Monday, October 09, 2006

It's a BOY!!!!

Press release:

October 8, 2006.

9:49pm. Weighing in at 9 pounds and 4 ounces.

Baby UrbanMummy and UnbanDaddy. Brother to the Happy Boy.

Both mummy and baby are doing fine - in the friendly confines of our home, where the baby was born.

More details to follow.

Daddy (with 1 1/2 hours of sleep) is over the moon.

Bye Bye work. :)


Haley-O said...

MAZEL TOV!!!!! Can't wait to meet the little one. Call/email if you need anything!!!! WOW!!!

penelopeto said...

So happy for you all - can't wait to hear more!
Mazel Tov!

Jeff said...

Congratulations! Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

(And yes, it was that tiring with the first one, you just forgot about it once Happy Boy smiled at you.)

Shroom-Monkey said...

Hoooray!!! Congrats!!!!

Jill said...