Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Boy

Some Happy Boy musings...

In the past few days he has taken to pointing at my stomach and saying, with great enthusiasm; "BIG Daddy". The more we laugh, the more he tries to stress "BIG" in that phrase.

I like to reply with; "Little Happy Boy".

He loves it.

Months and months ago UrbanMummy bought almond butter at, like $17.99, for the Happy Boy. He didn't like it. I think he got a piece of toast with a very tiny dab on it and he did not like it... So we used almost the rest of the jar in a very yummy dish. Well be damned, the other day he pointed at my sandwich and said "Happyboy, Eat", so I gave him another bite, then a piece.

Sure enough he ate the rest of the piece in the bathtub and even asked for more. Too bad we all but finished the jar.

More musings to come. :)

1 comment:

Angela said...

Happy Boy is the bestest cutest baby ever!!! You and UrbanMummy rock!!! :-)