Monday, October 29, 2007

A very nice weekend indeed...

We actually had an adult weekend of sorts at the UrbanDaddy household.

Saturday morning provided us with an early morning (9am) visitor who brought me my blackberry.

Saturday afternoon we went to some potential new friends for a pumpkin carving event for the kiddies. A ton of fun. Nice people there. Carved us a pumpkin, ate some pizza. I took every ones pumpkin seeds and roasted them with some kosher salt and cayenne pepper. They were yummy!!

Saturday night went out for dinner with 4 other couples from the baby-group to one of my favourite places - Parmigiano - on Yonge Street, just north of Lawrence... YUM. Had a great time, great conversation... A fun, fun day.

Sunday dinner at a Chinese buffet is always fun watching the baby eat 5 x his money's worth... Man can that kid eat.

Monday - back to the grind.

Some sports notes:

Boston Red Sox win the world series - looks like it'll be tough for the Jays to make any headway in that division in the near future.

The day the Sox win, some punk assed bitch (a very talented one), named Alex Rodrigues (A-Rod) opted out of his $72 million dollar contract to become a free agent.. . He's hoping to get $300 million over 10 years... He's already 32... Yikes. Couldn't he have waited one more day?

I guess A-Rod can join manager Joe Torre in LA...

Raptors open the season soon and waived forward Luke Jackson in the process. Keeping some 27yr old rookie named something Moon. Good luck kid... and Go Raps!!!

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