Monday, June 02, 2008

I am an idiot...

...For not preparing to have a card and gift for UrbanMummy's birthday yesterday! For some reason I cannot figure out I decided I would get both said card and gift in New Jersey where we were from Wednesday to Sunday. I did not predict there would be 2 vomiting kids and one very ill wife to look after. Not an excuse but rather further reason for me being an idiot for not planning ahead of time. Duh! I bought cards today and she politely and as expected rejected them. Help! I'm such a knob.

One funny point from the trip occurred as my son turned 3 years, 5 months and 1 day old when he officially became smarter than his daddy. Our hotel room did not have a fridge or microwave and each night before bed he likes to have, "Milk in a sippy", that gets warmed up for 20 seconds. He has this every night. We after not having it for a night he asked for it the next night and I explained to him that we had no milk, no fridge, no microwave and therefore no milk before bed. Well, he said to me; "Oh, Dad, I know. Ask the manager! He will get milk for me and warm it up". I laughed and told him that was not possible. Well... I went down to the front desk a couple hours later and found out they have a fridge and microwave and they would be able to put it in our room ASAP. Then, I was told this; "Sir, if you needed warm milk in a glass, we would most certainly be able to get that for your son. Whatever it takes."


He knew that... and I didn't.

So... You think you're smarter than a 3 1/2 year old??? Nope! :)

Another thing I found funny was when Linus and I were talking about him eating sweets. I told him is was making him crazy and he needed to wait a little longer before trying them again. He said, "OK Daddy, I'll wait until summer". I said, "Buddy, it is summer", to which he threw me a look and said, "No Daddy, its not summer yet... It's only spring"... Nice!

I just finished a great book, "Demons and Angels", by Dan Brown of "Da Vinci Code" fame and it was awesome! Loved the numerous twists in the ending. I recommend it. Today, I just started reading "Digital Fortress" also by Dan Brown... Hope it's good. :)

Go Pens!

So today I signed up for the 5K run @ the Toronto Marathon. I started running 2 months ago and while I have lost only 2 pounds, I have tightened the fat that is my body and lost a few inches here and there. Problem I have is I need a water belt and I need to drink more fluids during the day to keep me hydrated for the runs late at night.

I try not talk about my work because I don't want any conflicts of interest but so far in the past 2 months my MBA has been absolutely useless there as I have been passed over for 3 positions, 2 of them managerial and one of their helping to train staff. You know. I've been taking classes in brick and mortar institutions and online for what, 8 years in a row now... What could I possibly know about educating my peers...

Last item has to do with baseball. I joined a gentleman's league, mainly for the networking and going out after the game. I hate baseball. Can't stand hitting. Love throwing the ball (I have a great arm) and I love catching (learned to scoop anything near me) but hitting... UGH. At almost 6 feet tall and around 230 pounds you'd think I'd have more power, but I can hit that ball hard, usually on the ground between 3rd and short. First season in the league I hit (yes it's real) .863. My teammate hit .967. Then the herniated disk problem and now I'm a little hesitant to swing the bat. First at bat this season and I struck out. The catcher dropped the ball, I got to first base safely. Stole second. Got to third on a single and was stranded there. So far I'm 0-2 but I've been on base twice. I hate this game.


Don Mills Diva said...

Yikes - hope Urban Mommy lets you out of the doghouse before too long!

BTW - I have some bling for you over at my place!

Mac and Cheese said...

I hope the doghouse has a comfy bed. Keep grovelling.

Anonymous said...

um my husband did not get me a mother's day card as in his words, "things were hectic". needless to say there will be no father's day card!