Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She's going to BFF!!!

She's going to that Best Friends Forever (BFF) thingy!!!


UrbanMummy is leaving on the Mamalooper express on Friday and heading to Niagara Falls for hopefully lots of fun!

The plan, as it now stands, is that I will feed the boys Saturday night, then drive to meet her in the Falls, where we have our own pad - and the kids will be so surprised and excited about this one. Sunday is a Maid of the Mist trip - Linus will just love that! As well, I'm looking forward to meeting some other bloggers, seeing again some that I met here in TO, and quite frankly getting UM hammered and taking her back to the room. Just kidding. They'll be kids present. :)

I am also looking forward to having the boys all to myself on Friday night and Saturday... We're going to hang out, drink coffee, burp and giggle together... It'll be a blast.

It's 7:39pm, Linus is out cold in his bed and instead of sleeping, Stewie is sitting in his booster chair at the kitchen table playing with the place mat, feet on the table (for just a second) saying, "Name Daddy..." Then he says my real name (Which is not Urban Daddy... Are you shocked???). Over and over again. He has been calling me by my name for 5 minutes now, looking very proud of himself. I'm laughing. It's just that funny.

I finally have a cell phone! Yay. After almost 6 months. Look out world. It has a camera. He he he.

That "Shit Storm" has not come... yet. I gather my lack of interest in those who tell you to your face that you are a friend, right after telling someone else you are an asshole, is finally becoming obvious. I use this line often to others... "I have children at home... I do NOT need to deal with them at the office too. " Especially now that I'm busting my ass to get a leg up on some competition there. The last thing I need is children trying to make themselves better by making up and talking shit about me to anyone and everyone that will listen. It really reflects poorly on them! They'll figure that out once the dust settles, I'm sure.

Speaking of talking trash, I have a very dear friend who has been on the receiving end of some bad work stuff and this person, I recommend listening to "I Walk Alone" by Saliva, as loud as your ears can tolerate. It should help you realize that you need to do what is right for you. To hell with what other may think. Do you think they give two shits about you when they go home?!? Hell no. They just need to put you down to make themselves feel better and that really is pathetic. Don't acknowledge. Move on.

I'm still running. Trying to average 30 minutes a run regardless of how I am feeling. I find that my broken toe hurts around 25 minutes, and that has been my sign to head for home. I did manage to put in a very quick 40 minute run the other day. I was surprised with the amount of turf that I covered that it was only 40 minutes, but who am I to complain. If only I could lose weight too... Inches too...

Still looking for something different to do. Taking Advanced Financial Accounting very soon and dreading it already.

Have not decided if I am going to run tonight as of 9:53pm. My head says no, but my tummy says, hell yes!


SciFi Dad said...

Personally, I prefer Click Click Boom (Saliva), or Let The Bodies Hit The Floor (Drowning Pool).

Urban Daddy said...

Ooh. Two really good songs!!!

I just picked up "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry. I heard it on the radio with lots of censoring and decided I wanted to hear the whole song. I really like it!