Friday, June 09, 2006

An alcoholic amongst us.

Yes. Have ANOTHER drink...


There is this guy that works in my office that has been boozing up a storm for quite a few months now. Comes to work drunk. Drinks during the day. Staggers around the office babbling shit, then drives home. Was told he's having a "tough time at home". I say boo fucking hoo. He's the only guy in the world having home troubles, and that gives him the right to put others lives at risk while he drives around the city. My friend, when you had children, you gave up the right to self-destruct. You want to be an adult, then grow the fuck up.

Now I'm not sure what bugs me more? The fact that he drives while drunk? Or that all the managers in my area know about this, and have done nothing about it. They turn a blind eye. Idiots. I've demanded they do something about it, and even threatened to call the cops. I was told that something was done, and he no longer drinks. Ah ha.

So another thing that bugs me about this guy is that he is one mean unfriendly son of a bitch. When I first started working there, I was told to transfer an account to him and he refused to accept it, so after pressing the issue he threatened to toss me out the window. He was serious.
Now that he's boozing, he's REALLY nice to me. He's like, "hey buddy. What's up? How's the kid? Everything OK?" Makes me wanna hurl. He's a nice, social, slobbering drunk, and a real prick when sober. I caught him trying to go to the women's bathroom and had to steer him the correct way.

So why has all of this come up again????

Well this morning, I witnessed said individual staggering towards the kitchenette carrying, not one, not two, but 4 empty bottles of water to fill up. As if water covers up the smell of booze. Just the sight of him acting like that makes me angry and ill. How dare he insult our intelligence by coming to work like this and how dare management put their heads in the sand as if everything is ok.

I see a trend here.

All the friggin' managers suck!

And alcoholic man... pack up your shit. You are the weakest link... GOODBYE.

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zombie queen said...

I can't believe you almost saw him go into the women's washroom. Curious as to why?

Back in March, I was in the hallway going to the washroom. He came out behind me. I entered the washroom, and then shortly after I entered the cubicle someone came in. Someone reeking of alcohol. And I had not encountered anyone else in the hallway except for him. I thought maybe I was imagining things. I was so creeped out that I ran out, washed my hands and left. I never did confirm if it was him, but your post indicates that maybe I wasn't dreaming....