Sunday, August 10, 2008

I am tired...

So very tired.


This happened last night, not too far from my house.

About 4am.

The house shook. One kid woke up terrified. All the neighbours met in the middle of the street thinking this was a terrorist attack because all we heard for almost and hour was constant explosions. One older woman on my street who lived through the war was having a tough time because it reminded her of her horrible childhood.


Details sketchy at this point. Looks like a propane depot... A major part of the city has been closed, part of it evacuated. This is the first time in my life here in Toronto - I've lived here for all my 37 years, that I have witnessed such an event.

Thank you to Sci-Fi Dad for helping me embed this video. You rock! :)


SciFi Dad said...

1. open the vid page in youtube (

2. on the right, select all the text in the embed box and copy (CTRL+C)

3. Open blogger editor window and switch to html view.

4. paste (CTRL+V) text.

Mamalooper said...

Woke us up too - had no idea what had happened at the time. Thought of terrorism too...

Polgara said...

Wow no wonder you didnt get much sleep!
Pol x

Erin said...

WOW! That was a FIREBALL! Dude!

No wonder you're tired. Yowza.