Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not qualified to manage!!!

I look out from my desk into my work floor which holds about 80 employees, each of who should be spending the majority of their day, on the phone, resolving files, speaking to their clients, and others within the organization, but what do I hear? Nothing. Well, the guy beside me is rambling some shit on the hone to his client, who, if it was me, would have hung up 15 minutes ago. But the rest of the floor? Quiet. Silent. On break, sleeping, or worse. How could this happen? Day after day. Doesn’t anyone care? Where are the fucking managers? Is there any leadership in this place?

As far as I can tell there is one manager on the floor and all I hear is the clicking of his keyboard every now and then. Great job. No one motivates the staff to work, or promotes the team concept to work for each other and for the greater cause. But why should they? Budgets and targets are set by managers, and their managers, so guess who gets the rewards for making these targets? Managers. They get bonuses. The employees? Nothing. Which is probably why I hear 3 voices a day – mine, my clients and my manager, when I go over to bug him about a clients and to get support, or update him on the discussions.

So what would it take to make people motivated? Fire half of them. Or, ask staff where they want to be and put them there. Myself??? Manager. I’ve been ready to manage for 8 years, but cannot get a sniff because my employer takes the “employment equity” guidelines a little too seriously. Yes, senior management is predominantly older white males, but why then should every position under that be given to anyone and everyone EXCEPT white males?? I’m not asking for a senior management position. If it’s such a problem, move some qualified people into senior positions. Don’t by pass qualified staff with unqualified people who are not suitable to manage. That’s what happens here. As far as I am concerned, there is one mostly-qualifies manager. This guy gets it. He knows when to put the pressure on, and he expects results from his staff. I’d love to work for this guy. My stats (already phenomenal) would go through the roof.

Now getting back to employment equity, I know there is a big discussion going on about the merit of this program, and I can make an argument for both sides of the debate, but in my specific work environment, I thing they need to resport to the old street hockey mentality. Throw all the sticks in the middle of the street. Pick 2 captains and let them pull sticks at random to form their teams. There are some guys and gals here who are not at the level needed to be considered for managerial positions, but having dealt with them and witnessed their skills and abilities, they are way more qualified to manage here than 90% of the people that do manage here. Of all races, religions, colours and creeds. I say give them a shot and if they fail, give them time to learn and give them another shot. Staff know who would make good managers and who suck. Those that tried and failed should be demoted. Fuck them. Why keep someone there who is not qualified or good at it. Boo fucking hoo. You tried to manage, your shit at it, and now your back with the rest of us common folk. Oh well. We are more concerned about the organization rather than you. Sorry. If you don’t like it, you can quit. :)

As for senior managers? No MBA, or serious experience? Then no fucking managerial job. Leadership begins at the top, and goes down. Half these clowns must look in the mirror each day and wonder in amazement how they got this position. They don’t lead, the hide. It’s pathetic and it sucks. That is probably the main reason why I’m not managing. I’m a great worker. My peers respect me, and I am a people person. My employer tells me those qualities are not welcomed!

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