Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're back...

After a nice vacation up north of Toronto in a very kid friendly resort - which I will not name - but is in Honey Harbour Ontario. I thought about how to best summarize the trip so as to not bore anyone - and came to the conclusion that a few brief stories would be best. The weather was good, the kids programs very good, the grounds, were not to shabby at all, there was plenty to do - yet at times, nothing to do. The Internet connection sucked as did the kids lunch selection. Do they really expect 3 year olds to choose between nachos, french fries and garlic bread? Some lunch. Linus ate 3 cucumber slices and a bit of broccoli the first day then we got wise and started asking for fruit. Out came a huge bowl of fruit for each kid. Not bad. The dirty looks and glares I could have done without.

But the one thing that I will forever remember about this vacation is thanks to Stewie.

You see UrbanMummy was eating some of the yummy soup that they had available when Stewie decided that he wanted some too. "Stewie eat soup" is usually what he yells. She gave him soup and he ate it on and off through most of the meal. After about 25 minutes, the server came by and asked if she could take the almost empty soup bowl - we said yes and off it went. But... Stewie spun to watch her over his shoulder as she walked about with his bowl, and his face turned into a scowl. He started waving his first finger and he yelled, "Never, never, never, take Stewie's soup away!"


So get this...

Every time a server came in our direction for the duration of our trip, he would wave his finger and mumble, "Never, never, never, take Stewie's food away!"... Every time. Whether it was our server or not.

He he he.

He makes me laugh. This 22 month old also got up every morning around 6:30am to poo on the toilet, but always forgot to go back to sleep.

We both managed to head out to the spa, I received a foot maintenance treatment for men, which was really ackward when - in a room full of women - they announced that I was getting a pedicure. Yikes. It was a foot treatment! It was great, but it was in no way a pedicure. :)

All in all, we had fun, would totally go back next year but only if they did something about the kids lunches.

The rest of the weekend was spent at birthday parties. I've eaten 6 meals since we've been home - 3 cereal, 3 pizza. The kids were crazy and I'm preparing for a super-busy / exciting week.

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Mamalooper said...

Don't you love those holidays that "leave you wanting more"? Better than the ones where you are dying to get home.

Sounds like a great break for everyone, Linus and Stewie included!