Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Newsday #1

Items in the news according to google.ca, and other important places, like my brain and my immagination:

1. Trish Stratus - retiring from the WWE this month - for real. Apparently she is getting married at the end of this month. For those of you who do not know who she is (UrbanMummy?!?) she is a Toronto born, former fitness model, turned professional wrestler, who was very successful in what she accomplished. She was a multiple time womans champion and often-injured as a result. She carried the womans division for years.

We'll miss you Trish!

2. US Sprinter Marion Jones second test for banned substances came back negative. Her first one was positive and like all cheating athletes, she had "no idea how banned substance wound up in her body". Yeah, right. My belief... Once a cheat, always a cheat.

3. Paris Hilton - NO NO NO! Your 15 minutes of fame are UP. You ARE the weakest link. GOOD-BYE!

4. Lindsy Lohan - sigh. Really friggin hot... well that was until she became (unexplicably) thin, in Nicole Ritchie proportions, died her hair black and started going out in public without underwear. For fucks sake, girlie... Do us all a favour. Leak the porn video and begone. See Item 3.

5. Me. With all this political talk heating up due to Municipal and Provincial elections and the Liberal Party leadership search, I have decided to slowly unveil my campaign promises as I prepare for my destiny to one day be the Prime Minister of Canada. Todays issue: Grafitti. The way I would deal with grafitti is to find out who is defacing (they call it "tagging") public property, and have the authorities do the same to their house and all their prized possessions. Don't like it much do you?!?

6. George Bush has secret CIA prisons. Really? Can we be sure? He's not the brightest bulb in the lamp. If they do exist, who is really there? "terrorists"? and if so, and I really HATE terrorists, should these people not have the right to actually be held for something. If it is purely speculation, let them go, but watch them like hawks.

7. Israel said it lifted its nearly two-month-long air blockade of Lebanon but kept its naval blockade in place until international forces can take over. Please, I beg the leadership in Lebanon, do whatever you can to keep Hezbollah and Syrai out of your country. You deserve to live in peace too. Try it, you might like it.

8. Just what the world was waiting for... The first multimedia BlackBerry (called the Pearl) plays music, takes photos, and still handles e-mail with aplomb. I give it 2 months and the UrbanMummy will be wanting one. She is a technology junkie.

More next week.

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Angela said...

Out of Trish Stratus, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan...Trish has the best personality hands down. She's very sweet and down to earth, no pretention or celebrity syndrome with her. Must be because she's Canadian!