Monday, September 11, 2006

Thoughts on this September 11th.


5 years.

Five long years since the most cowardly act in recent history, if not in all of history. An act that goes against the teachings of the Quran, which states you must give your enemy "warning" before taking actions. Thanks for the warnings guys.

I guess, if their intention was to "out" Muslim people and give all those racists yet another group to "hate", then mission accomplished. I guess in every religion there are the fanatics, they usually are described as being "extreme", and usually are on the "right wing", and somehow that gives legitimacy to these actions.

I mean lets face it... Take away all this religion bullshit and look at it from a global point of view. We all live on the planet earth. We are all humans. We all walk and talk and just want the opportunity to make something out of our lives without trouble. Would that not make us, members of the human race, and therefore all members of the same race???

I mean, really, toss aside your Quran, Bible, Torah, etc., look at the person next to you and realize that we are all in this together. Just like I don't want to be forced to practice your "religion", I wont do the same to you. If I wanted to be whatever you are, I would do it. I would learn about it and study it.

Maybe we need to just look at this whole 9/11 tragedy differently. We value life, and these people who thought up this evil act don't. We understand that once your gone, your gone, yet some people don't. I think these "martyrs" need to have a reality check, and as a result, I am proposing that any individual who kills themselves and takes an innocent person with them shall be denied the 72 virgins and be forced to have to listen to country music 24 hours a day for the rest of their lives.

I shudder at that thought.

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