Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I did today... by UrbanDaddy

  • Decided to register for Advanced Financial Accounting through my work if, and only if, they offer it in September. If it's later, then I will have to register for it through Athabasca University
  • Decided that for UrbanMummy and my 7th wedding anniversary on July 1st that we should celebrate by spending time in a spa that week. I learned not to leave this to the last minute. I foresee a nice dinner for her and I too. Yum.
  • I decided that no matter how you say it - in jest or not - that the term "Jew" - used to describe someone of the Jewish religion is harsh.
  • I decided that just because someone doesn't like you and decides to tell the whole world that they think you are an asshole, doesn't mean you have to sit down with them to discuss why they feel this way. Fuck them! All of them!
  • I realized no matter how over-qualified I may feel I am, many people don't see it that way, and that tells me that I need to look somewhere else.
  • I like to teach
  • I'm very happy that the Leafs got rid of Tucker, Raycroft, Wellwood and soon Sundin. Out with the old and in with the re-building group. Now I can watch games again and enjoy them.
  • I am tired... So very tired.
  • I need to get my ass off this computer and into my copy of Advanced Financial Accounting to give myself a big head start... I'll need it.
  • I look forward to one day expanding my family
  • I've grown up a lot of the past decade... but I still have a LOT to go.
  • I realized that even though I bought 4 more tomato plants for the garden - pink, green, yellow and red ones, and I still have room for more.
  • I really need to get UrbanMummy her own credit card... one she wont lose this time.
  • I really need to read more blogs!


Me said...

That is so true describing someone by saying "" about their religion is not right. Not just the Jewish Faith but all religions...

Urban Daddy said...

I agree that most slang words to describe ones religion are usually meant to be racist as they characterize some - usually false - negative stereotype. In the case of "Jew" it seems to have become the norm for describing someone who is Jewish. Jew, like Jews are harsh words and somehow accepted. Doesn't mean I have to like it. :)