Monday, December 24, 2007

Some holiday thoughts....

  1. Coal in the stockings of every upper-management type that works for the Chicago Bulls basketball team and approved the firing of coach Scott Skiles on the 24th of December... Couldn't wait 2 more days
  2. Jamie Lynn Spears - 16 - is pregnant. First there was Brit, now her little sister. Seems wacko Mom allowed her to have a live-in 19 year old boyfriend. Duh. This woman is actually writing or has actually written a book on parenting. HA HA HA. I want to be in line to get that book, not to buy it but to smack every person that purchases one, and give them their money back. But, do we know that the dad-to-be is really this 19yr old boyfriend or could it be... Kevin Federline? He does like to be looked after financially, and already knows the Spears family... Hmmmm.
  3. Congrats to UrbanMummy for finishing her diploma after not so long ago completing her Masters... No more courses, please dear... No more.
  4. Our baby-boy - Stewie - now knows that if he calls, "da da" that I will give him attention, so he spent all day doing that yesterday. I love it!!!
  5. It really is illegal to shovel your snow from your driveway or walk into the street. Tell your friends and neighbours. :)

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Mac and Cheese said...

Gee you guys are scholarly over there. Well done on all the degrees!