Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Professions SPEAKEASYfeels gets way too much respect

1. Celebrities. That people model their lives around 80 pound, drugged, screwed up celebrities, amazes me. Who cares about their sex lives, who they party with and who they sleep with. They are only famouns because they can "act". It's not a real profession like Doctor's or Firemen... please.

2. Sports Athletes. Not I love sports more than the next guy, but I do not want my son idolizing some 18 year old kid that dropped out of school because he can throw a ball, make a basket or shoot a puck. When interviewed these kids (and later adults) cannot put a sentance together that makes sense. Yet they get a lot of press. why?!? Let's show kids it's ok to be dumb yet talented.

3. Taxi Drivers. Now I hear all these stories about taxi drivers being doctors and lawyers in the countries they grew up in and the fact that they cannot use those skills here, really bites, and needs to be changed, but really, does being a taxi driver really give you the right to ignore stop signs, stop whereever you want and basically drive without consideration for anyone else. NO.

4. Government Workers. Overpaid for what they do (most of them), backed by a union, always looking for shortcuts and get frustrated when dealing with the general public. Hey guys! That's your fucking job. Do it, and do it well, or quit and let someone else have a chance to live the life of Riley.

5. Serial Killers. Why, why, why? I don't care that little Bobby was abused as a child and tore the legs off ants. He killed a lot of people and made others afraid to go outside. These people deserve to be shipped off to jail, and never heard from again. Don't make trading cards out of them or discuss them as of they were heroes. They deserve to rot in hell, and that message should be left with children.

6. Bus Drivers. See taxi drivers. Unfriendly. Will see you running for the bus, and still pull away. To become one there should be a manners test, or are they afraid no one would pass.

7. Customs Agents. Last time i checked, your job description was to keep bad people and bad things out of our country?!? So why then are you the most rudest asshole in the world when I'm trying to come back? Be friendly. Smile. Welcome back, maybe.

8. Musicians. Not the real ones, that learn to play instruments and make beautiful music, but the ones who make a disc of average music then proceed to use their "star power" and act like assholes. Remember, people actually consider them rolemodels. All they talk about is sex, drugs, and stuff like that. You people get way too much press.

9. PETA. You know what guys, I get it. I don't like cruelty to animals eiather, but by putting really gross billboards around and doing really gross things, makes me want to hope that the aminals you are trying to protect will eat you. Keep it clean. You're scaring the children.

10. Construction workers. Whether it's the cash under the table routine, or having 5 guys watching one guy cut a piece of wood, or cutting corners then disappearing, a lot of these guys are crooked with a capital crook. What ever happened to your name being worth something. A handshake used to be as good as a contract. Now they are all just greedy.

11. Monopolies and people that work for them. See Government workers. If you corner the market, why bother trying. It's not like the customers can go anywhere else.

12. Criminals of all kinds. It's people like you who get away with stuff that makes all of us suffer. You steal a box of markers and now I can't find one to save my life. Directors of huge companies over-inflate their companies earning and bilk everyday people of uf their life savings, meanwhile they own HUGE houses and sold off all their shares before everything came public. These people deserve to be made an example of. Take away everything they own, sell it off and pay back the investors. But tell us which Dunkin Donuts they are now working at so we can leave them a tip.

13. Me. Way too many people where I work hang on to every word I say like it's written in stone. If you don't know the answer shouldn't you try to find it on your own first? Nope easier to ask someone. As a result, my opinion is way to important and that bugs me.

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Haley-O said...

AMEN! to ALL OF IT! Really smart list....I don't mind PETA, though--I mean, I could definitely do without the visual harassment of the in-your-face photos, etc.--but, it's balanced by the too-little-respect many people pay to animals.... :)

Angela said...

Number thirteen is right on the money. You get way too much respect you don't deserve.

I expect the newspaper on my desk tomorrow before I arrive, and make sure my coffee is hot! No mistakes, or you're toast! LOL.

Shroom-Monkey said...

What- I love Celebrites! They deserve every penny- they can cry on cue- that is crazy hard to do. Plus without them who's heads would I post onto really lame drawings I do on paint.

Shroom-Monkey said...

Hey- I don't like Peta. They are always messing up people's well organized fashion shows and destroying pretty fur coats.

Riley said...

You're right, well, I cant voche for the last one but yes, people would much rather ask someone and believe whatever you say (I get the same) than put one ounce of effort in and google it themselves or read it..

As for the sports people, celebs.. oh yes.. english footballers get 90k a week or so.. Im sorry, these guys just got bumped from the world cup.. perhaps if they got off their backsides, ran, kicked the ball.. Kids at school put in more effort.. Yeah they maybe deserve paying for the job, but 90k a week?? Millions for 1 film? Just think what that kinda money in the right hands would do, people who'd put it towards medical research, feeding people, housing the homeless, Im sorry, but paying some brainless gimp who probably only blows it on gambling, drugs and alchohol, shouldnt get it.