Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sleep. Sleep. My kingdom for some sleep.

It's 2:55pm on a Sunday afternoon and I am just finishing my first cup of coffee for the day and boy am I enjoying it!

This has been a hectic weekend and the beginning of another hectic week. The twist this week, like last week is that the kids are not sleeping their normal reliable schedules and while I may be able to exist on 3-4 hours sleep a night (every night for the past week and a half), Urban Mummy can not. She breaks down and she knows it. This kind of sleep schedule usually results in her getting sick. Me... I pull in a few extra hours here and there until I have more energy.

Last night was especially difficult due to the now regular 12am wake up of Stewie wanting his Mummy. You see Mummy is too tired to go see him so Daddy does, and since he only knows the middle of night Daddy as the one who tells him to go back to sleep, or to transport him to Mummy, he has a 50/50 chance of being happy. If I cannot get him back to bed, like 99% of the time, I bring him back to our bed where he gets Mummy-milk and I get a few minutes of calm pseudo-sleep before either he falls asleep or I take him back to his crib where he immediately starts wailing for Mummy the second I shut the door.

The problem with having either of the kids in our bed has to do with UrbanMummy's sleeping habits. She cannot get a good nights rest with the little furnaces right up against her, and since she believes in the 2/3rd, 1/3rd bed rule, when a child is in the bed, it pretty much means I'm sleeping with one leg in the bed and my head on my night-table.

So after a late night feeding session and both kids being up at an obscene 6am today, we got them fed, ready, UM showered and out to Whitamore farm to meet up with Mamalooper and family and another mutual friend for some pea and strawberry picking. A great time was had by all, and boy did it get hot in a hurry. After the festivities, all three families raced over to have some vegetarian dim sum. Stewie was the only kid of the 5 of them who fell asleep in the car - no surprise considering his horrible sleeping and that he ate his weights worth of strawberries and peas not an hour earlier. Many that kid saw the fields and must have thought to himself, "Yum! buffet". He did manage to pick only the best strawberries and the plumpest peas. He's a natural. :)

Yesterday was my sister's birthday - there are only her and I, UM is an only child so we met them bright and early for breakfast and then went to the mall for a couple hours to walk around and keep the kids busy. Both kids napped which is normally unusual except for their odd sleeping lately and we all had a new weekend after-nap snack tradition by all chowing down on our new homemade air popped popcorn. The kids recently tried it and its a fun, healthy(ish) snack. Later that day we played in the backyard with the pool, water table and sandbox and capped off the night with a BBQ and ate in the backyard. I waited until 10pm then went for a run. It hurt.

As this hot, humid Sunday winds down, I see that UM might have some sun-stroke (I told you, you need to wear a hat), the kitchen looks like a hurricane hit it - the more I clean it the dirtier it looks, and I still have to bathe the kids and get to at least one of my 2 baseball games tonight (doubleheader) in Concord (ugh) at 7 and 9pm. Tomorrow I have to be downtown to write an exam for a different job at 8:30am. I'd like to spend at least a few minutes preparing for it, but I suspect a few minutes is all I will get.

I'm watching the kids eat even more strawberries and having moved them away, find that eventhough one child can 4 pints of berries in a day, there is always room for more. UGH. I don't want that poopy diaper on Stewie. Thank goodness Linus has been potty-trained for over a year. All I am responsible for in his case is the wipe.

It's quiet. I'm worried. Gotta run.

Update: Got about 3 1/2 hours sleep - up at 5, left by 7, downtown for 7:40. Got my large double double and headed over to the company to write the test , scheduled to begin at 8:30. Needless to say, I was still in the lobby at 8:25. Test finally started just before 9 and finished just before 1pm. Besides being very tired, I had a wicked tummy ache (we can talk about these things right?) I barely made it through the exams. Finished, walked up to College to clear my head, then into the office to look after the charges. After work, I witnessed the fire on Yonge Street at Sheppard, then I melted home to get ready for Linus' first soccer game. He was CRANKY but he had a great time. UM, Stewie and I sat on the sidelines watching them play. When asked what Linus' favourite part of soccer was, he replied, "When I threw the ball at the instructor's head. I was so funny when he fell down". It's ok. They all threw the ball at the instructor and he pretended to fall. No instructors were hurt in the creation of this blog post.
I wanted to get to bed by 10pm to get some sleep before Stewie gets up at 12:30am, but it's 11:35pm and I suspect tomorrow is going to be a tiring day too.


Becky said...

Good luck with your exam!

Don Mills Diva said...

I do not know how you do it!
You have GOT to get some sleep!