Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I'd like to do, if I had time

1. Lose weight
2. Learn to play guitar
3. Get moving on my promotional business... Time is money
4. Complete an inventory for our Craft business and get moving on the new business with our colleague
5. fix my computer or Ipod once and for all so I can listen to good music and not the same tunes over and over again for 6 months as I've been doing.
6. Find a way to strengthen the bond I share with UrbanMummy so she knows without a shadow of doubt that I'm her rock.
7. Take cooking classes
8. Get a "Big Boy" job, one where all my hard work, communication and insight are actually listened to and used to make the business more successful.
9. Take up a sport that wont kill me, like running, or ball-hockey again
10. Improve and upgrade my friends. I have some ok ones, but most of them, quite frankly bore me. Although I have 2 good friends that I have recently began hanging out with that I find very interesting and don't bring baggage.
11. Find an activity that UrbanMummy and I can really get into together and do for fun, like a craft, or sport or something along that vein.
12. Get our house all sorted out, organized, painted, and quite frankly looking like a house that adults live in, not renters with children and cats.
13. Get a short term promotion, or pass a competition at work to show all the clowns I work for that I actually do know more then they do, by dong an awesome job... Then leave for another job in the private sector.

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Haley-O said...

Great list, Urban Daddy! As for an activity you and Naomi can do together: a friend of mine used to do ceramic painting with her (ex) boyfriend all the time. They loved it.... they went somewhere to do it. So, it's an activity that may have to wait till the new baby's ready for a babysitter. But, it's kinda cool!

penelopeto said...

Good list, and good luck. I'm always trying to find 'activities' for me and chris to do together, but we are so busy/tired right now that just hangin' in the same room or going for a walk seems like an accomplishment!
plus, he would never do most of the things I suggest.

shroom-monkey said...

nooo A quality sport would be roller derby! that would kick ass!!!! you can work up a sweat, stay in shape, work off some aggression and wear really hot sexy gear- with your name printed on the butt... think about it...

crazymumma said...

Good list. How about boxing? Really, it is a great sport, a challenging activity and thoroughly humiliating. Plus you will get into kick ass shape.

SpeakEasy said...

Haley - Ceramic painting, eh? Not sure that works for me unless it allows for physical contact, but crafts are something to consider - thanks for the suggestion.

Penelope - We have the same problem. I'm an active sports guy (or was until the recent injury) and she is the crafty one.

Shroomie - Roller derby!!! Nice choice. Not sure if there are any "recreational" leagues in Toronto, we might have to come down to Georgia again to give it a whirl. I used to love watching it on TV.