Friday, April 25, 2014

Korn - Spike In My Veins Official Music Video, Featuring Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

I came across this video by pure accident and I like the song and found it interesting that our Mayor, Rob Ford was featured quite a bit in this video.  I mean sure he's the mayor of the 5th largest city in North America, but this video features Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin, Miley Cyrus, Edward Snowblen, Ellen, Chris Christie and a host of other characters.

Yes, he looks like a fool in the clips and yes, he's acted like a fool in real life, but I've actually spoken to the man and he's a great down-to-earth guy who would do anything for the citizens of Toronto.  My friend has met and hung out with him many times and has commented about how great he is and how people love him. 

Nonetheless... He's in the video and we know gets lots to eat at home...


Would you like to order in tonight, or eat out.  LOL.  

Are Your Family Conversations Just Like Ours? I Somehow Doubt It.

I’ve always wondered if other families have the same conversations that we do at the dinner table. Take last night for example.
I brought up the fact that I caught a glimpse of Avril Lavigne’s new song and video called “Hello Kitty.” I thought the video was terrible but the song was worse so I turned it off after about a minute. I guess after watching a nude Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball, how could I possibly compare…
My daughter then piped up with this; “Mummy. Can I have a Hello Kitty costume?”
Hello... Kitty“Sure” was the reply, “If one exists.”
“YAY!!!” she screamed.
“… and I want a Kane costume too. I’ll be you didn’t think I was going to ask for one of those, eh, Daddy? Kane’s my FAVOURITE wrestler. He waves his arms and sets fire to things.”
Kane, aka the Devil's favourite stepchild
In a world of princesses, my princess is Princess Leia.
In a world of princesses, my kid wants to be Kane.
She’s cool.