked the extra 200 feet. They never told us about that. Anyways, the happy boy was too small for almost all the rides on the midway, and we were not paying $5.00 for a 2 minute spin on a train ride, so we headed over to the kids area. One the main stage was a children's group called Judy and David, I believe. They were fun. Happy boy danced to their music and sometimes he would make the motions they wanted the kids to make, but when there was no music he went nuts banging his head up and down to the hard rock music playing at the bar, behind the stage. I swear he likes that more. GOOD BOY!!! Looks like playing Rob Zombie for him is paying off. :)

We also made our way to where there was supposed to be a petting zoo, but it was not there "yet", although no one really knew where is was, or where is was supposed to be. Disappointing. Also disappointing was the craft area where all the kids were playing with clay - happy boy, again too young. So as it got hotter, we headed back to the car, the air conditioning and back home for Urban Mummy's own strawberry yogurt popsicles, and naps for all (except me - who blew up a pool for happy boy after his nap).

All in all, it was good to get out. Getting a lot of work / cleaning done in the house right now for Monday as we are having an impromptu potluck BBQ for friends and their kiddies. Love long weekends!!!