Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Now this I believe.

Found this in my inbox...

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!

Although I have only personally met a few of you, word must be getting out. LOL.

... and I have one vote so far!

I must have a stalker. :)


Gisele said...

Bonjour! Until you post a full frontal picture, you're not getting my Hottest Daddy vote. Sorry.

Therefore: POst a nudie shot, s'il vous plait. Merci.

Montreal, Quebec

Laura said...

yeah take it off, take it off!!!!

Girl "X" said...

The possibility of a naked photo is the only reason I visit your blog!

Sophia said...

There you are! And a hot daddy, even! Wowlers.

Hihihi! :)

Will add you to my bloglines list so I can keep up with the antics of Happy Boy, the Weed, and Urban(e)Mummy.

SpeakEasy said...

Gisele - Merci pour le suggestione.

Laura - I just did. Didn't you see it?

Girl "X" - considering I post very few pictures you are outta luck. But if you posted you blog link in your profile I would be more than happy to come visit your blog and leave insightful comments too.

Sophia - Welcome! Keep knitting, babe.

To all - I hope you voted... for me. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hell.... I would vote for Urban Daddy..... He is amazing, kind, good and one hell of a father.... Lets make him number 1

gisele said...

Bonjour mon ami!

Mangez mon âne, tu est un pénis.

Montreal, Quebec

Laura said...

I aint voting for him, unless we see some bootie!

Laural said...

I'll go vote for you ... no naked pics required :)

(I'll take Urban Mummy's word for the hotness!)

gisele said...

Hi agAin,

Please would you do the nakedness for us? You seems to have a tres grand audience that wishes this to be done. S'il vous plait avec une cerise sur la top? Merci beaucoup! Le belle province du Quebec thanks you as well.

Ferme la bouche,
Montreal, Squebec

SpeakEasy said...

anon - please, go ahead and vote. So far I have 4 votes. The leader in this category has 225. With your vote, I would have 5. Nuff said.

Gisele - tres rude. Show your tete (or face).

Laura - Bootie? LOL. No, I want to win, place or show. LOL

Laural - Thank you for your support, but please do NOT ask Urban Mummy... she has NOT voted for me. LOL. What does that say?

Gisele - Do I know you?

Laura said...

see three of us lewd girlies want to see you!!!! you really should!!!!!

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