Thursday, December 27, 2007

The week that was... Happy Birthday Big Boy.

Happy 3rd birthday to my big boy! You made it to three years old and along with that you bring some good points and some quirks. You are empathetic, so your teachers say, and we have seen. You speak very well for your age and use words like, "similar and available". You know how to speak well enough that you are able to put on a baby voice and character and speak in that weird way to us and others that we forget how articulate you are. You like to come to Mummy and Daddy's bed every night because you heard a noise or don't want to be alone. You make me laugh, even when you are being serious and asking me questions like, "Does Auntie R have a penis?", or, "Why do people say bless you when you sneeze?". Even tonight when you bit me, snacked me, knocked over your brother or jumped on Mummy, you are still our little big boy. I love you!

Tinker toys - remember them? I grew up playing with them. I had a few. They became boring as they started to break and my folks never bought me more. Well... They are back! (Were they ever gone?!?) Our big boy got 2 sets of them for his birthday and he loves them... Well loves having us make stuff for him like a car, elevator, or microphone that he can sing with, but he really like taking the orange ones (the really long ones), putting a round piece on the end and bopping his baby brother over the head with them... Nice.

Birthday Cake?!? Maybe not. Linus told me last night that he gets cake for his birthday, and balloons and gets to play with his friends. He was right. But then without taking a breath he told me that he doesn't want cake, but presents instead... He's only going to be three... Oy.

So after his birthday party we took all the presents into the living room with Linus, and had him open all of them as we decided what he had already, what he wouldn't play with and what he could have and play with now. He loved the dump truck and the wood fire truck, but the Fisher Price battery operated dinosaur that roars and tries to bite was not a winner as it made Linus run for cover. He did however tell me that he is keeping that toy for when he is bigger and it wont scare him. LOL. So we asked Linus to set aside 2 toys and we had 2 toys from Hanukkah and we packed both kids into the car and took them to the local Fire Station to have him donate the toys for Christmas Wish. Linus gave the toys to the fireman (and didn't start crying and asking for them back this year), and we all proceeded to the fire truck after a brief tour of the station. Linus and the fireman sat in the fire truck and Linus was shown how the truck operated and all the fancy bells and whistles. We left after about 35 minutes and headed home. I like this tradition that UrbanMummy started.

As I try to write some of this I am watching the BBC and news that Benazir Bhutto was killed a political rally. She, apparently, is not the 1st opposition leader killed while Pakistan is under the rule of General Parvaz Musharraf. Hmmmm. What really comes to my mind is, "What's with these people? Have they no morals? Killing for the sake of killing in the most cowardly way". I really have no patience for suicide bombers, especially this coward that shot and killed Bhutto, them blew himself up killing close to 30. Extremists must go!

Toronto Marlies are 21-5 so far this season and no one cares...


Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

They weren't his birthday toys, but toys we got especially for donating, actually.

And why Linus? Did you ever explain the name change??

Shroom Monkey said...

u are lucky, mine would have made Tinker Toys into spears and have gauged each other's eyes out within like minutes... Happy belated B-day to the lil guy!!!! I am still wondering when he will be delivered... keep checking the mail for boxes with lil holes cut out.. nada... what the deal, man???