Monday, December 03, 2007

What's up with that?

My son... The Habs fan?!? NOOOOOoooooo. Say it ain't so!!!

The Happy Boy was drinking his pre-bed cup of warm milk when I turned on the TV to see the score in the Leafs game. He saw the game and said, "I don't like that! I don't like hockey". Hmmph, I thought to myself. He'll like it one day. Then an update came on the TV and it was of the Canadiens scoring a goal, to which the Happy Boy pointed, smiled, clapped and rejoiced. I was beside myself. I said, "buddy, that is Montreal?!?", to which he replied, "I like Montreal. My friends Mom is from Montreal. My friend goes to Montreal sometimes..." Damn.

Aww, I know why he likes the yucky Canadiens... Their uniforms are red and his favourite colours are red, pink and brown. I'll have to show him the Black Hawks and the Hurricanes. He can be a fan of either of those, but NOT the Habs. I'd never live it down.


SciFi Dad said...

The Wings have red jerseys too... and you're more likely to get him to Detroit than Carolina or Chicago.

(Not to mention the increased probability of seeing a cup in his lifetime... something Chicago cannot promise... and we all know that the 2006 finals never happened.)

Just sayin'.

Laural Dawn said...

Ha ha ha!
He should live in my brother in law's house where it's all about the Canadiens.
Give it 5 more years (or less?) and you will have some serious competition in your house.

As for the last post and Hannukah gifts ... Coach Bags are always nice.

Mac and Cheese said...

Let him be a Habs fan. It adds excitement to the household on game night.

Grilled Pizza said...

I tagged you!