Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why, why, why???

Why did facebook have to add a new application to the Jedi vs. Sith application that also keeps track of stats and is Star Wars themed?!? It's not like I was already trying to kick the Jedi vs Sith habit, but now I have a new addiction... damn!

Why does my oldest son - hereinafter referred to as Linus (see UrbanMummy's blog for the reasoning) no longer deem it necessary to sleep through the night? He sleeps from - on average 8pm to on average 1am, then he sits in his bed wailing, usually something to do about wanting his mummy, or not wanting to be alone. Then I hop into bed with him and once I fall asleep, he leaves his room with his blankie, walks quietly down the hall and jumps into Mummy and Daddy's bed with Mummy. Grrrr.

Today I received my degree in the mail and 3 advanced diplomas in, as far as I can figure, in classes that I excelled in. So I now officially have my MBA. Now I can focus on my Masters of Marriage...

For all my readers who are celebrating Christmas, we here at the Urban Daddy household wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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