Friday, October 12, 2007

I want to go back to bed...

A car almost ran me over this morning and the turnstile at the TTC station rejected my token but as I was zipping through it didn't move and I slammed my head into the glass. Embarrassed, with people behind me gawking (and I'm sure a few were snickering) I put the token back in, grunted at the turnstile, then proceeded to slowly go through.

My head hurts. Can I sue the TTC?

So I email this to my wife, and this is what she responds:


"Oh, are you going to sue the TTC based on stupidity? I can see you now in front of the judge. Your honour, I smashed my face into the turnstile because my Ipod was too loud and I didn't hear either the gate click open or the token drop back into the tray"



I could pull it off!


Flower said...

Awww I would of been a lot more sympathetic, that is of course after four years with the accountant...:)

mighty morphing mom said...

teensy giggle
Good luck with the suit;p

Urban Daddy said...

Flower - You really think so? I bet you would have laughed too.

MMM - Thank you for the "ouch". The giggle I'll ignore since the "ouch" came first. You can teach sensitivity training to my wife and colleague.