Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I love the Raptors. A Toronto sports team not named the Rock who are having success. GO RAPS!

As hockey season winds down, my interest in the Jays heats up.

Brittney Spears is blameing Paris Hilton and her manager for her post partum depression, shaved head, excessive partying, drug addiction, for her becoming a horrible role model for even inmates, and apparently for invading Iraq and the Suez crisis. No word if she blames them for the extinction of the dinosaur. Brit... GO AWAY.

Some jackass killed 32 people and them himself in the ultimate act of cowardess. See suicide bombers... If your life is that fucked up that you want to do this to yourself go right ahead. Take 1000 pills, or jump off a bridge, but to take an innocent person who wants to live life with you is so fucking cowardly. You are an embarassment to yourself and your family. I hope you rot in hell. Asshole.

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Don't hold back now....tell us how you really feel!!!