Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Newsday

The interesting news stories for another Tuesday according to UrbanDaddy...

More chains pull tomatoes from shelves amid salmonella scare
The FDA is urging consumers not to consume raw red Roma, raw red plum or raw red round tomatoes because they may be linked to a salmonella outbreak in the U.S.
More restaurants and retailers in Canada and the U.S. are clearing their stocks of tomatoes suspected of triggering a salmonella outbreak in the U.S. that has sickened 167 people.
Taco Bell , Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald's are among the restaurants in Canada to have removed tomatoes from their menus. In the U.S. , Long John Silver's, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Giant Eagle, Trader Joe's, Winn-Dixie and Wal-Mart have stopped making tomatoes available.
Rick McNabb, a spokesman for Cara Foods, said raw tomatoes are no longer being served at Milestones, Montana 's, Harvey 's and Kelsey's.
"As the FDA started to identify more specifically where the affected regions could be, that's when we decided to take the steps as a precaution to stop serving the fresh tomato products right away," he said.
Canada's food watchdog says it will not issue a tomato recall until a definitive link between tomatoes and the outbreak has been demonstrated. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said restaurants are removing tomatoes from their menus as a precaution. No illnesses have been reported in Canada.
This is why we should all be growing our own veggies in the summer, eh Assertagirl? and really why does this never happen to high-fat foods... When was the last time you were advised not to eat, say, a baconater, or KitKat because of some contaminated ingredient? Cause that might help with the obesity issues south of our border. You know there will be people who will swear off tomatoes forever because of this chick, Salmon Ella.

Fire the feds, Hargrove tells unionists
Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove says Canadians should "fire" the federal government over the state of the country's manufacturing sector.
Hargrove said Tuesday the government should be held accountable for failing to do more to control gasoline prices, the soaring loonie and unfair trade.
Speaking at the union's national bargaining and political convention, he also criticized the government for not stepping in to help workers at a General Motors pickup-truck plant scheduled to close in Oshawa .
He said the union's actions against GM – including a blockade at its Canadian headquarters – is a prime example of how the CAW will fight back against what it considers unfair treatment.
Only Buzz and the NDP would protest and pressure a company to continue employing people in a money losing operation. Buzz… Buzz off. GM is losing money. Either they cut jobs or they go bankrupt. It’s because of unions like the CAW that has resulted in wages being so high that causes problem in the first place. The employees are not being abused or taken advantage of. If they feel that way, they can always go get another job like the rest of the world does. Would the situation be better for these workers if GM went under? Then NONE of them would have jobs. Fire the whole Federal government, then all the unions.

Satellite atlas reveals a changing Africa
A new atlas charts Africa 's changing landscape over recent decades, highlighting the effects of humans - both positive and negative
Article history
Damietta promontory, River Nile, Egypt, 1972
The glaciers in the Rwenzori mountains straddling Tanzania and Uganda are fiercely disputed as the source of the river Nile , but a new series of satellite images show how they have shrunk nearly 50% since 1993 as a direct result of climate change.
Their rapid retreat, echoed on Mount Kilimanjaro, threatens not just the livelihoods of the 2 million people who depend on the melt water, but increases pressure on the gorillas who live in the nearby Virunga park, according to a new UN atlas of the changing African environment.
The atlas, launched today by President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa , charts the march of cities over the countryside, protected areas shrinking as farms encroach on city boundaries and the driving of roads through forests.
Before and after satellite images, sometimes spread over decades, show Dakar , the capital of Senegal , expanding from a small urban centre to a great metropolitan area of 2.5 million people spread over a wide area. They show falling water levels in Lake Victoria, the loss of forests in Congo DRC, and the decline of plant varieties in South Africa.
Yup. Let’s keep abusing the environment… It’s just a joke, right? No more SUV's, toxic waste or Lindsay Lohan... Save the world.

Lackluster prospects for job applicants: Manpower
Facing economic headwinds, many employers will add fewer new workers to their payrolls during the third quarter than they did a year ago, Manpower Inc. says.
Manpower's top executive said this should come as "no surprise" in light of current economic conditions around the world. "The employment picture in the U.S. is slightly weaker than three months ago, with the construction sector continuing to struggle," said Jeffrey Joerres, Manpower's chairman and chief executive, in a statement.
U.S. job seekers "should find ample opportunities" in the services sector, he added.
"Employers in all of the G7 countries are expecting to hire at a slower pace from July through September than they were a year ago," Joerres said, referring to the Group of Seven leading industrialized countries.
He added that employers surveyed in France , Germany , Italy and the U.K. plan little changes in their hiring, with Canadian employers indicating "slight improvement" in their hiring plans.
Oh, for fucks sake… I can wait tables!

In the News feature
I take 10 people in the news, according to Google, and tell you why… UrbanDaddy style…

In The News
Steve Jobs – Iphones coming to Canada July 11th... Fucking expensive too.
Ken Griffey Jr. – hit his 600th MBL home run
Dominik Hasek – retired. Didn’t he retire last year?
Hillary Clinton – supporting Obama cause she wants power!
College World Series – usually has 17yr old kids with phony birth certificates showing them as 12yr olds. So much for fun and games
Xbox 360 – analysts realized it only moves 340 degree, not 360
Red Wings – have won the Stanly Cup
Seattle Mariners – suck.. Really suck. But they beat the Jays last night
Kung Fu Panda – a new kids movie - time to make kids scared of panda bears...
Social Security – much nicer than anti-social security

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