Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tonight... I ran...

... 40 minutes. I really need to start keeping track and running on a regular basis. My 5K run is right around the corner. I noticed on Facebook that a "friend" of mine just rant something like 16K. 16K!!! Geez!!! As if. I get bored driving 16K let alone trying to run that far. But I sure as hell hope that my route is over 5K because boy would I be surprised to find out that all this running is only, say, 3K. That would suck - especially at the Toronto Marathon when I run out of gas after 3K and all these other people are racing by me.

Some thoughts:

Why exactly are fortune cookies, kosher?!?
Does it not seem a little odd that most of us order Chinese food for items that have pork in them, and anyone who is ordering pork really doesn't care if the fortune cookies are kosher. I don't get it! Do you?

119 people drove 50K over the limit on Friday and had their cars seized by the Ontario Provincial Police... why? Are people that stupid, or in that much of a hurry? 50K over? If you really want to speed, try 45 over. Idiots.

This is the question my son asked me as him and I cut some of my neighbour's tree which hangs into our yard; "Why does your tummy hang over your denim shorts, Daddy?" Hmmm. So off the cuff, I told him that when I was his age, I ate bad food like cookies and cake and lots of processed foods and didn't exercise. Nice, eh? He thought about it, then lifted his shirt and said, "Daddy, if you eat vegetables and fruit like I do, you will be like me". I think he gets it. Nice. I remember being skinny... When I was in grade 4.

So now that labour day has come and is almost gone, I can finally look forward to a few items;
- Baseball playoffs - no Jays :(
- Hockey season - Leafs suck. YAY.
- New TV schedule
- Getting to know the kids school and extra-curricular schedule
- A new schedule for me to create to get me more sleep, be more productive and be able to be productive during the day.
- Next month Stewie is going to be 2. Already.

Last, but not least, comes from yet another rapper who would rather make up a name to use, than use the one he was born with... This guy is called P.Diddy, or P. Daddy, or Puff Daddy, or Puff the Magic... Ah, you get the point. Turns out this guys ask "Saudi Arabia" (nice reporting, eh? He asked the whole fucking country, lol) Anyways, he asked the Saudi's for free gas - why?!? Because it's getting too expensive to run his private jet. GAG. Here I thought it was for the poor, or to reduce gas prices world-wide, but nope. For his own needs. Dude... Lose the jet!

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Denguy said...

Dude, you played ball hockey--you should be up on the running!