Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Newsday #4

Some news headlines that tweaked my interest...

TORONTO (CP) - Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., the romance-novel subsidiary of Torstar Corp., is cutting four per cent of its workforce as part of restructuring aimed at saving $3 million a year. Yikes. Good thing neither my sister, nor mother read this blog... They'd be devastated. They live on these stupid, trashy romance novels.

Training camp opens for... Basketball!!! With all the talk about the 2nd place Blue Jays going away once the Maple Leafs opened training camp and prepared for the start of the regular season, it seems rather ominous that the Raptors begin training camp today and not too much press comes with it. It's not like my beloved Leafs are in contention to win the cup... They might not even make the playoffs. The Raptors, on the other hand, were even worse last year, but this year are loaded with optimism. New GM, new players, same coach, that I actually like, and a bunch of players who have won championships... Either they will flop, or they will surprise. GO RAPS!

'Trailer Park Boys' ready to hit silver screen - WHY?

Militant members of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party threatened Tuesday to kill senior leaders of the governing Hamas movement - Again, why??? Can't they all just get along? Work towards peace on their own instead of relying on the world to give them handouts because some how, some crackpot, is going to blames this on the Israelis. Mel??? Where are you?

Iran has suggested that France monitor its nuclear programme, by setting up a nuclear fuel consortium inside Iran - Oh, thank goodness. I do NOT trust the Iranians... Holocaust deniers that they are, but the French... Wait... Who the hell can trust the French?!? Figures. A match made in heaven... Or hell. France's response... Surprise. Kind of in the "who us???" way. Later in the day they said "no". Smart. Surprisingly smart.

A decade before Belinda Stronach met Tie Domi, she had an affair with another ex-Maple Leaf, Jerome Dupont, his ex-wife says - LOL. Jerome Dupont?!?! Give me a break. Now EVERYONE is having affairs with Belinda. Give me a break. Stick to famous people, please! LOL. Jerome Dupont. HA HA HA HA.

Two hijackers, of the Turkish Airlines flight forced to land in Italy, have surrendered and will ask for political asylum, an Italian police official said. They hijacked the plane as a protest to anti-Muslim suggestions from the Pope about the Muslim religion being a violent one. Obviously, these braintrusts thought the best way to protest was... Through violence. Where are the sane Muslims who should be coming forward in droves to put the rest of the world at ease? Burn an effigy of the Pope here, blow up a building there, set fire to a flag over here, put the bounty on the head of someone over there. Geez. I thought the comment that Muslims would topple and convert all Christians a little bit excessive, but apparently I was the only one. Sound like a little "Hitler-complex", no? Does anyone else not find it hypocritical that it's NOT okay to talk bad about Mohammed, but it IS ok to threaten the Pope???


Haley-O said...

Go Raps Go! You'll see Josh at a game or two, if you're planning on going! :)

deenie said...

Hi there Urban Daddy,

I must confess, I found your blog through a comment you made on someone else's along the lines of: "Any blatant racism is uncalled for"... And I agree with you completely!

So you can imagine my suprise when I stumbled upon a comment you made here about not trusting Iranians or the French. You were joking, right? I hope so.

Sorry to sound like I'm putting your words under a microscope, but it really made me curious.

By the way, why are you knocking Harlequin romance novels? Sure, they're not exactly literary masterpieces, but hey, they've been bringing light-hearted fun and entertainment into the hearts of so many women for so many years. Have you ever read any? In other words, why you hatin'? :)

SpeakEasy said...

Haley - No, I'm waiting for someone to take me. :)

I have season tickets for the Toronto Rock (lacrosse team) and like to trade off tickets. More fun, and cheaper that way.

Deenie - Yes I was kidding. I don't understand how "people" can make generalizations about a group of people based on a few. It's ignorant. Sometimes I write for the 3-4 people that read this blog, and I know in real space and cyberspace and they know when I am jesting. For the rest of the world... they have to post to ask. I hope that makes things clearer. Thanks for dropping by!