Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Of Poo, Sleep and Excess...

This morning on my wonderful walk to the subway I passed, not 1, not 2, but 3 Porsche SUV's either driving or parked in my area. Everytime I look at one of those cars I get angry at the fact people would actually buy these things. Firstly, what message does it give to your children... "Don't worry kiddies, we are superficial and you will be too. It's all about the name". Secondly, gas is over $1.00 a litre and with all this crap in the Middle East over oil, it's about time more of these Porsche SUV owners get out of their fucking cars and do what I do every day... Walk to the subway. Some of these SUV's are 2 blocks from the Yonge subway. 2 blocks! Thirdly, and I had to look this one up - while the price of the 2007 SUV ranges from $5K - $93K (USD) does the world need more of these cars, or Hummer's or that friggin huge Cadillac Escalade. Can you see around that thing when you drive? These things start at $56K and seat 24. They are excess x10.

As parents, once our kids hit that special age we decide we want them to start using the potty for poo and pee, and we run out and buy a little potty, sit it on the floor - usually in the bathroom - and expect a child to use it. I've noticed in the SpeakEasy household that our son walked by it for months looking suspiciously at it as if it was going to chase him down and bite his leg.

So I was more than a little surprised yesterday morning when my little boy - who not 3 weeks ago gave up his crib and pacifier within 3 days of each other, came into our bedroom and announced that he wanted to go poo AND pee in the potty so he could get that firetruck we've been offering him for 2 weeks. He ran to the bathroom, took off his pj's, his diaper and sat down with a truck and book and waited for us to come and sit with him. It was cute. He does sit there every now and then, usually at our prompting... well, always at our prompting.

But then there was poo... a LOT of poo. I mean a LOT. Neither of us wanted to go near it. UGH. I think at that moment, while he was jumping up and down, clapping and smiling, pointing at the poo, saying "I did it!!!" I was wishing he had done that in a diaper.

There must be a better way!

Sleep: Got almost 7 hours last night! 7 hours! That is 2 nights sleep, in ONE night! I'm practically giddy.


here kitty, kitty... said...

ughhhh! I hate potty training, I have started with the twins too... we have had a few accidents here and there... but it is a process.... good luck with that...

still no full frontals come on Daddy you know you want to...

update my link fool! you know i moved houses!!!!

Laural said...

My son has very little interest in the potty. Especially when it comes to poo (we are in a routine that he'll pee first thing while watching tv, but that's it).
I fear cleaning the poo. Maybe you go straight to the adult toilet and just use a special seat. Come to think of it, since we are practically toilet training a teenager (whenever we get around to it - he's 3) we may as well go straight to the toilet.