Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday 13 repost from August 2012: Things that Bug me!

Have you noticed that it is usually easier to come up with a list of 13 things that bug the crap out of you than it is to do the same type of list about things that you like, or that make you happy? Parents... Not so easy right? I mean once you get past the obvious, like more sleep, or some sleep, or having your kids clean their rooms... It's not so easy.

But with that being said, here are the 13 Things that bug the crap out of me today - and probably every day;

13. Drivers who do not signal! – Do they not realize that by not indicating which way they are going they can cause accidents like the idiot driver who made a right turn on to the street I was driving along. That right turn cut off a car coming through the intersection and that dumb ass, clearly frustrated, just pulled into my lane to go around this car. Problem is that I was there. I swerved, she quickly zipped into the oncoming traffic and made a quick left off the street (again without signalling).

12. Lack of feedback – in work, play and in life. The world would be a better place if everyone spoke their mind and helped others succeed instead of surprising them with bad news. Would you not want that same courtesy extended to you? For sure!

11. Judging a book by its cover – I’ve done it and been shocked at how stupid that was. Give people a chance and let them show you what they can do. This leads into the next point…

10. Listening to others without making your own judgement – Another faux pas. I have always taken into consideration feedback from others but never used that to formulate a decision about others. Especially in a work environment, I have found that those folks who others need to "warn" me about - the ones described as “loners”, “troublemakers” or as "strange" usually have as much to offer if not more than others but no one gives them a chance…

9. Pretentiousness - I see the Lululemon pants, and the skin and bones and I know when I see people walk around with their noses in the air that they are doing so to shelter themselves from having real conversations with real people. Yes you may drive a nicer car, have more money, richer parents, wear trendier clothes, but the only people who think you are the cat’s meow are those who look, dress and act just like you. The rest of us wish you would get real, eat some food and stop being so unhappy…

8. How the pump at the gas station reads "pump is ready" but when I squeeze the handle I do not get gas, instead the pump clicks. Then I have to wait 5-10 seconds until it is ready. Is it so damn hard to program a pump to tell me it's ready when it really is ready?!?

7. How creativity comes and goes – One week I post 3 articles and stick 7 in the draft folder and some weeks I’ve got nothing. What’s up with that?

6. Why in the world are people unable to utter the words, “Excuse me". This one I don’t get… I’m walking in a mall, or store and I’m carrying a basket and a child and out from an aisle walks someone right in front of me that it almost knocks me over. No excuse me. No sorry. Where has etiquette gone? No app for that??? for kicks if I'm blocking someone and I know they want to get buy and they are trying their hardest to squeeze by me, I won't move until they say those magic words.

5. Cutting me off in traffic then slowing down – Another pet peeve. Me, on the road and very few other cars around when all of a sudden speedy Gonzalez comes up the rear, cuts infront of me, then slows down back to the speed limit. Would it have killed them to pull in behind me? Odds are I’m already speeding (slightly).

4. Tailing me in the diamond lane when I’m doing 120km/h – It’s the diamond / carpool lane and there are specific spots to enter and exit it. I’m doing 120km/hour and I cannot leave the lane so back the fuck up and stop sitting on my bumper. Where do you want me to go??? These types of drivers are the same who pull to the left to look around me because they think I’m happy doing 20 under the speed limit.

3. I told you so people – Yes, telling someone to “Fuck Off” can cause problem for you down the road but having someone over your shoulder telling you “I told you so” is not going to help the situation. Please take comfort in knowing we both know it do don’t say it.

2. Those spots on my floor that creek and wake the kids – I have them, you have them, they’re the spots on the floor that creak when I’m tip toeing around at 2am checking on my kids. One creek and the kids are up and yelling, waking up the rest of the house.

1. Back fat – This one pretty much explains itself. but I saw a security video clip of myself and while I’m coming to grips quickly on the lack of hair the back fat caught me by surprise and was utterly gross. UGH.

So what bugs you today?

Friday, September 13, 2013

I have a story: A full circle Yom Kippur

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