Friday, June 02, 2006

I work with the stupid sisters!

Now they are not really sisters, friends at times actually, but really really dumb, and super annonying.

Let me tell you a story about what happened this afternoon. It was the birthday of a girl in the office - also quite strange in her own right - and a bunch of people got together on a local patio during lunch to celebreate (more for the patio than this girl, I presume, or people were there out of sympathy or support). Anyways, I was invited but chose not to attend this soire, as I explained to the organizer, "I don't like anyone on the invite list!". He said, "hey!!! I'm going!?!?", to which I replied, "Like I said... I don't like anyone on the invite list". I decided to go halfway through lunch with a colleague / friend to see my work buddy who was there hanging out with the group. We made our way up to the patio and sat at the end of the table. After greeting everyone, I realized that the stupid sisters were talking and motioning towards my work friend. My work friend glared at them and then leaned over to tell me that the stupid sisters had been commenting on her feet. Her feet?!? Yup. One of them point out to the other that my friend was wearing sandles and the other said, ugh, she should get a pedicure!
How friggin rude! And if she doesn't get one??? Are they going to call the feet police on her? Give me a break. My friend has 2 9 yr old kids, and them, well... IQ's of 9 points each, one would think.

Then at the end of the meal, when everyone was paying, the waitress gave cheques to pairs of 2 sitting beside each other, and from what I could tell, there was one person collecting the bills and the cash for the group - making sure that the birthday girl's meal was covered. While she was doing this I could smell something burning... The stupid sisters were whispering to each other and looked really puzzled, like when they see the a door and cant figure out whether to push or pull. What puzzled them was that they were trying to figure out why one person was collecting all the bills when each pair received their own. It's not the one person collecting them that really threw them, but more specifically, how the two of them were going to cover the birthday girls meal while everyone else paid. Then, after having it explained by 3 or 4 people, they started laughing and chattering between each other about what a dumb idea it was.

Like, oh my G-D.

So of the stupid sisters, one is young and the other old. The old one threw herself at a friend of mine in the office and after kissing him at a bar, told him that there was no way he would ever be able to get away from her. She called him at work (in the same office, desks away) at home and on his cell phone to beg him to be with her, and each time her told her to stay away. It got to the point that she sought out his friends and pestered them to find out why he wont date her. Persistant? Nope. Creepy.

Stupid sister #2, the young one, tells men how smart she "really" is. Says it's just a game she plays to keep other women from being jealous about her smarts and good looks. I'm serious here. She really plays games with guys saying things like, "oh my G-D, I love you. You are the smartest person in the office". Shit like that. Considering she works there because she is related to our last bosses boss, she should be shipped back to Holtz Renfrew to work cash or in the cosmetic department.

Working some overtime last year I had a chance to work with stupid sister #2 and was actually convinced that she really wasn't that dumb or annoying. The woman that sat beside me often mused that if she heard, "that fucking valley girl speak, I'll punch her in the head", which would prompt me to call that girl over and engage in a conversation with her. While working with stupid girl I found her to be quite normal actually and when people would ask me if she was annoying, I would say, "no, actually", but clearly she was just being nice. Once she even said aloud that I was one of 2 people she would go on vacation with. Me and her stupid sister, actually. My response... . What can I say that would be offending... so I said, "ah, yeah. Thanks".
But I finally realized that no matter how nice and tolerant I was being to her / them, a time would come when I couldn't turn a deaf ear to what others were telling me about them.

That time has come.

Stupid sister, fuck off.

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angela said...

Like oh my God...I totally know who you are talking about...and we can talk about this more at work! Our office sucks ass.