Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's Thursday!

and my son was crying this morning because his nanny took away the baby wipe he was using to clean the windows.

He really wanted to clean the windows. Kept saying, "Windows very dirty... clean now".

He's 2 years and 3 friggin months old and now he wants windex. Oy.

3 days ago he showed me his pacifier that he uses to sleep with only, and it, like the one he threw out a few weeks previously had a hole in the top of it. He asked me to "fix it". I told him I could not. He asked me to "tape it". I told him I could not. He then asked me to "paint it". I told him I could not. So the boy who I thought would be going into his teens with this pacifier said, "broken, throw garbage", calmly walked over to his garbage can and tossed it in. He has now slept three nights without it and has only mentioned it in passing to UrbanMummy telling her it was broken, that she needed to fix it, or "buy new one".

In conjunction with this gift of giving up his pacifier, looks like my little boy is also giving up his crib. He slept the last 2 nights in his big boy bed and even this morning, he woke up, knocked on his door, yelling "Happy Boy's here" (don't ask) then came out and downstairs to teh kitchen where I was getting ready for work.



Laural Dawn said...

Don't worry - my son turned three - and I think he may be using his soother till his teens.
Except that his beloved soother has been discontinued. The horror. We tried to explain this. He is hysterical. LOVE the soother wars. Love them.
Maybe Happy Boy could explain to him the concept of not using a soother? I envision wedding pictures with him still using the soother.

EE said...

I love the windex obsession! My middle child is a total neat freak, and she totally did not get it from me:0

SpeakEasy said...

Laural - We felt the same way, but fortunatley after telling him time and time that he had to give it up, we left that decision up to him and he finally did. We were stunned. He's coming up on three weeks now. He did ask for it a few days ago, but more to find out where it went.

Like walking, talking and reading, when he is married he will no longer has a pacifier.

ee - Thanks for stopping by. The windex thing was really funny but when I realized that he went through a whole box of whipes cleaning out windows and floor, I needed to step in. Now the wipes are out of his reach.

RT said...

That windex bit had me laughing out loud!!! Man, I wish I could have seen that one!!!!
Clean freak eh? Must take after his daddy!!!! Wait until he starts lining up shoes. ;)