Monday, June 12, 2006

Hartford Whalers


The Carolina Hurricanes beat the Edmonton Oilers 2-1 to take a 3 games to 1 lead in the Stanley Cup finals. As a lover of the sport Americans call Ice Hockey, I have some thoughts.

1) Why don't the Leafs have any of these great players?
2) Does Carolina not look like the most calmest, skilled team to play for the cup in a long time. They are so good, it's scary. I mean really, who is Cam Ward?
3) If Edmonton cannot win the cup it is fitting that Carolina should win, and YES, the Stanley Cup parade should be in Hartford. They did move the Whalers and their 15,000 fans to Carolina and their 3000 fans. Now hockey has "caught on" there, but really, who are we kidding. Americans would rather watch a spelling bee, dog show, or women scratching their asses, than NHL hockey. I just don't get it.
4) If the Stanley Cup gets that much exposure, do you want your players hidden behind those yucky playoff beards? What does that do for player recognition. And yes, I am jealous becuase I cannot grow one.
5) The second the cup is hoisted over the head of Eric Staal, it becomes baseball season. Go Jays!
6) How long until training camp begins? And will the Leafs finally find someone to play with their superstar, Mats Sundin? and I don't mean Tie Domi!!!
and lastly...
7) How weird will it sound to hear, ... "The Stanley Cup has been won by the Carolina Hurricanes"??? I guess just remember the call when the hockey hot bed of Tampa Bay won.


Homie Bear said...

1. They had Kaberle.
2. Skilled? No. But they are freakishly calm.
3. Agreed. But Edmonton should still win.
4. Playoff beards are tradition!
5. Jays are a few games back now, eh?
6. I don't know.
7. Don't worry, you won't be hearing that anytime soon.

SpeakEasy said...

Good point. I forgot about Tomas (don't make me shoot) Kaberle. He's a good guy.

Calm is exactly the word I was looking for last night. They are very calm.

Buy that Chacin cologne. lol.

It all ends tomorrow night.