Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen thoughts of the day for Speakeasy / UrbanDaddy

1. Why does the guy beside me at the office wear cycling gloves indoors? Does he think he looks cool? When I asked him in the summer he told me it was because he burned the back of his hands?!? WTF?

2. My periformus is still quite tight but that didn't stop me from going for a run this morning. 20 minutes this time. And again I had to stop because I had to get ready for work, and not because I was sore or tired. It just take me so friggin long and hurts so much to stretch it out in the am. I'll know it's doing something for me when UrbanMummy says so. Right now she often wonders why she lost all her baby weight from the Happy Boy, but I didn't.

3. With 2 weeks plus a day until baby arrives, why are we still running around like crazy people??? Shouldn't we be more focused on getting everything ready like we did with child #1??

4. My colleagues Mom sent pears for me. Generally I don't like pears, but so far I have had on a day. Odd.

5. In my CD player at the office is some FANTASTIC jazz from the Clayton/Scott Group. This is some great Canadian jazz and I listen to the darn thing at least 4 times during the day. My colleague's come by to listen too because, as they put it, this music would be heard in a cafe at night. As well, the Scott in the band is my neighbour, their son is my son's best friend, and he is a real cool cat too. As a metalhead, I endorse their CD's, and strongly encourage my 4 readers (lol) to find their CD's and pick them up - support Canadian music!!! You wont be disappointed.

6. Some stupid fucking re-upholstery company located in the middle of the mall, not in a store mind you, but in the middle of the mall, with no business cards, no phone number and no clue, managed to convince me to stop and look at their wares. Stupidly, I gave them my phone number and in return they promised to call in December. Yeah, right. Next day, they called 3 times and were really rude after UrbanMummy told them to never call again. Then they called me at the office. So I stormed out of the office to the mall and ripped them a new one. When I find their name I'm going to publish it here. These guys are not legit. Assholes.

7. Tonight UrbanMummy and I are taking a first Aid course at the Happy Boy's school. It's been a while since I was certified.

8. Working on orders for baseball shirts, bowling shirts and denim shirts. Slowly but Surely building up this business. If anyone knows a business who needs products customized with their logo, or slogan on it, forward them on to me. That's what I do.

9. Martha Stewart likes listening to Eminem... Yikes. I used to.

10. The more I run, the more I think I need to learn more about nutrition and proper stretching and hydration and running in the winter... Then a good tailor for all the new clothes I'll need when I get my sorry ass in shape.

11. This morning when my son was eating breakfast, his mother jumped into the shower and my son said, "garage door open?" I replied, no it's mummy in the shower. "Mummy shower?" he questioned. I nodded yes. "Garage door open??" he questioned... No, I said. Mummy shower. "Mummy shower??" he said. Yes I replied. Then he said "garage door open... Rex". Rex, you see if the handyman who is painting the Happy Boy's big boy room where his big boy bed resides. "Rex, paint. Big boy bed", he replied.
He wants Rex to finish his room so he can sleep in his big boy bed. CUTIE!!!

12. For those of you who know my wife, the ultra-sexy UrbanMummy, you would understand my following comment - a thought that has not escaped my mind for days. If you turn her sideways and manage to block her obviously pregnant belly, you would have NO idea that she was in her 38th week. She looks friggin awesome. She had her hair done the other day and now she looks even better. A true Yummy Mummy if I've ever seen one.

13. Why does the band name "Supertramp" all of the sudden seem so darn funny??


Jeff said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and taking the time to comment.

Martha likes Eminem? Are you sure she wasn't just saying she liked the cartoon M&Ms on the commercials, because, well, that would make a lot more sense.

penelopeto said...

don't freak about the martha/eminem thing; i suspect it has to do with a maternal instinct and wanting to help him. my mother likes him for just such a reason (she thinks he is just a mixed up kid and feels sorry for him. plus she thinks he's cute - go mom!)

Angela said...

Don't deny the sex appeal of the cycling gloves.

Martha likes Eminem? She probably wants to like rap music, but can't bring herself to do it because everyone's so black. The white rapper is as far as she goes.

Mmmm....M & M's....(drool)