Saturday, October 28, 2006

Too funny..

I posted about a week ago about a conversation I had with my 22 month old son about his runny nose - asked him to get a kleenex from the bathroon and give it to his Mom so she could wipe his nose, but he got a kleenex, blew his own nose, then said "garbage" and but the kleenex in the garbage... so I figured we had it all figured out.

Today, I realized we do not.

We have some fine tuning to do.

The Happy Boy had a runny nose this afternoon, so I told him to get a kleenex, wipe his nose and put it in the garbage. Easy, eh? Well not so much. UrbanMummy and I watched the Happy Boy run out of our bedroom and into the bathroom. IT took some time, we figured he was blowing his nose, but when he finally emerged from the bathroom, we was shocked at what we saw, and then needed air, to stop from passing out laughing so hard.

You see, my son did what he was told to, but he missed the concept of "1" kleenex. He also needs so work distinguishing between "kleenex" and "toilet paper", as he walked down the hall with a whole role of toilet paper following behind him. Oy.

He must have just kept pulling on the TP until the roll ran out. One piece, eh? One "BIG" piece.

After the laughing stopped, I cleaned his nose then watched him shred the TP in the hall and try to throw it over the railing.

Too much.

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Haley-O said...

LOL! Too adorable!! ;)