Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday Newsday returns

Here's the plan...

Pick some news stories from Tuesday (I use Google News) and post them. When you look back on your blog in 50 years, you'll get a kick out of what what considered newsworthy.

My Tuesday Newsday for March 6, 2007.

1) Bob Rae to launch bid for Liberal nomination - Former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae made it official this morning, that he will make a bid to return to federal politics.
"I'm going to be submitting my nomination papers to the Liberal headquarters this morning and I'm hoping to run in the riding of Toronto Centre," he confirmed. That would be the same riding that Ken Dryden was parachutted into and won handly. It's a very strong Liberal riding, but if anyone can make it go PC blue, it might be Rae. After bombing as Premier of Ontario, he changed parties from NDP to Liberal in hopes of leading the Grits in the next election. Buzz. Wrong door. Now he needs someway back into politics... I know, be Liberal and run in a Liberal dominated riding. Geez.

2) Online tax filing temporarily suspended - Canadians hoping to obtain an early tax refund by filing a return online face a delay. The Canada Revenue Agency announced Tuesday it has temporarily shut down computer systems for personal income tax filing. So there was no virus, or hacking problems, but the CRA shut down the system due to "security concerns". Oy. Looks like the "employer of choice" needs to find ways to keep it's legacy systems up and running. To go down just before tax time is a BIG problem. It figures.

3) Canada's Walk of Fame announces 8 more honourees - The list includes former toronto Maple Leaf goalie Johnny Bower; "Man in Motion" Rick Hansen, whose face has become synonymous with the fight to fund research into spinal cord injury; Jill Hennessy, star of the U.S. TV drama Crossing Jordan; comedienne Catherine O'Hara; rock group Nickelback; actor, author and director Gorden Pinsent; director/producer Ivan Reitman; and TV journalist Lloyd Robertson.
... and SpeakEasy. Shit that would make it 9. Oh well.

4) Women on Atkins dropped more poundsthan others - Women on the low-carb Atkins diet lost more weight than those on three other popular plans, but the dieters on all four programs dropped only modest amounts of weight and regained some of it within a year, a new study shows. Just goes to show you that a healthy lifestyle full of exercise and low-stress is better than dieting. Problem is that it's just for fucking hard to maintain.

5) Girl, 16, videotaped in gang rape - Mississauga, Ontario - A cellphone camera recorded the gang sex assault of a 16-year-old girl -- allegedly by four students at Cawthra Park Secondary School in Mississauga -- police say. So my thoughts on this are probably the same as everyone else who read or heard of this event. 1st, the 2 18 year old men were named, but the 2 17 year old "boys" were not. If your causing bodily harm to someone unable to defend herself, and you are doing it with "men" then you are not a "boy". You are a "man" too and should be tried that way. 2nd, if you are stupid enough to do something as low as this, why record it? Oh, so you'll be able to be caught. Idiots. Actually that might be a case for trying them as "boys"... they have the mental capabilities of children. 3rd, does anyone really want these 4 thugs back into society? I'd be happy if they were shipped out to fight the Taliban, or to go find Osama, or to go bring back some gang members, or those idiot KKK racists. I think they lose their right to play in society will all the decent people. Don't you?


SciFi Dad said...

Maybe my purpose in life is to continually come here and bust your chops on your handle, SpreakEasy... sprechen sie deutch ja? ;)

The online filing thing sucks, mainly because it means I have to print the returns out and put all the receipts together. Is it for the year, or will it come back if we hold out a little? (btw: you should link to the stories)

SpreakEasy said...

LOL. Why does it say that I'm Dutch, now? I hate this thing!!!

I prefer just to hand a box of papers to my CA and have him prepare everything. Less work and worries for me.

I should link to the article. Thanks.