Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What shall I post about?

I can't decide.

Should I talk about our weekend at my in-laws cottage? The kids loved it, we really tired them out. Linus got to drive the boat, Stewie ate, played and did his little "rain, rain, goway" dance on Saturday.

Then again I thought about a post detailing my eating habits at the cottage - 4 bloody Caesars and a shitload of pork. You see, being Jewish, we don't eat pork... unless it happens to be at a Chinese food buffet, or on my plate at a breakfast restaurant in the form of bacon or sausage... But, boy did I eat a lot this weekend. Pork and alcohol... Not me at all.

Or, I could post about my mumbling the word "fuck" Sunday night and Stewie picking it up, no matter how I tried to change the word to fluck, flock, truck, fwock, or flax. After a few minutes he chose fuock and that was his word for 10 more minutes until he forgot it.

I could have posted about Linus' soccer and me yelling at him to play instead he stood beside the goalie waving his arms... Even the goalie tried to send him over to play. I'm THAT Dad. Yikes.

I could post about my 20 minute run tonight and how I really need August to be that month that I lose weight, tone up and run at least 3 days per week in order to prepare for the Toronto Marathon... 5K. I feel gross.

I could post about my softball league - rained out tonight - or that I joined a ball hockey team for September... or not.

I could post about the time I am going to spend with the family, the rest of August as I try to use up some of my banked vacation and continue to look for a new gig... This one sucks and the people are worse.

I should have posted about the great book I was reading this weekend called, "CyberTaxation", but I doubt anyone would care.

I really should post a nice post about a very nice BBQ we had at the house on holiday Monday with Mr and Mrs. Mamalooper and Mr and Mrs Smickoz. We had invited 2 other couples with their kiddies but illness fell upon them, leaving just the 3 couples and man did we have a nice time. Good conversation, the kids played so well together and I burned almost everything which sucked considering just the Friday night before I cooked a blue steak for my mother's birthday. I was so embarrassed.

I really want to post about the crap going on at the office - but it's been quiet recently. Turns out, the whole kerfuffle is all about 3 individuals who are telling a colleague of mine not to "be friends" with me... Yup. I'm 37 years old and this is what I get to deal with at the office. Well, besides telling untruths about me and really being rude to my colleagues, these 3 - of whom I have bought many a coffee for, and had to my house, given lacrosse tickets to, and spent many an hour listening to their problems, have decided this is what they want to spend their time doing... Not working of their relationships, or on advancing their careers, or on being a better person, but they want to talk about me. I'm honoured. I really am. But, I am SO not worth it. I'm nothing like they portray me to be, and those of you whom I have met will have some image of me and that is more accurate. I'm quiet and polite to those I am just meet and in my arena - sports, politics, volunteering or work, I'm an animal. That is all. Nothing evil, nothing fancy... Sorry guys.

I guess I could post about my kids, like Stewie not sleeping, but pooing on the potty at 22 months, or about Linus loving camp and on his own dunking his head under the water while swimming, or the fact my sub-zero fridge isn't working, the kids running around the house in rubber boots Monday, Stewie wiping out on the back deck while trying to grab the hot dogs I was BBQ'ing. He landed on his head but kept a hold of the dogs. I could vent about the jackass I did consulting for who never paid me, or the stupid trees still blocking the sidewalk as I walk to the subway.

But I just want to go to bed.

Stewie will be up soon.

It's midnight.

Good night.


Polgara said...

Great post, our first baby is due in November and all i kept thinking was "this is how our life will be....."
Pol x

Mamalooper said...

Thanks for having us over - good times as usual!

Hate the office politics. Such drama over such bizarro things...

Don Mills Diva said...

I amso sorry you're dealing with that crap at the office - that kind of thing is so demoralizing.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

Funny how you can never really escape high school behaviour even as an adult? I would so be your friend. Our kids could hang. :)