Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend update

Thursday was Linus' last day of pre-school - his graduation, and he was terrible! This kid is over-tired and I had to take him to the car for 15 minutes so he wouldn't be the only kid laying on the grass wailing. I don't know how to get him to sleep longer in the morning. He gets up at 6-6:30 and runs happily into our room, clearly as happy to see us as we are to see him (early wake up and all). I just wish he'd sleep past 7 again so that he would be normal during the day and our nanny wouldn't think he's the second coming of satan. Suggestions anyone? We bought blackout shades for the main window of his room.

Words a daddy NEVER again wants to hear from his 3 1/2 year old boy;

"Daddyyyyyy... ugh, gag, yuck, uck..."

"Yes Linus"

"I got pee in my mouth..."

nuff said.

This was a few minutes before he had to go to a birthday party with Urban Mummy. He was peeing at the side of the toilet and managed to pee all over the wall, the floor and into the garbage can. Some pee on the seat, some on his hand, shirt and yes... Some in his mouth. I didn't ask. I don't want to know. I told him that we never do this again... unless he's older and its a fetish... you never know!

This same boy that doesn't sleep well anymore is also - coincidentally or not - the same boy that doesn't eat anymore either. For a kid that doesn't eat junk food, his weekend take of cake, ice cream, cookies, marshmallows and juice was as surprising as the fact that he didn't eat anything else all weekend without a fight. It's almost like he was waiting for the junk food... I don't like that!!!

Speaking of weekend... Our weekend was super-busy for the 4 of us and we had a pleasant surprise. We had 2 birthday parties in which UrbanMummy took Linus and they had a wonderful time, and Stewie and I hung out and enjoyed our father-son time together. UM and I had a volunteer event to attend and instead of UM, I took Linus and we both had a ton of fun. Linus and I also bought some more veggies for the garden - asparagus, pumpkin, sweet 1000 tomatoes and cucumbers - we bought a fixture for the garage and 3 20Kg bags of sand for the boys' sandbox. We gardened, played and cleaned... busy and fun.

Definite highlight of this weekend was the wonderful solstice party that we attended on Saturday at the secret home of one Mamalooper (see blogroll). The guests were all really nice, there was a ton of things for the kids to do, and there was a ton of really healthy, yummy food. I, for one, had wonderful chats with some really nice people and although meeting them for the first time, felt very at home. Mr and Mrs Mamalooper put on quite a spread and did not miss a detail. Man did we have fun! Did I mention the tie dye station, the tons of bubble solution or the tray of fresh veggies at which Stewie sat in front of eating as many mini tomatoes as he could stuff in his little face. I'm still getting the driveway paint out of their clothes, so it must have been good for them too...

Now I must attend to a child who is coughing and wheezing and sounds like Darth Vader... Nite all.

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Mac and Cheese said...

Pee in mouth??? Boys are icky.