Friday, August 01, 2008

What Daddy's do...

At 7am, we get called to come to the bathroom by our pre-schooler, and after asking him why, we get the following answer; "Cause I don't want to touch my poo, Daddy. I don't like to touch my poo".

Puzzled, I walk to the bathroom, only to find the pee shield of his potty seat sitting in a toilet full of poo and toilet paper.

He's looking at it.

He's very unhappy.

I look at him.

I look in the toilet.

I look back at him.

I say, "Come on buddy... You have to be more careful", then I reach into the toilet, pluck out the pee shield, then wash them both off in the sink under very hot water.


I wouldn't pass this up for anything in the world... Seriously.


Denguy said...

You mean you haven't pulled a hot wheels car out of a poopy toilet yet?

Urban Daddy said...

Denguy - ... UGH. Uhhh, no! I'd rather not have to either...