Monday, June 30, 2008

Randon thoughts...

Avenue Road between Wilson (York Mills) and Lawrence sucks! It has no character. Too many nail salons, dry cleaners and not enough family restaurants or destination shops. Geez, there is barely any fast food places on this strip - thank goodness - and it even hosts an army supply store... Odd indeed.

I recommend:
  • More family restaurants
  • Some nice places to sit outside during the summer to have a nice treat
  • Somewhere to eat breakfast or have an afternoon snack besides the bagel place(s)
  • A family friendly destination
  • More fun boutique-type stores
  • At least one nice adult hang-out like a jazz club where adults can go after the kids are in bed to have a drink and a little bite with other parents
  • How about a trendy movie theatre or mini-bowling alley. Nothing HUGE, just big enough for the locals.
  • Tim Horton's! Not the one in the gas station that I can't bring my stroller into, but a full fledged on with an automatic door.

Another thing I would like to see is a lightening of the restrictions and costs to have street parties over the summer. Not only is it a great way to meet your neighbours and get rid of unwanted stuff from your house, but on some of these side-streets, is it really necessary to get a permit (which the city covers in most cases) to block the street? Cars can take the next one.

We'd do one, but it takes so long to arrange and it costs too much. That is exactly why more organized communities have them!

Facebook allows you to "become a fan of..." so you can show your support for various things ranging from political leaders to TV shows, actors to music artists. Today, I saw the silliest one to date, and it had 128 fans...

Someone from my friend list became a fan of the moon. Yup. The fucking moon.

Uh huh.

Too much time on their hands, eh? LOL.

Wait... What does that say about me. Hmmmmm.

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