Friday, July 18, 2008

Who reads this Urban Daddy blog, anyways? Google Analytics, please tell me the truth!

So, it turns out that after posting 200 posts over 4 years, you're still not a true or real blogger unless you look at some statistics to notice that it's not true that only your mother, sister and wife are reading your posts.


Who knew.

In fact, I was shocked to see that several hundred people come by each week to poke about and learn more at the fun that parenting can be in urban Toronto with a full-time job where your family is the most important thing in the world.

So a fellow blogger, Haley O, The Cheaty Monkey (also my neighbour) mentioned this thing called Google Analytics and after adding it to my blog I had some hard stats to read through and I love me some statistics!

I also found some very interesting stuff yesterday.

I found a ranking of keywords typed into google which brought people to my site, and man are some of them really interesting, not because they got people to my site, but because I have this sneaky feeling that these issues I have touched upon while my kids are 1 and 3, are going to continue to be problems as my kids get to be older...

Here is the list of the top 15 keywords which brought people to my blog:

1. urbandaddy (the dot com site that came, ahem, after my blog was set up)

2. urban daddy

3. The urban daddy

4. Parenting

5. Daddy's in Toronto

6. How hard is it to be a dad?

7. Will I ever sleep again?

8. Who changes dirty diapers?

9. Can I work and raise a kid?

10. Will I lose my hair?

11. Will I gain weight?

12. Will I ever have sex again?

13. Discipline

14. Sweets

15. Treats

These keywords kill me because I can say they are all applicable and only time will tell how true they are all, but so far they seem to be right on track.
Parents... How many of those keywords below will I be searching out as my kids get older??

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