Monday, June 23, 2008

and so the story goes...

I ended my scrambled post from last night with a comment about the way Stewie was breathing, "like Darth Vader" I believe was the comparison I used. It was midnight and I was just finishing up my post and getting ready for bed. I heard him breathing heavy and wheezing - with the odd sneeze - and figured all he needed was to sneeze a big sneeze or cough up some phlegm... I went and got him from his crib, into our bed and I think I realized at that moment that he was pretty sick when UrbanMummy wondered aloud if we were going to have to take him to emergency because he had a bad version of the croup.

Sure enough, after being up almost the entire night with him, and having him point to his very congested nose and say, "broken", and squirm around like he was in pain, and listening to him gasp for breath, we jumped into action. By that I mean, UrbanMummy jumped onto the computer to diagnose her son.

"Croup", she declared. Here are the symptoms and here is what we do to get him better. If he doesn't improved even slightly tonight, we'll have to take him to the emergency room.

With that, he fell asleep. And we got 2 hours sleep (ish).

Morning came and he was still having trouble breathing so we called the doctor and off I dragged my ass into the office. Once at work I realized my manager was away so I was trying to sort out team issues, deal with walk-in clients and assist the summer students with their queries when my phone rang and it was the number of the doctor's office. I answered, and it was UM asking me if I could meet them in the emergency room as she was taking Stewie there ASAP. I closed up my desk, alerted another manager and hopped on the subway to the hospital. Once there, we were led in almost immediately and within 3 hours, Stewie had received steroids and a mask to help him breathe. He was asleep but not happy. We were sent home and just got him to bed before 8pm even though he slept so little last night or today, he was (literally) running on adrenalin.

UM is coughing and is exhausted.

I'm beat...


ourlittlefunnybunny said...

Oh I hope he starts feeling better soon! and you & UM get some much needed sleep soon.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw, poor you guys.
the medicine they gave him should help him through the worst of the croup and you should all sleep better. Stay healthy!